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on 12 August 2004
A very good, thoughtful film - it's great to have the smug neo-con commentators exposed for the bullying attack-dogs and government-apologists that they are. Finally their crass bullying and downright lying is exposed to the world - great stuff. By the way, we should all be very wary of anyone who thinks it fine to scream at a son who has lost his father in a terrible attack. Even if the kids views are not acceptable (although they seem pretty valid to me), he still has the right to air them without being shouted down and man-handled out of the studio. It's funny that mere opinions have become so threatening to the ultra-right. And by the way, I am not a liberal - yes, that's right - it's spelt
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on 23 July 2004
The Fox Network is the mouthpiece of the conservative right. The channel runs under the slogan "Fair and Balanced" but is anything but. OK, so nearly every news organisation has it's slant but when facts are so deliberately distorted to prop up one man's agenda, you have to say that the news stops being news and becomes entirely opinion or worse, propaganda.
When the previous reviewer accused this film of being "librel propaganda" they failed to understand that Fox is the top outlet for right-wing propaganda. It is not a news organisation - it is a political tool used to bash those with centrist and leftist views.
Don't like the war? You must be for the terrorists. Don't like corporate greed? You must be a commie. The list goes on.
The facts in the film stand for themselves and if you cannot accept that, you should probably keep your head stuffed in the sand.
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on 2 November 2015
Product, price and delivery was all OK!
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on 30 July 2004
incase you didn't pick it up from watching fox 'news', this doc. leaves little doubt about fox's unobjective journalism-objectivity being a prerequisite to reporting the news.
however, all media broadcast 'news' has its editorial biases, including the 'liberal' cnn. anyone serious about an interest in the media orientated news studies should consider starting with chomsky's manufacturing consent dvd.
also: UK viewers please remember-murdoch also owns sky news!
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on 8 February 2005
"Outfoxed" is a pretty good documentary. Apart from your political views, it makes clear - almost no discussion possible here - that Fox' standards of journalism are appallingly biased and wrong. Rupert Murdoch's monopoly in the media world is scary too, and the movie shows what is going on behind the scenes, on a high level.
Greenwald tackles Fox on different levels, and that's very thorough. He's got a panel of people like you and me, who systematically watched Fox and kept track of the way they experienced the news, the looks, the programs, the discussions.
He's got people from the inside, who left Fox and talk about the policy and the way Fox' right-wing agenda is forced into the news and the people, the anchors, who deliver it. He's got a global analysis, which deals with Murdoch's monopoly in the media world. And he shows how Fox influence the voting behaviour of the average American. Pretty factual strong stuff, from a journalistic point of view.
Compared to Michael Moore's approach, Greenwald is not emotional in any way. He presents you with the fatcs, and lets them do the work. Very clever, and very effective.
On a more personal note, I find it hard to judge news and information in the States, however. We Europeans tend to think of ourselves as more down-to-earth and neutral, but that is not the case. Our media are gradually evolving into a giving what people-want attitude and not the other way around. I still believe our media determine the quality of the public debate, not the public itself.
Make sure you watch Michael Mann's "The insider" and the way he shows what is going on on a corporate level with our independent media. And that is not just going on in the States.
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on 14 February 2005
Robert Greewald does an excellent job of presenting all the relevant facts, stays to the point [does not become emotionally involved], brings plenty of supporting evidence, witness, commentary and footage to make this a truly must-see documentary.
It is shot as a selection of cleverly connected interviews and news footage not only to to build and support the assertion that Fox is anything but honest, fair or balanaced, but also to demonstrate [at times shockingly] QUITE how unbalanced and right-wing it had become..
