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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2008
I'm unsure why this film has taken a beating on here - I watched this last night, not knowing at that time it was a remake of a French film and in that context, Wicker Park as a stand alone film (which in my opinion is how it should be judged as lets face it what film is totally original these days) is really rather jolly good, the most gripped I've been to a movie for some time.

I was a little weary to begin with, I don't do chick flicks, Josh Hartnett was good in Lucky Number Slevin so I was willing to give this a go and my recommendation to anyone in a similar wavering opinion like mine - just watch it. A Man (Hartnett) doesn't go on a business trip to China because he thinks he sees his ex girlfriend, whom he hasn't seen for two years, in a restuarant... that's just the beginning...

Some might get confused during the middle, but if you stick at it and pay attention, everything is more than clearly explained and by the final 20/30 mins you really are hooked and want to know what is going happen, I was preying for a satisfactory conclusion and thanfully there is one.

It really is the best film I've seen in a while, certainly the past couple of months and I've seen a few. I cannot say I would compare this film to Vanilla Sky as some here have done - I liked both, but this film is nothing at all like Vanilla Sky. End of really.

This isn't five out of five as the star rating would suggest, but until amazon sort out half stars, I'd give it that as it was better than 4/5.

I will watch the French version of this and see why this has taken a beating, but personally I think they did a great job with this film.

Overall 4.5 out of 5
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on 28 November 2009
It's a lot easier to understand than Mulholland Drive but rather harder than The Notebook, and almost as good.

For me the star of this film is Diane Kruger, she is just stunning in looks, acting and you really feel for her in this. Josh makes a lifelike appearance to as the main character and is quite believable as he ties the story together. Quite why the two didn't try harder to find each other when they parted 2 years ago I do not know, but that is the only oddity in a superb film that is worth watching again and again as you piece together the time segments by matching clothes, actions, places and situations.
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VINE VOICEon 27 December 2004
Despite it's high profile cast (including Josh Hartnett and Matt Lillard) this movie `Wicker Park' feels like an independent movie with its rather quirky yet intelligent storyline, clever use of flashbacks and off-the-wall cinematography.
Perhaps much of that is related to its source material (a French movie). But whatever the reason - I felt myself drawn into this world as a man (Hartnett) throws his career and impending wedding to the wind in an obsessive search for a woman who walked out on him two years earlier.
For anyone who has loved and lost, this movie will strike a chord with you, certainly the girls who watched this movie with me loved it and were left sitting on the edge of their seats as it drew to a close. The acting is simply superb and even Hartnett (who has less than impressed me previously) turns in a convincing performance as a man who seems to awaken out of a trance following a fateful walk to the house telephone at a restaurant.
The movie opens with Hartnett engaged to Rebecca and meeting with his future brother-in-law at a restaurant to conclude details on a merger between his company and a Chinese company. But, as he waits for the house phone to become available he overhears the voice of his former lover who disappeared two years previously and the race is on to find her.
With much of the movie told in flashbacks we learn the details of what happened in the past and are kept two steps ahead of the Hartnett character, who finds another woman in the girls apartment, a friend who is lying to him about an affair with a woman and all manner of machinations that leads him to question his own senses and judgement.
With a very satisfying explanation and some wonderful performances this movie surprisingly delivers. I usually am not a person drawn to independent-type movies but this one is a hit with me.
This DVD is a little short on extras. There are some deleted scenes that offer nothing new, a rather lame and uninteresting audio commentary and a selection of trailers. Perhaps the best special feature (and certainly the only one I enjoyed) is a gag reel, but its all too short.
An interesting, thoughtful romantic drama of a movie, this one is worth a look.
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This film, which sort of promised another "Single White Female" or "Fatal Attraction" in the trailers, delivers something else altogether. Matthew (Josh Hartnett), a young, handsome, Chicago businessman is scheduled to leave for China on a business trip. While on a business lunch, shortly before his departure, he suddenly hears a voice that brings back memories. He catches a glimpse of the woman speaking and believes her to be Lisa (Diane Kruger), the woman whom he passionately loved two years before but who had totally and mysteriously disappeared from his life, seemingly without a trace. As she rushes out of the restaurant, Matthew is unable to catch up with her, as his current girl friend is with him.
Still, he is so taken with what he thinks that he has heard and seen that he decides to chuck his trip to China and, instead, search for his heart's desire. His best friend, Luke (Matthew Lillard), helps him, after Matthew lays it out for him. Meanwhile, Luke is having his own troubles with Alex (Rose Byrne), his current main squeeze. Matthew's investigative efforts eventually lead him to an apartment that he believes to be Lisa's, only to find another woman there who calls herself Lisa but who is not the Lisa that he is looking for. To his surprise, this Lisa seems to have the hots for him, and he initially responds accordingly.
Nonethelees, he continues the search for his Lisa, and the viewer eventually sees them pass each other, as two ships in the night, so close, yet so far, seemingly kept apart by fate. Will they ever connect, and why have they not managed to find each other before this? These are the questions that the viewer begins to ask, and it is this that is at the crux of the film. There is more than fate at work here. There is an obstacle to their reunion, and what that obstacle is and why will soon become apparent to the viewer.
The first half of the movie is told with numerous flashbacks, as the director weaves in what happened two years before with the current state of affairs (pun intended). Unfortunately, it is done in such a clumsy way as to leave the viewer somewhat confused. The second half of the film is much better, as the flashbacks appear to make more sense and the veil begins to be lifted. The film actually starts to achieve some semblance of coherence and clarity. The eventual interconnection between the characters is interesting, but what the film delivers to the viewer is a far cry from what was promised by the film's trailers.
Rose Byrne gives an excellent performance in a role that demands much from her. Matthew Lillard is fun to watch, as always. Josh Hartnett, to my surprise, as I am a fan of his, gives a performance that is almost laughable. I was actually embarrassed for him. Diane Kruger does a credible job with her role. Still, given the direction of the film, it is easy to see why this film bombed at the box office.
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on 12 November 2012
One of my favourite films ever. I never get tired of watching it and I love the music throughout. The end scence is beautiful with the help of Coldplay's Scientist.
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on 6 October 2007
When I sat down to watch this I knew nothing about it. And I was not very pleased by the beginning...the main character Matthew played by Josh Hartnett appears to be very pathetic and obsessive. I almost turned it off when he kept doing things that made me cringe at how pathetic he looked. But after the first flashback you start to get a feel for the movie.

