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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Blink 182 [Tour Edition - CD + DVD]
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 26 August 2006
Blink 182 introduced me to the music that I listen to today, the very first time I heard 'All The Small Things'. If it wasnt for them I wouldn't be into such great music. I loved all of their previous albums, I loved seeing them live with their great jokes and laughs.

Then this album arrived, I was just the same as everybody else who critisized it for being nothing like their previous outings. I made myself hate it because it just wasn't Blink. Now nearly 3 years down the line, knowing that they had split up. I started listening to this album again and I realised what a great album it is, even though they changed their sound it is a masterpiece and they went out on a high note.

Thanks Blink for all your great music.
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on 1 March 2017
I don't understand the hype with this album. Bar I miss you all the songs are fairly forgettable and the album is very disjointed as blink don't balance the traditional punk with the piano based pop very well. If your new to blink I would recommend starting with a greatest hits.
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on 19 November 2003
This new album is certainly not what I expected but it ROCKS!!!!!!! its definately not the old blink we know and love but it is still amazing there are still parts that are definatle blink but the transplants and boxcaracer influences are obvious and have created a trio that is now producing more amazing music but of a different kind to what we are used to them providing. They are so much more of a alternative rock band now but still in a league of there own .This album explores completely new region of music there are quite alot digital effects used , the drumming is amzaing !!!! what do u expoect from travis ?? but still with all the added effects there is still that raw punk rockness that blink glow with presant.
overall I am really into this new album eventhough I have only had it like 3 hours and I recommed and blink fan to buy but beware the first time you listen to it its a shock because its so different then you listen to it again and you love it.
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on 4 September 2005
Ok, I loveloveloved it! Obviously, the singles, Feeling This, I Miss You, Down and Always are high points of the album, but there are some hidden wonders! Easy Target and I'm Lost Without You are two of my personal favourites. But there isn't one part of the album I don't adore. But this isn't to say it's for everyone. If you're looking for hard- core punk, I would not suggest this, you should be looking at the Sex Pistols or the Clash, this is more post-grunge pop-punk.
One of the many things I love about it is the range of songs, there are mosh out anthems, thoughtful songs (not very Blink 182, but they work brilliantly) and numbers you can't help but sing along to.
If you're into Green Day, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, that sort of thing, then you'll love this. But if you're looking for a classic punk rock out, I would suggest looking elsewhere. But just to set the record straight- I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!
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on 17 December 2003
This could go either way for Blink 182, a band best known for their cardboard-thin punk rock. So they have decided to do a more 'grown-up' record this time. Well yes I know what you're thinking Blink 182 grown up? Is it gonna go all wrong or are fans going to dig this new album?
With Mark singing his heart out, Tom playing the most unusual sound ever and Travis the best drummer there is I'm sure the fans will love it. You might find it hard to accept the new sound at first but after a while you will learn to love it just as you loved other Blink 182 albums. For fans like you people that have been with them a long time are growing up just like Blink 182 are, so you might not wanna listen to the same sound all the time.
i think this album rules and i hope u do too!
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on 22 January 2012
One of my favourite albums of all time! I bought it after hearing Feeling this and I miss you back in 2004 when I was 14! I loved it from my first listen and it was like nothing I'd ever heard before. The atmosphere and feel of the album is incredible. It still appears to me that way and I still absolutely love this album now.

Blink 182 really grew up with this album incorporating a much more mature sound and leaving the toilet humour and the dirty jokes behind them (at least on the record). What we have are not just punk rock songs their truly deep, meaningful songs with genuine lyrics and a truly amazing sound! The band left this album untitled and that was an indication that this was a whole new Blink 182 with a brand new and improved attitude and a new sound.

The first single Feeling this is about as close to the old sound as it gets I think. It has that pop-punk feel but it's a romantic song with some fantastic harmonies between Tom and Mark. I think the intro is one of those sounds which tells you it's unmistakably this song. Obvious takes the romanticism down a notch with serious lyrics and an edgy sound. I think Tom really shows his guitar talent in the bridge. I miss you is a ballad as such with jazz brushes and great lyrics. Violence is one of my favourite with almost musically silent verses (accept for the percussion) and a powerful, honest chorus. It's a powerful, relatable song. Stockholm syndrome has an intro at the end of Violence leading up to this amazing song. The intro read by Joanne Whalley is a letter from Mark's grandfather to his gran during World war II. The honest words really set this song up to be an epic. It's got amazing heavy drumming from Travis and an amazing sound to it, once again with honest, genuine lyrics. Down is about a boy in despair and it's kind of a love song. The fallen interlude kind of leads on from Down and is a very nice instrumental piece. Go as Tom puts it 'Deserves to be played loud'! It's a rock, angst driven piece with lyrics of despair from Mark. I didn't realise it back then but it seems like it's about domestic abuse. Asthenia is another favourite with actual NASA space transmissions in the intro setting up this truly epic song. It's about the loss of hope in space with truly genuine lyrics and an amazing sound from all band members. Easy target is a song about being tricked and being led by a girl. It's a punk rock anthem and has a kickass sound! Always is one of my favourite Blink songs with an 80's sound and feel to it. Like Travis said 'I think anyone can relate to this song'. All of this is a masterpiece with a guest appearance by Robert Smith from the cure. It's one of the best. Here's your letter is a Mark penned song about people's inability to communicate and it's got some powerful lyrics. I'm lost without you is a masterpiece and one of my favourites. It's the longest song and it shows the talent and how well these guys worked together bringing in different elements to create an epic sound. The drum solo at the end is jaw-dropping! Not now is another favourite and Blink's last released great song. It's got electronic sounds (but isn't overdone like the new stuff!) and once again honest, meaningful lyrics. The 2nd bonus track is a live version of Anthem part two (with an amazing introduction from Tom!). The enhanced section features 4 videos recorded by the band for Feeling this, Obvious, Down/The fallen interlude and Violence.

