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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2006
I love this movie. Kevin Costner gives a winning, convincing performance as the bodyguard of a spoilt, high maintainance singer. Whitney Housten is a brilliant co star of this movie making it convincing at all times. The plot is great, the movie moves at a nice pace with never a dull moment and the technicality of seeing what bodyguards are actually trained to do is awesome. Go and buy it, it's a great way to while away a couple of hours and you'll find yourself watching it over and over again.
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on 30 November 2009
This film is great. You've got the beautiful Whitney at the start, not being that bothered about hiring anyone, but upon seeing Kostner's character.........BOOM! The love then starts 'infecting her' as time goes by. For anyone that likes a love story, DEFINITELY buy this. The drama and suspense of wondering who the stalker is, is great. It keeps leading you on all the time. Then you've also got the sister of Whitney's character who fancies Kostner's character as well. All in all it's a great film to see. I've tried to give as much information as I could without spoiling it for anyone. Enjoy the film if you buy it.
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on 14 May 2006
This really is a must have, it starts with Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) as a famous singer/actress, unaware she is being stalked and that there was a bomb planted in her dressing room and that someone broke into her house while her son Fletcher slept in the next room, her manager decides to hire a bodyguard frank farmer (kevin Costner) without telling her the real reason, Frank has to act like nothing serious is going on, until she is in a club shooting a video and the crowd gets rowdy, Frank has to go in a rescue her, Rachel then realises she does need him by her side, so Rachel asks Frank out on a "date" because she is afraid to be apart from him, one thing a bodyguard shouldnt do is fall in love with his client but thats exactly what happens here. This ia a movie for men and women because it has lots of action and is a love story,(the oscar scene near the end is brilliant,) it also has a few suprises along the way, with suspect stalkers.

Its one of these films where you want it to be the perfect love story ending but i will let you see that for yourselves.

Costner and Houston are great together in this film, they have got a real chemistry on screen.


If you have never seen this movie before, you have to buy this its well worth the money, its got a really good soundtrack too.
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I bought this for my better half as it's one of her favourite movies and she loves, yes loves Kevin bloody Costner! I'm not bitter like! Grrrr. . .

Anyway, just incase you've been on Mars for the last 20 year's, my god its been twenty years! The Bodyguard stars sadly the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner (grrrr). She plays Rachael Marron a diva pop star (herself basically) who receives death threats. Frank Farmer (Costner, grrrr) is drafted in to be her bodyguard and a good one he is too. He has one rule, never get involved with the client. Their frostiness towards each other turns into something much more. . .

This release sees the digital transfer to widescreen for the first time. The look is much more vibrant with better flesh tones and greater clarity throughout.

Audiowise I'd say average via surround sound. Although very well known for its brilliant soundtrack there is a lot of dialogue throughout which does nowt for the ears. Of course the concert scenes do kick in and sound good. Who could ever forget 'I will always love you' the Dolly Parton song made famous by Whitney.

This is a great movie and well worth having on this dvd.

Did you know that originally Diana Ross and Steve McQueen were penned in to star in this movie circa 1975! The script was shelved until Costner found it. Good job he did eh?
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on 16 January 2012
Was very upset when I went to my local blockbuster to rent this film to find that they didn't stock it! So decided to give it to my housemate for Xmas and we watched it the other day, such a good film, very 90's clothes and cars and great soundtrack. Love it
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on 7 January 2008
This film is fantastic.
Seen it a thousand times & I'll watch it a thousand more.
No wonder it was a hit movie: love, action, drama, twists ....... I mean, if you weren't a Kevin Costner fan before, you will be after watching this. He plays the character of Frank Farmer brilliantly. Whitney Houston, I thought did well in the role. The connection between the two characters is made believable just by the eye contact given, especially in the close/intimate scenes. This film is a must have & must see. It is a bit long but it's worth the watch!!!!!
5 stars all round!!
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on 8 August 2016
This is one of my favourite films (l was lucky to see it live with Alexander burke ),she was good (whitney houston better),Its about a music/actress receiving death threats, Top bodyguard saving her,good chemistry between houston /costner makes for a good film , 2 brilliant songs I have nothing/Queen of the night!Whitney Houston lookin her best ,even without make up , fit/healthy !
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on 24 September 2014
Fallen in Love with Kevin Costner so had to buy this.

