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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£26.72+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 28 August 2006
I highly recommend this game, It will take you a while to get used to the controls but the graphics are brilliant. You start out as Yoshi, and you unlock Mario, Luigi and Wario along the way. The aim of the game is to collect 150 Power Stars from the levels. There are many secret areas around the castle waiting to be unlocked! The mimi-games are great fun and you can unlock more by catching rabits.

It will keep you occupied for a very long time, and its very very fun.
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on 21 February 2007
Well if you're looking for a Mario game for DS end your search now, 'cause I honestly belive that apart from Animal Crossing this is without doubt the best game for DS. You start as Yoshi, then you unlock Mario, after that you unlock Luigi and finally Wario. The basic storyline of the game is Princess Peach bakes Mario a cake, Mario goes to find Peach to collect the cake with Wario and Luigi and ... Bowser locks them all up so until you beat Goomboss (he's a boss) you can't get the key to unlock Mario. By the way, that's not a negative comment, each player has their own wacky power, Mario's is wall jump, Luigi's is water run, Wario's is Wario wack and Yoshi's swallow. There are lots of levels - my favourite is "Jolly Roger Bay" as you get to SWIM!!! and explore uncharted waters. To cut a long story short, if you're a DS owner buy this game. If you're not a DS owner, buy a DS/lite and then buy this game. Got that? Good.
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on 29 March 2005
I got a Nintendo DS along with this on its official release date and i was amazed by this game.
story 8/10 this is just a pretty basic Super Mario storyline really, the usual Princess getting kiddnapped by Bowser again. Nothing much new from storylines in previous Mario games.But this didnt actually bother me too much as other aspects of it are great
graphics 9.5/10 As soon as i saw marios face pop up on the title screen i was very impressed by the graphics. This isnt exactly Playstation 2 graphics but its quite rare that portable games are proper 3D and technology can only go so far, so people shouldnt be dissapointed. I would also say that the graphics are slightly improved from the original for N64 because it looks less blocky and the environment stands out more apart from the trees.
Gameplay 10/10 this is great too. The objective of the game is to complete a series of fun filled tasks on each level in order to gain stars as either of four playable Characters, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Wario each of these character have there own set of unique abilities . The tasks include, red coin searching, races and many many more. Note that this is not the only thing you can do, you can also play mini games using the touch screen if you choose the rec room option on the title screen i found these extremly fun and entertaining. these involve playing picture poker with luigi, playing the traditional love me loves me not game with Yoshi, rolling a snowball through a race course with Wario and keeping up Marios in the sky in order to hit the flying shy guys.
Replayabily 9/10- The begging segment of the game is fairly easy and shouldnt take long to get through but later on the amount of stars required to open doors will be harder to reach. however once you complete it aiming to get all 150 stars will be sure to keep you busy, it can often be diffucult but youve really got to keep at it as of course it is no easy task.
Overall 10/10- This game is a great opening to a new gerneration of handheld video gaming and is a very decent remake of the N64 version.
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on 12 January 2006
When i heard mario would be launched with the DS i wasn't sure how i felt. I loved the N64 version and i didn't think that it could be improved wrong i was!!
This game is definately one of the best DS games in my eyes. It not only has 150 stars to collect (thats an extra 30 than the N64!), but it has 4 playable characters with different abilities, and a total graphical makeover!
This game really is value for money, out of the 9 games that i own for my DS this is by far the one that i have played the most, both becasue of the time it took to get all of the stars and also because of the highly addictive mini games (which caused lots of competition between me my girlfriend and my mum)!!
If anyone owns a DS and somehow doesn't own this game then you must buy it! It is a lovely conversion from the N64 version and improves upon all the faults in the N64 version. As for the controls pay no attention to people slating it on grounds of crap controls. If you like games and enjoyed mario you can soon adapt to not using a analog stick, it takes a little gettin used to but as soon as you do you will throughly enjoy this title!!
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on 15 February 2006
Mario 64 was a classic game and now it's being re-released on the Nintendo DS!Has it improved?Yes!And now it's bigger and better than ever before!Improved graphics,more stars to collect,WI-FI multi-player and great unlockable minigames!The story has'nt changed(Thank god!)and Mario and his friends sill have the same charming personalities as before.The only issue is the controls.The stylus control is terrible and the D-pad is O.K.But minor flaws aside this is a near flawless game.Another hit game from Mario and all the gang!
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on 9 October 2005
Super Mario 64 DS is testament to Nintendo's strength and skill as a games developer. Super Mario 64, which was the first game of its kind when it was released way back in 1997, broke so many boundaries, and was a real joy to play. So, with the release of a powerful new handheld, what better than to rejuvenate the classic for a new generation of gamers?
Well, I ain't in the new generation of gamer. I remember playing this when I got my Nintendo 64 back in Christmas '97, and so like many others, am compelled to compare this to the original, or at least the impact the original had on us. So, how does the game hold up? The short answer is remarkably well, and I would still rather play this than most games available today. In truth, it has lost little of its magic over the years. Whilst in many ways better than the original (notably through improved graphics and the inclusion of new playable characters and levels), it doesn't have the same oomph as the original - maybe because it gaming formula is so tried and tested these days.
For me, playing this was like a walk down memory lane, although a little has changed. Basically, Princess Peach has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser, and it is up to Mario and company to rescue her, through capturing the stars littered throughout her castle and the Mushroom Kingdom's various worlds. This time round, there are 30 more stars to collect (bringing the total up to 150), although disappointingly, these are to largely to be found in the games existing worlds, rather than any all-new environments. That said, a couple of new worlds have been included, and these are where the playable characters are to be unlocked. Initially, you begin as Yoshi, who, after waking up on the roof of the castle ( a nod to the second ending of the original), discovers that Mario, Luigi and Wario, as well as Princess Peach, have also been kidnapped. Despite initially controlling Yoshi, gameplay is almost identical. Each character has their own set of basic moves, although through the use of magic caps, can either morph into another character, or use a special power. The special powers are Mario's cap powers of the original (metal Mario, invisible Mario and flying Mario), and it is a little annoying that you have to repeatedly change characters to find stars that require use of them.
On the gameplay front, whilst I was a little rusty, I could still remember how to collect certain stars. People who played this before should not find it too taxing. Moreover, Nintendo have jigged the game a little by making some stars easier to collect. despite this, the game can still be quite unforgiving, in that there are not many hints as to where specific stars can be found. Instead the gamer must explore the vast castle and game worlds until they have discovered them, and this can be quite rewarding. The biggest gripe with this game seems to be with the new control method. Obviously, digital touch screen control and Mario 64 don't go hand in hand, seeing as the Nintendo 64 controller and its analog stick were specifically designed for the game. Controlling Mario and the others does not feel as intuitive as before, and camera control can become a pain. That said, the 'thumb stick' that is included with the DS makes a pretty good substitute for the N64 analog stick, and with three control schemes available, there is surely something for everyone.
Super Mario 64 DS is as amazingly addictive as the original, and it has been tweaked just enough for those who played the original to enjoy it. The graphics see a marked improvement on the original, and the surround-sound capabilites of the DS do the chirpy soundtrouck justice. It is obviously a must-have for the DS, and given the star-collecting nature of the game, it is suitable to play in bit parts either on the train or bus. Interruptions will not deter from the overalll gaming experience. Additonally, the new touch-screen mini-games are fun to play, although aside from this, the game does not make much of the DS' unique capabilities.
Children and adults alike will enjoy this, and for those who missed it first time round, there is an even bigger reason to buy it now!
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on 9 October 2007
Well what can I say. I had never considered getting a DS until I played this at my friend's house. I'll sum it up in a few bullets:

