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on 25 September 2006
I bought these headphones to replace the earbuds that came with my iriver h10 (sennheiser mx400's).

The most obvious difference between the two is that the sennheisers, and all other stock phones that come with mp3 players, are ear buds, where as the koss ksc75's go over the ear. So, to compare


For the price you will struggle to beat the quality. In fact you will struggle to beat it if you pay 3 times as much. Excellent for anyone other than a true audiophile, and far and away better than the ear buds.


I like how they look anywhere but when I am wearing them. There is no way to get around the fact that you look like a bit of prat with them on. Personaly I think they make you look a bit like shrek from behind.


Comfier than most bluetooth headsets, but not as comfy as a pair of glasses. They attach behind the ear just like a pair of glasses, but obviously weight a little more and so put slightly more pressure on your ear. Not enough to be uncomfortable, but you are aware you have them on. I have worn them for in excess of 3 hours without a break without feeling distressed.


Non existent. You can still hear everything going on around you, but it is dimmed down. Turn up the volume and everything else disappears. These headphones sit on your ear, they dont enclose it.

This works the other way also, everyone can hear what you are playing. Dont expect to play loud music with these headphones whilst on a plane and not get stared at by other passengers.


Chord length is about perfect, plenty long enough to have the player in your jeans pocket, but not have the chord trailing on the floor.


An excellent candidate for your money when replacing the stock earbuds that come with your mp3 player.
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on 1 April 2006
I have quite a few sets of headphones, ranging from the stock ipod buds through to a set of Bang & Olufsen Form 2s. Each gives a different sound and has its own advnatages and disadvantages in use, all relative to how much they cost.
These Koss headphones are amazing. They clip on really comfortably and securely behind each ear with a solicone-covered metal clip like glasses have, which is adjustable and comfortable.
The sound is really really good. Absolutely unbelievable for the price. We're talking about a clean and deep bass which really surprised me, rich and crisp midranges and clear treble that never turns to hiss - i couldn't believe my ears. Good and loud, too.
The cord is a sensible length for ipod use but an extension is available should you need them for home use.
All backed by a no-quibble lifetime warranty.! All in all, a revelation for this much money.
In many ways, they're better than my B&Os (they certainly give slightly more rolling bass lines and more defined lower-mid range) and they completely and utterly embarrass ipod buds (which, for the record. aren't nearly as bad as most OEM buds)
All in all, they can't be recommended highly enough - i'd have been happy if i'd paid more for them.
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on 21 July 2006
I bought these to replace a set of Panasonic aftermarket earclip phones I was using with my Creative Zen 20gb mp3 player. If memory serves, I spent more on the Panasonic 'phones than I did on thes, but the Koss phones eat my old ones for breakfast.

CDs mastered from analogue tape used to have a disclaimer on them about "revealing the limitations of the source material", and the same is true of a really good pair of headphones or speakers. Suddenly, you can hear all sorts of detail that just wasn't there before- from parts low in the mix that get obscured on lower-quality gear, down to the squeaky bass drum pedal on Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine"! Great bass response for what's still a fairly small set of headphones, and very controlled too- my old phones couldn't cope with The Roots' "Things Fall Apart", which is full of loud sub-bass, and would distort and "fart", but the Koss phones cope easily.

The phones stay clear and audible at lower volumes than my old ones when used on a bus or outdoors with background noise, but still allow you to "hear through" to what's happening in the real world, which might be important if you listen while you're riding a bike or walking.

For this price, this sort of quality shouldn't be allowed! Lifetime "no-questions" warranty and construction that looks pretty solid anyway give me no worries about longevity either. A purchase you won't regret.
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on 14 March 2006
The sound quality of these earphones is impeccable (although I'm no audiophile, so if you are you may disagree), really far better than I'd expect for the price. They're pretty comfortable to wear, and the clips detach so they're not in danger of snapping. Certainly the best pair of earphones (not headphones) I've ever used.
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on 17 May 2006
These Koss KSC-75s are probably the best value headphones I've ever bought. They sound far better than Sennheiser CX300/MX500, far better than Sony EX71s, and even run the cheaper Grado sets (SR60/SR80, £65/£85) fairly close, and for only £15. Amazing!

Very comfy, much more so than in-ear or canal phones. Seem pretty secure, so should be fine for out and about. Very clean and clear sound, good soundstage, you can easily pick all the individual elements to the music. No noise to speak of. Good bass but go for the Porta Pro if massive bass is your thing.

Far more conspicuous than earphones of course, but it's worth it for the extra sound quality.
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on 25 May 2013
These Koss KSC75s are promoted for use with mp3 players and similar. They have a much better sound than almost any ear bud or Walkman style headphone but they similarly offer zero isolation so the same drawbacks apply. If you use them anywhere noisy you will inevitably keep raising the volume to the point that your hearing can be damaged. If you use them even at moderate levels on public transport you will really annoy people. It's hard to think of a worse type of headphone for travel. Expect to generate ill feeling.

Another drawback is that to perform at their best these Koss need more power than is output by your phone or a typical mp3 player. Used with a domestic portable like a good Radio/CD combo they sound like a real headphone, and not a bad one either. Used with a small, modern personal device they do not sound as good. I've been using them with SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8GB MP3 Player with Radio and Expandable MicroSD/SDHC Slot - Black, an iRiver H340, my Asus EeePC notebook, my PC with External Sound Card USB 6 Channel 5.1 Audio, my Sony CD/MD/Radio and also with a Yamaha Home Theatre receiver. Only the Sony and Yamaha have the power to make them sound their best.

Comfort and appearance:

I find these perfectly comfortable. I wear glasses with very thin frames and both can sit on my ears easily. The clips on the Koss KSC75 are wire enclosed in plastic. There is just enough flexibility that you can carefully bend them to a good fit and they stay in shape. They weigh next to nothing, there is no pressure or abrasion and you can forget they are there even if worn for several hours. They will fit nicely under a hood, scarf or beanie hat.