Yes, this director seemed to love to tell a disjointed story using a series of flashbacks. And a technique of showing the characters through a reflective view, as if watching them through a mirror at times. You can actually really appreciate this film on the second viewing.

You realize that the main character fell madly in love with Lisa played by Diane Kruger. But one day she just disappears and two years later Matthew thinks he sees her again. Of course he tracks her down to only find another Lisa, who we find out is Alex played by Rose Byrne. But we can tell something sinister is happening. And from this point on we want to watch the movie. This movie overall is a romance. This movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise and the ending will not disappoint you.
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on 5 July 2007
In this film, Diane Kruger plays the beautiful Lisa. Matthew (Josh Harnett)becomes infatuated from the moment he lays eyes on her. There aquantiance soon blossoms into love. However there is supposedly another Lisa.
In this confusing storyline, Matthew struggles to find the "real" Lisa. The viewer feels much sympathy for Alex (Rose Byrne) who pretends to be Lisa as shes so in love with matthew. The complicated love triangle, is gripping right up untill the end. You need to watch it a few times to really get whats happening, but its well worth watching.
The soundtrack is fantastic as well, with such artists as Stereophonics and Coldplay. Strange and Beautiful by Aqualung fits the theme of the film perfectly.
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on 14 January 2012
I cant understand why this film is not getting positive feedbacks. This has got the most gripping story I've seen in a long long time. The twists and turns of human behaviour when it comes to being in a relationship are the highlight of this masterpiece. It starts with a slow pace but as you go along the pace picks up and you really want to watch it till the end. I usually don't write reviews but I really don't want to waste an opportunity to give away five stars for this tremendous effort. Please do watch you wont be disappointed.
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on 11 March 2011
great thriller- even if you don't normally like thrillers there is something about this one that keeps you hooked right to the end-even though there are a few things that occur which would not normally in our days of mobile and internet social website connections-
you forget these little flaws the minute you cast your eyes on Josh Hartnett! well worth watching!
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on 11 September 2005
I don't really know if "thought provoking" is the right way of saying it, but I was so impressed with this film! It is funny in places, really sweet in places, yet serious too! In a way it is so realistic. The obsession you can feel for someone can be so strong... And by the end of the film you really can feel the love that they feel for eachother, the way they must feel by the end of the film... I have to watch it again, as it has the tendency to go back in time and then forward....I found it slightly confusing in places....but it really was surprisingly good! I'm not saying everyone will love it, but I think the majority of people would love it. What really stands out is the photography, it's excellent! Do watch it! And I hope you enjoy it! I really did. It's definately a must see twice film!
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