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Customer reviews

2.2 out of 5 stars

on 29 August 2011
Whilst "Fuehrer Ex" may be about the influence of right extremism and Neo-Nazi propoganda, I feel the movie is more about two young friends trying to find themselves in a world which has little time for the issues of youth. Based on the novel "Führer Ex: Memoirs of a Former Neo-Nazi" who is known for his own Neo-Nazi past, and work to get young men and women out of these political movements.

Set in East Berlin prior to the fall of the wall, two young friends find themselves having to conform to communist regulation where any expression of individualism is considered a threat to the state. Every aspect of their life is controlled with the exception of their evening spent at the same bar, seeing the same people and doing the same things. Tommy is more rebellious, and his sense of adventure brings them face-to-face with the State police, resulting in him having a brief stay in prison. Here is where the story turns, in that he returns from that experience exposing the virtues of Germany's past, believing the Nazi Party to be historically maligned. His best friend Heike, who is more gentle and innocent, finds this new fascination crass and offensive. Despite which, he remains friends with Tommy.

Through his influence he agrees to escape East Berlin for the freedom of the West, only to be caught and imprisoned together. Tommy hardened from his previous experience in prison seems to adapt easier, whilst Heiko is brutalized in many ways. He aligns himself with the Neo-Nazi movement to survive, and so begins his own alienation. In the end he is a mere shadow of himself, enraged by the injustices committed on him, his new political fanaticism finds open expression.

Had he not been violated or abused, I am sure he would never have made the choices he did. Unfortunately, the choices he does make have a profound and tumultuous impact on his life and that of Tommy. Wrong choices are so easily (and at time flippantly made) and yet the consequences hat follow can be profound and lingering.

Relatively well acted, with an undercurrent of sincere affection between the two friends despite the hostility directed against Tommy towards the end.

Well worth seeing.
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on 28 August 2008
The plot concerns two young men who live in Eastern Berlin before the Wall falls. One of them is very eager that they should try to escape. He has grande plans about the two of them moving to Australia together to start a new life. His friend is a little more reluctant, but eventually agrees to the plan. They try to escape, but end up in prison.
I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but these young men change a lot during their stay in prison. One of them becomes some sort of Neo-Nazi. It's a drama with references to political and nationalistic going-ons in Germany.
The acting is all right. I think the "Nazi" guy's appearance is a little stereotyped by the end of the movie, but maybe that's how he really did look. (Apparently this is based on a true story).
I've seen this twice now, and it really grows on me. It's a story about a beautiful friendship and I'd recommend it to people interested in the era of the Wall etc.
Be aware that this movie is not for those who need fast-paced action, car chases and explosions.
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on 8 May 2016
no English subtitles
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