The Bodyguard - Loved it 100% bit gutted with the ending that they didnt really get together but cried throughout the ending. Loved the whole film. Costner definitely at his best.

Rumour Has It - Full of laughs, Jennifer Aniston is the main character with scenes from Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Costner. Costner is great in this as a comedy figure. Story is basically Jennifer Aniston thinking shes not the child of the father shes been believed to have so goes in search of who her mother may have slept with, this leads her to Costner who turns out to have slept with the grandmother and mother and then Anniston. But is NOT the father, leads to a whole different story but great. Loved every minute of it.

Message In A Bottle - OMG i cried throughout the majority of the film. Costner 100% amazing in it, bit awkward in some scenes how he is realy quite but thats the image of his character, really heartbreaking when you watch the film so I would have a box of tissues at the ready.

I would definitely buy this if you love the man and especially for the price, shows 3 films where Costner has used all his acting skills for the best in romance, comedy and action.
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on 6 July 2008
The Bodyguard was a film more famous for it's incredible 30 million+ selling soundtrack rather than the film itself, but after much advertising and publicity `The Bodyguard' became a box office smash hit, the fact that the film had two very well known leads, also dramatically helped the films success.

The plot is about a famous & successful singer, Rachel (Whitney Houston) hiring a very reputable, ex-secret service bodyguard, Frank (Kevin Costner) to guard her because she has received threatening letters, and is being stalked, Frank is sometimes very overprotective but in the end Rachel sees it is for the best, throughout the film their relationship strengthens, until finally a love affair between them is realised.

I think the film in general is great, fantastic leads, Whitney's acting was brilliant, she was brave to take her critics head on when she chose her debut film role as a lead, it could have easily flopped as for many successful singing stars pursuing acting, it has done just that. The film has everything action, romance and even the thriller aspect to it, it's a classic indeed, but you can't deny that without the soundtrack I seriously don't think this film would have done half as well as it has, final verdict, fantastic and a must see.
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Frank Farmer is a top line bodyguard, formerly secret service protector to President Reagan, he is approached to guard Rachel Marron, the latest pop sensation on the cusp of Hollywood domination. After initially being reluctant to take the job, Farmer gets to the task of protecting Rachel from a potential maniac who's been sending her threatening letters. As the initial in camp hostilities die down, Frank & Rachel start to draw ever closer, but so does the person who wants her dead...

The Bodyguard is one of those films that was long in gestation, originally mooted in 1976 to star Steve McQueen (it was written with McQueen in mind in the 60s) and Diana Ross, it was put on the back burner after McQueen fell ill to the cancer that killed him. Then it resurfaced in 1979 with Diana Ross to play opposite Ryan O'Neal, but the two stars just couldn't get on and the project again fell by the wayside. Enter Kevin Costner and his boys at TIG Productions, original choice to star alongside Costner, Maddona, ruined her chance (thankfully) of starring after being a bitch to Costner in her Truth Or Dare documentary. In stepped Whitney Houston (brilliantly diva casting), Costner gave himself a crew cut (in homage to McQueen) and The Bodyguard went on to make $410,900,000 worldwide.

The film now seems like a myth to me because the rating across many forums is on the low side, critics hate it and you will be hard pressed to find macho film fans readily about to own up to liking the picture. That's a shame because as undeniably nonsense as it is, it has got a great thriller heart to blend in with its romantic core. The good ship Bodyguard may dock at all the formula ports in the genres, but it's one hell of a journey getting to the end, even with that song that seemed to top the charts for years! (the soundtrack to the movie selling 17 million in America alone).

In spite of the obviousness of the plot, and the general feeling of familiarity, The Bodyguard has much going for it, things that ensured it became a monster hit and had cinema goers queueing round the block to see it. Houston is something of a revelation, here she nails the diva bitch heart of gold portrayal of Rachel with astonishing ease, and couple that with a voice sent from some deity paradise far away, makes her total value for money. Costner also stepped up to the plate to win a new breed of fans as Farmer, his charm and laid back manner works well with a ruggedness that the male viewers could easily get on side with. The rest of the cast are merely playing second fiddle to the well matched up leads, and outside of Gary Kemp becoming increasingly annoying as the film progresses, they all blend in well to create what is now a sadly undervalued picture.

See it with someone you love, don't just take my word for it, look at the box office take, it doesn't lie. 7/10
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