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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Mistaken Identity
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 10 March 2017
Just great. Delta is a very talented artist. Her songwriting is great, her voice and interpretation is excelent. If you liked Innocent Eyes this might be to your liking too, so dont hesitate.
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on 1 August 2017
Great music!!
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on 8 May 2005
Brilliant album and quite different from her 1st "innocent Eyes". Delta has a true talent for song writing and her voice is great, she deserves much more success in the UK.
Out Of The Blue - Great song, mood changes thoughout, her first single from the album.
The Analyst - Another great song co-written by Cathy Dennis who wrote Kylies "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
Mistaken Identity - One of the best, you'll never get bored of it and is a very personal song.
Sanctuary - one of my personal faveourites, stands out from the rest of the album.
A Little Too Late - its an ok song but doesnt really compare with the other songs on the album, its good but easily forgetable.
Be Strong - another ok song, gets better the more you listen to it though.
Last Night On Earth - Great song, love deltas voice in this.
Almost Here - duet with Brian McFadden, really great song, sultry ballad.
Miscommunication - probably the worst on the album, not a bad song but just not as good as the others.
Electric Storm - Fantastic, co-wrote by Cathy Dennis.
Extraordinary Day - Brilliant!! great song and very addictive.
Fragile - Nice ballad, what Delta does best.
Disorientated - Best song!!! why is it a bonus track?! really stands out and the lyrics are just mesmorising and you really get caught up in it all, fantastic!
You Are My Rock - great song, perfect song for finishing the album.
This album is very underestimated and i gaurantee that you will love this album, please buy it!
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on 17 November 2004
This album is brilliant!!
If you bought Innocent Eyes then this is sure to be a hit with you!! In the songs I feel that Delta has moved on and become more mature. Last Night On Earth, Fragile, You Are My Rock, Be Strong, The Analyst, and Mistaken Identity are my absoulute favourites but my best has to be Electric Storm. That song is really powerful and darker than usual but fantastic!! Delta's songs seem to be a lot more darker because her life became darker and changed but it definetely changed for the best as the music seems more mature and better than Innocent Eyes.
Buy this as soon as you can!!!
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on 20 February 2005
I never thought Delta's second album could surpass 'Innocent Eyes', but 'Mistaken Identity' manages this confidently.
1.Out of the Blue (7/10) The weakest song on the album, but still beautiful and catchy.
2.The Analyst (8/10) This demonstrates a bit of a darker sound and includes some interesting talking on the third verse.
3.Mistaken Identity (10/10) Very atmospheric. Well arranged, both vocally and musically and very clever lyrics.
4.Sanctuary (10/10) This has a real uplifting mood and it's very catchy. Lifts the mood after the last two tracks.
5.A Little Too Late (10/10) Starts off quiet and builds up to a big chorus. Adds a little bit of attitude to the album.
6.Be Strong (10/10) Written for her friend, this has just as much relevance to her own life. Basic and beautiful, this was co-written by the people behind 'Lost Without You'.
7.Last Night On Earth (10/10) Again, starts off quiet, but leads up to a big, powerful song.
8.Almost Here (8/10) I was wary of this at first, but the song is really good and fits in well with the album.
9.Miscommunication (8/10) This is interesting and something a bit different for Delta. She holds an amazing note at the end.
10.Electric Storm (10/10) This begins very suddenly. Clever lyrics and a great atmosphere to it.
11.Extraordinary Day (10/10) THIS SONG IS INCREDIBLE! I would give it more than 10 if I could becuase it is one of the best songs I've heard.
12.Fragile (8/10) This song is so simple and basic. The piano/vocal mix gives the song vulnerability. Beautiful
13.Disorientated (10/10) This song lives up to its title. The mixed-up lyrics and spoken bits create a great mood. I can't understand why it's a bonus track.
14.You Are My Rock (8/10) Again, a beautiful song. The abrupt end allows the song to linger in your head after the CD has finished playing.
The DVD includes some backstage footage, 'Out of the Blue' video and Delta talking about the tracks on the album. Worth paying the extra few pounds for.
This is an amazing album and I would recommend it to ANYBODY.
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on 9 January 2005
Delta Goodrem's debut album,'Innocent Eyes' established her very credible brand of pop and proved she is not just another manufactured soap/pop star. The follow-up has some excellent tracks which really showcase Delta's vocal ability.
Here is my opinion track by track:
1. Out Of The Blue- released as the first single from this album, this track is a decent ballad if slightly bland. Similar to her debut single, 'Born To Try', in that it fails to really get going. 7/10
2.The Analyst- very good track. Very original sounding like 'Innocent Eyes'. The songs builds as Delta's angst grows. 9/10
3. Mistaken Identity- considering this is the title song, it is surprisingly poor. Lyrically it is somewhat repetitive and would probably appeal more to younger fans as it sounds quite childish compared to the other songs on the album. 6/10
4. Sanctuary- a beautiful ballad with evocative lyrics and a great melody. The chorus is very catchy. This is classic Delta doing what she does best. 9/10
5. A Little Too Late- an up-tempo track that is once again very catchy. Delta's vocal range is not stretched particularly by this track but it is good nonetheless. 8/10
6. Be Strong- the lyrics of this track are potentially very cheesy, however, Delta's sultry vocals carry it off excellently. This track is a real grower and is one of my favourites on the album. 10/10
7. Last Night On Earth- an atmospheric ballad that fails to truly ignite. Gets better the more you listen to it. 8/10
8. Almost Here- Delta joins Brian McFadden on this track and easily outshadows him vocally. Delta's vocals are very emotive and make a relatively weak song sound quite good. 7/10
9. Miscommunication- a very different sounding song which you will either love or hate. Some of the lyrics are unusual to say the least- the line about getting a new computer in particular- although the chorus does find its way into your head. 8/10
10. Electric Storm- undoubtedly the outstanding track on the album. This is an up tempo ballad which uses metaphors of weather to illustrate a relationship on the rocks. Would make a great single. 10/10
11. Extraordinary Day- an autobiographical song which chronicles the recent illness Delta has had. An emotional song which is quite unnerving. 7/10
12. Fragile- another song that builds to a crescendo and displays Delta's talent very well. 9/10
Bonus Tracks
Disorientated- a great bonus track. Why wasn't it one of the main tracks? Great lyrics with breathy interludes by Delta. Truly dizzyfying (if that's a word). 10/10
You Are My Rock- a track dedicated to Delta's brother who helped her through her illness. Slightly too sentimental to be appealing. 6/10
Overall I would recommend this album to everybody so buy it. Delta deserves more success in the UK!
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on 13 July 2007
It is not often I can say this, but I love Delta Goodrem's "Mistaken Identity". Although I cannot listen to this album without the context in mind (Goodrem's cancer diagnosis) this does not detract from the very high standard of music she has produced. The songs are emotional but are also positive about life. The songs encourage you to be strong and to also take your strength from others. As another reviewer has said on this website the album does consist mostly of ballads. Yet, this varies within its self so that this is never consistent.