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Robert Greenwald, who directed the scathing documentary Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War (2003) in which he demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Bush administration repeatedly lied to the American people as it manipulated the Press and the Congress to get them to support its invasion of Iraq, now takes dead aim at one of Bush's most staunch supporters, media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
Using the same technique that worked so well in "Uncovered," Greenwald plays clips from Murdoch's Fox News to show that Fox News is anything but "fair and balanced." From the clips of Bill O'Reilly verbally abusing his "guests" and telling them to "shut up" to Brit Hume mouthing the Republican Party line in the guise of objective journalism to slanted stories directed from above (that would be from Mr. Murdoch himself in some cases, like some worshipful filler about Ronald Reagan or some non-news from Bush's standard stump speech) to the daily email directives telling the staff at Fox News how to slant today's selected stories--from the glitz and the directive music and the flags in the background to the character assassinations of Republican opponents, to the "feel good" misinformation about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Greenwald shows that Fox News stands for propaganda, spoon fed to the American masses.
Interspersed with the clips are sound bites from ex-Fox employees (some of them with their voices and faces disguised or hidden for fear of reprisals from Fox) and media experts and even some progressive politicians. From the employees we get a glimpse of the stifling Fox News "culture" that subtly but unmistakably requires everyone on staff to slant the news as directed or find work some place else. What emerges is a portrait of a media empire that is dead set on destroying journalism as we know it. And that's the way Murdoch wants it. He wants to control events through the power of the media, to stifle contrary opinion and to keep the masses in couch potato ignorance.
Thus there is a specter haunting the American democracy, and that specter is media control by anti-democratic corporations. It is not just arch-conservative Rupert Murdoch and his vast media empire, it is CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. that are becoming more and directed from above, and more and more divorced from actual reportage in favor of the kind of spin and slant that pleases the corporate heads. Even National Public Radio is coming under greater and greater corporate influence and control.
What's to be done?
We must elect public officials that will prevent the consolidation of media. If we don't, those who own the media will soon own the government. The airwaves belong to everyone. No one should have a monopoly on their use. Traditionally the media has served as "the Fourth Estate," a watchdog on government. More and more it has abdicated that responsibility because its purse strings are controlled by its corporate sponsors. In the case of Murdoch, more and more media is falling under the control of a single ideology. Can a fascist state be far behind?
I am not panicking yet. The Democrats saw what can happen when the other side controls most of the media (almost all of it, actually), and fiscal conservatives are learning that social conservatives may not be their best allies, especially faith-based evangelicals whose first order of business is a return to ignorance and superstition on the way to establishing a theocracy in the United States like something out of Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale." As the mass mind becomes more and more dumbed down and indoctrinated into mindless consumerism while being massaged by a dictatorial media, greater and greater grows the threat to democracy.
The real test will come after Bush is out of office. The next administration must take steps to break up ClearChannel, etc., and prevent the further consolidation of Murdoch's empire. The airwaves must be a public utility because to control media in the modern society is ultimately to control elections.
This documentary is a clarion call to wake up and smell the newsprint because if Murdoch has his way there will only be the comic page and Murdoch-slanted news stories, editorials and canned opinion.
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on 6 October 2004
This an excellent film, it has exposed many things about the way Fox news operate that I was unaware of. The only downside for me was the cheesy graphics and music; but that is only a minor issue.
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on 23 October 2004
A great film that touches on the distortions of just one branch of the Murdoch disinformation empire - Fox 'news'.
Rupert has unabashedly and unwaveringly supported right-wing governments the world over (Thatcher and Bush among them), and has used his media empire to promote right-wing propoganda to vast audiences.
Murdoch is, basically, famous for being able to convince lower income earners to vote en masse for right-wing parties - the end of political spectrum traditonally devoted to screwing working people.
Nothing's changed. This film focuses on Fox news - the lead cheerleader of the illegal invasion of Iraq and all things Bush.
This film has well-reasoned arguments that are, crucially, backed up with facts and evidence, rather than the simple shouting, name-calling and bare-faced lying that used by one media empire whose name escapes me presently...
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on 25 November 2004
Outfoxed exposes the threat posed by blatantly pro-Republican Fox News Channel. If you've ever (briefly) watched Fox News, you probably appreciated the comedy value of this propaganda machine, but the problem lies with US viewers who actually believe these are the real news.
Outfoxed doesn't really expose anything new for those who are a little informed, but its value lies in the fact that it may be an eye opener for many unaware viewers. The documentary is also good to enjoy a few laughs at the expense of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity & co. Very unsettling.
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