-very good graphics
-fun for hours and hours
-fun even when you've completed the game
-you can play as all 4 characters (yoshi, mario, luigi, wario)
-good storyline
-BRILLIANT to play multiplayer, though we usually make up games like tag, 40 40 home, and hide and seek when in multiplayer mode
-not repetitive
-can be very hard to get hold of in high street shops, and even if you do find it, it will be atleast £30
-over all FANTASTIC!

I must point out that when you ask for this game in shops they will most likely tell you it is a very old game, not very good on the DS because it is 3D and they will probably recommend Super Mario Bros. They will also tell you rather annoyingly to trust them because they work in a DS store. They are wrong! I have been playing Mario games since the original black and white gameboy, in gameboy colour, gameboy advance SP and now nintendo DS. It works really well in 3D format!

Overall a fantastic game, I would recommend it to anyone with a DS, even if the price is a bit offputting!

Hope this helps!
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on 21 May 2007
This game is certainly one of nintendos triumphs. The storyline is great, the gameplay is great, the controls are great, its all great. It isn't a really easy game, but neither is it really hard.

You can play with FOUR characters, all with their own unique moves and abilities - yoshi, mario, luigi, and wario. All the enemies are there - bomb-ombs, bowser, boos etc.

I would recommend this game to anyone how has a taste for GREAT games!
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2005
Its Mario 64, THE game which revolutionised 3D platformers and stopped us from going down the horrible road down which Tomb Raider had been leading us.
You already know this is a classic, everyone does, so what are the changes?
Extra "mini-levels"
All new mini games making superb use of the touch screen
30 new stars to earn
Oh a word on the controls, don't listen to the other reviews, use the touch screen, the precision is unbelievable. It takes quite some getting used to but if you use the touch screen from the start using the stylus you'll master the game.
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on 19 May 2007
I bought this game last christmas, and it's still my favourite game, it's WAY much better then the N64 one, and it's also packed with all new features such as:

1) 3 more playable characters, Yoshi, Luigi and Wario.

2) 30 more stars to collect with a total of 150.

3) exellent graphics.

4) all new opening screen with drawing a pitchure and then messing it up.

5) all new minigames unlocked by catching different coulered bunnys.

Judging by that it's a MUST get... Enjoy.
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