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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2006
ONE TREE HILL! has met my standards for a FULFILLED TV SHOW DRAMA! it wasnt really advertised much but i saw it one day on e4 and just from the first 5 minutes of watching it i was hooked!The actors are great! Chad micheal murray rocks in it!and the storylines will get you so involved.People who love the OC ..this is a must watch! 5 stars all around!!
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on 13 March 2005
Chad Michael Murraty is amazing, what more can you nee that him almost naked in one of the first episodes?! not only is there him but also his half brother James Lafferty is steaming up the screen. For males it has the gorgeous Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush and ofcourse it being based around a basketball team! With the confusing plot that seem to become more and more confusing, you would think that it is just another teen drama, but with the adult storylines being just as centeral, it for any ages! To make the programme even better the title track "I Don't Wana Be" by Gavin Degraw has a instantly recognisable start!
One of the best quotes from the season has to be "nice hands"......... " nice legs", from to sexual tension that was being bulit up by Peyton and Lucas.
In my veiw it is not a normal teen programme, as you show a range of emotions, especially when the series gets going and we see a range of accidents! in the last episode it leaves you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next seaon to greet our shores!!!!
Not only on the DVD are there all the episodes, but you also get hours of bonus footage, which is as enjoyable as the series itself!!!
IT A MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 25 June 2006
A great watch, followed the series on TV and decided it was necessary to see them all again. Some great storylines along the way. Would recommend to people who like the OC which is also brilliant. Overall a great purchase.
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on 19 January 2006
starting watching oth on e4 like so many other people and it was soooooooooo great i could not stop watching it, it has replaced the space that dawsons creek left. - which was huge. i love the love square plus one story line and cant wait until the next season hits the screen, the stories are really great and what you think of the character on the first disc by the 5 you will think so much more of them and really enjoy watching them grow. everyone of my friends remind me of the charcters - nathan, lucas, brooke, payton, hayley and even jake develops into a great character. this is A MUCH WATCH
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on 17 January 2016
I bought this box set for a tenner years ago on and from the first episode I was hooked. I had a lot of friends who watched the show and it sounded interesting so I took a shot.

Lucas Scott is a street basketball player whose father, Dan, left his pregnant mother before he was born. It was there he met Deb Scott and also got her pregnant. Their son, Nathan, is the star of Tree Hill Ravens, the school basketball team. Dan's brother, Keith, helped to raise Lucas. Nathan's girlfriend, Peyton Sawyer is a cheerleader for the Ravens along with her best friend, Brooke Davis. Haley James is Lucas' best friend.

The actors are very well chosen and give great performances throughout the series. Chad Michael Murray plays the brooding outcast brilliantly and believably.
Paul Johansson is excellent as the Tree Hill villain, Dan.
Karen Roe - Moira Kelly
Nathan Scott- James Lafferty
Peyton Sawyer- Hilarie Burton
Brooke Davis- Sophia Bush
Haley James- Bethany Joy Lenz

One Tree Hill relies heavily on music to set the scene. What really works is the variety of music they use. From well known bands such as Snow Patrol and Stereophonics to underground acts. This is a great place to find some awesome new music to listen to.

With so many characters comes a lot of storylines. Most people can probably relate to at least one. I find this really helps me to connect with a show and its characters. There are twists and turns throughout, from Dan and Lucas' relationship to that of Keith and Karen. At times it is funny and at others particularly emotional. Watching the characters grow is very engaging and entertaining.

This box set includes additional scenes not shown on TV, commentaries by the cast and crew and behind-the-scenes footage.
I would recommend this to anyone, at least to watch the pilot. There are 22 episodes, each around 43 mins long. Well worth a tenner!
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on 14 February 2005
I only began to watch One Tree Hill for Chad Michael Murray, who, in my humble opinion, is the most beautiful man in the world. But looks alone can not hold a program, and luckily for One Tree Hill, they don't need to. The beautiful cast simply compliments fantastic story lines and plot twists. The intricate, inter-twining relationships keep the viewers interested, and even for those of us who know nothing about basketball, the fact the program focusses on basketball makes it only more exciting. Focussing on the teen and adult relationships, One Tree Hill is a more sedate, but equally fabulous version of The O.C - I strongly recommend One Tree Hill to one and all!
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2009
I found this first season of One Tree Hill quite unusual, and in some ways refreshing, for an American TV series. Rather than being set in the usual unrealistic and glamourous world of the ultra rich (such as The OC, Gossip Girl, 90210 to name a few), it takes a group of ordinary families and tells their story. This does tend to mean that the storylines are more down to earth than escapist fantasy but it still makes for good viewing overall and holds the interest to drag you into their world.

The box set contains all 22 episodes of the first season and each disc has plenty of extras on it including lots of additional scenes, cast commentaries and a couple of featurettes.

Well worth investing the time to watch.
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on 25 March 2015
I've started watching this on Amazon prime, great series, just got to the last few episodes and Amazon prime decided to pull the series and now i have to pay to finish watching it!! absolute joke, what am i paying for??
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on 22 May 2005
This TV Show is brilliant, yet very underrated. It tells the story of two boys; Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) who have only two things in common - a love of basketball and the same father. The first few episodes centre around the rivalry of the two boys after Lucas joins HighSchool basketball team ''The Ravens'', of which Nathan is the star player. Nathan and his father Dan Scott (Paul Johannson) who also fathered - and then abandoned - Lucas in a past relationship, try everything they can to get Lucas off the team, and the growing attraction between Lucas and Nathan's girlfriend Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) adds to the problem. There are many excellent twists and turns as the season unfolds and a fine supporting cast of: Moira Kelly as Karen Roe, Barry Corbin as Whitey, Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis, Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott, Bethany-Joy Lenz as Haley James, Bryan Greenberg as Jake Chacowski and Barbara Alyn Woods as Deb Scott add to the excellence of the show.
A must-have for all TV Lovers!
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on 16 October 2012
I am a fan of watching boxsets of all types and genres and based on the online positive recommendations I thought I would give One Tree Hill a go.

I don't believe I am the target audience being in my thirties, however I was pleasantly surprised by this series.
I even ordered Season two whilst only half way through this first season.

I am a fan of Dawsons Creek, Gilmore girls etc, and find this, in my opinion, to have the same feel good factor, albeit bordering on cheesy on numerous occasions. But it is very enjoyable, easy to watch, and as I enjoyed it so much I give it five stars.

Obviously a very popular show to last nine seasons!
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