The appearance is quite odd. The prominent exposed part of the wire clips and the cheap silver plastic don't make for a good look.

Sound Quality:

The sound is very well balanced; nothing is exaggerated and nothing annoys. There is very good midrange and higher notes and great clarity without being harsh at all. There isn't that dull booming sound masquerading as bass that you get with many modern headphones. When used with a low power device there is good bass response but it lacks the very deep bass so doesn't quite sound weighty and natural. If you try to add some bass with an equalizer this can lead to distortion.

Plugged into relatively powerful stuff like domestic Hi-Fi, mini system or portable there is now real bass (without distortion) and voices and instruments sound wonderfully natural and vivid. This is a truly attractive sound. These Koss earphones benefit enormously from good quality source and amplification. They are much better with domestic hi-fi or portables than with personal players and I would recommend them very strongly for this.

These are genuinely good headphones. For a tenner!

I couldn't recommend these for typical portable (urban/work) use, or for travel, as you risk irritating anyone nearby. They might be useful for joggers or skateboarders or anyone needing to remain very aware of their environment. For domestic use these are a very good fit, especially if you need to be aware of others in the house, the phone, the doorbell and so on. If so then they are a huge bargain.

Some people love these Koss earphones but prefer to use them like normal headphones i.e. attached to a headband instead of earclips. This is really easy to do: get a pair of Altai WA 87060 Headphones (they only cost pennies) and unclip the earphones. The Koss 'phones clip right out of the clip-ons and straight into this headband so now you have the same excellent sound but with conventional form and appearance.
review image review image
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on 3 January 2008
I have been using the Koss KSC75 for sometime now and really adore them. Here are my views:

Sound Quality

The Koss KSC75 really does justice to the excellent components that has been used for making it. From the manufacturers specs - "The KSC75 features dynamic elements for an exceptionally wide frequency response from 15-25,000 Hz. A 2 mil. titanium coating on its diaphragms increases the rigidity of the element, minimizing mechanical distortion and ensuring exceedingly accurate sound reproduction. Computer-optimized neodymium iron boron rare earth magnet structures allow the KSC75 to deliver greater volume, even with low-voltage portable devices. Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound. Perfect for travel, the KSC75 includes a straight dual-entry four-foot cord, and a L-shaped gold-flashed 3.5mm (1/8") plug." Throw at it music of any gere or movie soundtracks and it gives the sound a new life and energy. If it is the sound that you care about you couldn't ask for more at this price range. It does not fail anywhere across the sound spectrum. The bass, the clarity of individual instruments etc. probably can compete and possibly excel many a professional headphone.

Design & Comfort

Honestly, I was never a fan of headphones. If it sounded good, they were either huge or had to be poked in uncomfortably into the ear canal or easily fell off from your ears. I personally like the design of the KSC75. It is worn like a pair of spectacles but wouldn't fall off even when running because of the extra curve. The ear hold comes off at times but it won't detach while wearing. You cannot think of it as inconspicuous as it definitely would be very visible and also audible to the people around you. The audible to others aspect needs some explanation. If you keep the volume to a decent but not too loud level, it is unlikely that anybody can make out anything. If you turn up the volume to max, as another reviewer mentioned, it can be used as small portable speakers. Actually, just as others might be able to hear you, you can hear others too. In this age of noise-cancelling headphones, that might seem silly but again I really don't mind it. For one thing you can cut out the external sound in your mind once you get engrossed in the superb sound and on the other you can talk to another person while listening to music without having to take the headphone off! As you get used to the specs type design (two unconnected pieces for each ear) with soft foam, you almost forget that you are wearing them and there is no strain whatsoever even on wearing for a long time.

Looks and Style

Well... nothing very stylish about it. Grey plastic with a big KOSS written on the ear hold. As for size, the 2-inch dia ear cushions almost fully covers your ears. In fact, somebody could mistake it for something you got from the one pound shop.


May be this headphone is not for all. You need to decide first if you can live with others hearing what you are listening to or being seen wearing big headphones compared to ear plug type headphones. I have had some of my friends who hated wearing headphones get attracted to this one after listening to it and trying wearing it for some length of time. May be because of the way it rests over your ear, you don't feel that you are listening through a headphone. It feels more like the sound is coming from bigger speakers in your room. If you get your priorities right, this headphone wouldn't disappoint you.

Well done Koss and happy listening to you.
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on 14 February 2010
The sound quality is great, however, the earphones don't hold tight to my ears and start sliding off quite easily. There is no hinge on the over-ear attachment, so they just hang off the ear rather than snap to it. Fine for sitting on the train, but frustrating when hitting the gym!
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on 12 February 2007
I didn't know how good a cheapo (£20) mp3 player could sound till I tried these. If anything, they are a bit TOO bassy for my liking. With certain tracks, it sounds like you have a pair of subwoofers strapped to your head. I found some tips on an audiophile site, which recommended burning the phones in (running them continually for 3 days at fairly high volume) to loosen them up, and removing the foam cushions to improve the treble/reduce the bass. They are not so comfortable without the cushions, so I compromised by cutting a 1" circular hole in each one. It DOES reduce the thunderous bass somewhat, and now they are really nice and smooth sounding.

It may help your decision to know that at least 3 people who have tried my phones immediately went out and bought some for themselves.
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on 2 July 2006
I bought these headphones on the back of the previous reviews and they are amazing value. Extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and the sound quality is brilliant - I have not heard bass like this on any small style headphones. I wear them at home and at work - not sure they would be great for jogging in, but for £13 I cannot imagine anyone would be dissappointed with this purchase
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