This album was massively influential while I was growing up and continues to be inspiring for me. This was when the band were at their peak and it would have been amazing to see what they could've created had they stayed together. The band hit their climax with this album and after breaking up I don't think they will ever create anything this good. Instead of meaningful lyrics the new album is self-indulgent and pretty boring to listen to. It's lost all the energy that this album has. The musicianship is astounding and really impressive throughout whereas a lot of the new album is drowned in computer sounds. It's also the last Blink album where you'll hear Tom's voice sounding amazing (with that slight roughness to it) instead of the slurred, gargled mess it's become. The guys sound fits together like a leather glove with a silk lining on this album. As the last great Blink album it's a piece of history and I can't recommend it enough!
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on 24 March 2005
Blink 182 have expressed a talent far greater than they ever seemed willing to before in this self titled album. Unlike past efforts, 'Blink 182' is not simply a fun, juvenile punk record, it is a master class in its genre. It is however, very difficult to determine just what genre this album fits into. Fundementally it is punk. The loud,thrashing, sound of the likes of 'Easy Target' and 'Go'support this. In stark contrast however, 'I Miss You' is a relaxed and beautiful ballad of sorts, Travis Barker toning down his drumming with the use of brushes. Blink show further experimentation on 'All of This', borrowing the voice of Robert Smith from 'The Cure' for the verses in a wonderfully mellow tale of love and longing. It seems unfair to single out any song from this album for comment as every one is magnificent, yet 'Feeling This', 'I'm Lost Without You' and 'Down' all deserve a mention as they are all fantastic tracks. Blink 182 is a perfect album,full of emotion,every song has obviously being crafted with real care, expressing feelings of heartache, longing, lonliness, lust and happiness. This is one of the best albums I've ever heard and it gets better with every listening. Blink 182 are an incredibly talented and inspired band and this reviewer at least hopes this new direction is the start of a great new era for the band....contrary to signals coming from them in the press.
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on 8 November 2013
When Pop-Punk got mature along with its followers.

All those kids and teenagers who had laughed and raved along with Enema of the State and TOYPAJ suddenly went on an emotional roller coaster with Blink-182's eponymous album, which exposed Blink's talents in true form. Obviously the highlights are Always and I Miss You, two stunning ballads licked with pop-punk saliva.

Of course, an absolute must for Blink fans and for pop-punk fans but also simply a great album, one that still shines 10 years later.
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on 23 November 2003
When I first heard about a new release from Blink 182 I jumped for joy. When I heard the album, my reaction was completely different.
I have loved Blink for ages. I think they're the best rock band out there, and have been for a while. But this doesn't seem like Blink to me. They all seem out of place. The music is good as ever. But the lyrics are (in most cases) so over done- it's like they tried too hard.
It's also a shame (for me anyway) that Mark doesn't sing v. much. I've always thought that Mark had the nicer voice out of him and Tom, but Mark doesn't sing that much. In a way it's like it was Tom's album, and Mark just went along with it.
But there is good stuff (after all, Blink could never make a completely crap album). The song Easy Target is my favourite, and is a v. good song- catchy. Feeling This, Go and I Miss You are also good. But I can't stand Violence, or All Of This- they certainley tried too hard.
To be honest with you, it's a good rock album. It's just not a particulary good Blink album (Blink need to get together and have a listen to Enema, and then they'll se just how great they were).
Still, if Mark, Tom and Travis are proud of it, then I guess we're looking at the future of Blink 182.
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on 2 March 2004
When people think of Blink 182 they automatically think of fart jokes and fu**ing. Well think again!
When I first heard this album at a friends house I was really suprised at how different it was. Blink have certainly improved as musicians and have developed a more mature style. They really use Travis to their advantage on this album too!
The single "Feeling This" gets the album off to a usual start with punchy melodies, and impressive use of harmonies towards the end of the song, but not much different to usual Blink.
But then it starts. The dark sounds of "Obvious" with its punching chords. The acoustic sounds of "I Miss You" accompanied by strings. The dark, yet emotional "Violence". The energetic "Stockholm syndrome", that starts with the emotional reading of a letter Marks Grandfather wrote to his Grandmother during the Second World War (accompanied by piano)
The lovesick "Down" which fades into a duybstyle instrumental track influenced by Travis's love for hip-hop (Some very impressive drum rolls are use on this!). Then they're back in your face with the catchyness and energy of "Go". But one of my favourite tracks has to be "All of This" with the guest vocals of "The Cures" Robert Smith. Another acoustic track filled with emotion. The pure energy of "Heres your Letter" breaks down and makes way for the emotional piano accompanied "I'm lost without you" which must be heard by fans of Dashboard Confessional.
Overall the album is a lot more emotional than past releases. Think "Stay together for the Kids". Think Jimmy Eat World, and Box Car Racer. This album is a must have for any fans of those bands. And not forgetting... Fans of Blink 182!
I'm not holding back on saying....
.... This is Blinks Best release yet!!
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