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on 17 May 2017
Always a good choice for hours of fun.
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on 22 July 2017
I am happy with my purchase.
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on 19 June 2017
spot on
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on 5 March 2015
Arrived quickly. The game itself is fine, saves ect... but it's in German! I can't understand a word of what's being said, making the game unplayable for me.

Gonna have to return it! :/
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on 12 June 2011
Those Gen III remakes of the Gen I games are simply awesome! The changes, the updates to align the games with their regular Gen III counterparts just change the entire gameplay but only to its advantage. A definite must-have for all pokémon fans out there :)
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on 14 October 2004
I remember years ago playing the original Pokémon Red & never being able to put it down. I was playing it every moment I had the chance to. After completing, I bought Pokémon Silver but never really got anywhere with it because of the new areas & new Pokémon, it just wasn't as fun to play as the original was. Then I heard LeafGreen/FireRed was being released...I bought LG & my little brother bought FR & they haven't really been put down since! There is a great deal of nostalgia involved with these little gems, when all the old music and memories of the towns come flooding back.
The whole layout is the same, but the graphics have been improved no end - they're up to GBA standard now. The animations are similar, but it doesn't ruin the gameplay. You fact you can choose to play a boy or a girl is a nice little touch. The game size has doubled, there are now many more islands to explore after you complete the Kanto islands.
As a 16 year old girl, Pokémon has long fizzled out - the fad stopped about four years ago. But this game has bought all my memories back of playing the fantastic Red/Blue games & is slowly making me a fan again! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed any of the previous games. If you've never played Pokémon, now is the best time to start.
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on 2 October 2004
Deserving of five stars? Yes. This game is a remake of Blue and Red(Green and Red in Japan). And have better graphics, animation, characters and just all out quality. wireless batling is fantastic. Like Pokemon? Buy this then, or should you be new discover the brilliance that inspired nearly all modern cartons and monster based games, at the age of 17 this game still inspires all the old emotion. Thanks Nintendo, once again. YOU RULE. If you like pokemon, buy it, if not then don't bother.
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on 22 July 2007
I first got a Pokemon game, with a Gameboy Colour when i was around 8/9 as a christmas present from my uncle. I remember playing Pokemon Blue all day, Boxing Day and i was thrilled to bits.

God only knows how many years on and here i am playing Pokemon Fire Red, and the memories are flooding back. If you have played the originals this will be very familiar to you, its the same story with the same Pokemon, just with animations and graphics similar to Pokemon Ruby, but don't let that put you off...

If you played the originals when i did, then this will seem like new to you, the music and Pokemon will make you think back. Yes, i did play the originals but i still find this quite challenging and very compelling and addictive. To be honest, i find myself playing this more than the latest Pokemon versions, diamond and pearl.

If your a Pokemon beginner or a seasoned veteran I'd still highly recommend this very well re-make of a instant phenomenon. There is so much to do on so many levels its accessible by all ages, whether your 8 or 38!!
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on 13 October 2004
Pokemon Leaf Green is a re-make of the original Pokemon game Pokemon Blue, but is it better than the older one? The answer is yes! Pokemon Leaf Green has better graphics, more modern Pokemon moves and better possibilities such as the mutiplayer room where you can trade Pokemon and battle out with your friends. Not to mention the free wireless adaptor that you get with the game. So your definitely getting your money's worth. Basically, you are a person (what they call a Pokemon Trainer) in the Pokemon World, formally known as Johto, and you are given a free Pokemon from your neighbour, Professor Oak. You have a choice between Charmander (fire), Squirtle (water) and Bulbasaur (leaf). Whichever one you pick, your rival, who is Oak's grandson picks the one most harmful to your Pokemon. So if you pick Charmander, he picks Squirtle because you are fire and he is water. The game unfolds and you find yourself in an amazing and fun adventure. This is a must have for any gamer. Get it (preferably from Amazon because it's cheaper than anywhere else)!
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on 9 November 2009
OK, before I even write this review, I would like to point out that FireRed is selling like mad. LeafGreen is less-popular, but there are SOME advantages if you don't have a few mates to trade with...

OK, first of all, the first releases of FR/LG had Wireless Adapters packaged with them, so there was no need to buy a new one.

Story: One day you wake up to find out that your next-door neighbor, Professor Oak, wants to see you. You travel there but he is not there. Eventually, you decide to go into the "Tall grass," but the Prof. stops you and takes you back to his lab. He gives you a choice of three starter Pokemon; Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur,to accompany you on your journey to become the Pokemon champion. During your adventure, you manage to stop the evil Team Rocket, who want to steal Pokemon for their own nefarious purposes.

Gameplay: Pokemon is NOT child's stuff. It is one of the -if not-, THE best RPG series out there. The concept is so simple, yet so original. You catch Pokemon. You train your Pokemon. You battle your Pokemon. It is a very enjoyable loop that is just, well... Enjoyable!

Graphics: It may sound dumb to put "Graphics" in a Pokemon review, but the graphics are pretty good for a GBA game. Or a remake of an old GB game. They have nice, smooth sprites and all of the Pokemon (well, except for Ditto and Voltorb), have nice, detailed sprites.

Differences between FireRed and LeafGreen:
Finally, the part you've all been waiting for; the differences! I'll start off with THE most OBVIOUS difference: Both games feature a few different catchable Pokemon. If I am right, this is the list:
Ekans: FireRed
Bellsprout: LeafGreen
Shellder: FireRed
SlowPoke: LeafGreen
Ryhorn: FireRed (I may be wrong)
SandShrew: LeafGreen
Electabuzz: FireRed
Magmar: Leafgreen
Growlithe: FireRed
Vulpix: LeafGreen

That, I think is the full list. LeafGreen offers "rarer" Pokemon, while FireRed offers stronger Pokemon. Also, I have found that it is easier to develop a good team in LeafGreen at the start of the game, but you will need to wait a while to get a couple of awesome recruits (Magmar, Lapras).

So, in my opinion, if you like your main menu font to be red, go for FireRed.
But if you like it green, go for LeafGreen.

Also, if you would like a Charizard staring at you on the main menu, go for FireRed.
While if you would adore a Venusaur looking dreamily at you, go for LeafGreen.

It's all a matter of opinion.

Final score: 9/10
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