These are the key tracks to listen to: "Electric Storm", where Goodrem's voice is as charged with emotion as the music; "Last Night on Earth", romantic and also sadly painful (I refer here to the lyrics) to listen to; "The Analyst", making explicit Goodrem's uncertainty during her cancer diagnosis and, my favourite, "Out of the Blue" that is uplifting on every listen. Even Goodrem's weaker tracks, such as "A Little Too Late" does not let the standard down too much.

An album to savour and to listen to, time and time again.

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on 8 March 2005
I am so glad Delta Goodrem came back after taking time off due to being ill. I am also glad to hear she is doing a lot better as I was so upset when I heard the news she was sick.
I am so glad to of found a fantastic arist, i first saw her in neighbours (TV programme) and really liked her as an actor then she sang the song 'Born to try' and I loved the song and not long after she came out as a music artist. I rushed to buy the first album just as I did this album too.
This Cd album is fantastic and I would recommend it highly. I am always listening to it and as ever I am still a huge fan. I like this album especially because all the songs really mean something and she has even written or co written the songs. It really relates to some of the things she has been through. Its like listening to a personal insight and a true inspiration.
I very much look forward to her next album and I hope she will come and tour england soon otherwise I'll go to her :-)
Rosie x
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on 23 January 2006
I have only just discovered this second album from Delta due to lack of PROMO and the fact we only had the ONE single (Out Of The Blue). So when I ordered it I wasn't expecting great things, that's until I heard it.
1) Out Of The Blue - a great track which builds to the excellent ending (so much better than the single version).
2) The Analyst - more poppy track with a frantic piano playing throughout. This track reminds me of Running Away from Innocent Eyes.
3) Mistaken Identity - Again GREAT piano here, and brilliant lyrics all about the cancer ('the girl in the chair with the long golden hair, well that used to be me') It's directness is what makes it.
4) Sanctuary - To me this is my least fav track, too simular to Out Of The Blue, but just not as good.
5) A Little Too Late - this is Mistaken Identity's version of Innocent Eye's Throw It Away. Great pop
6) Be Strong - This WILL , I repeat WILL make you feel better, 'when your in your darkest hour, hold on and be strong', great words of wisdom Delta.
7) Last Night On Earth - now this should have been a single, an amazing love track with great lyrics, if you only download a few tracks I suggest this one and Electric Storm.
8) Almost Here - we have all heard this, I like it but it's not the ebst track on here by far. A great duet and single all the same
9) Miscommunication - Delta doing JAZZ?! Yes it works for me, it's completely different to anything else but its great, the moody lyrics are fun too 'oh you rub me up the wrong way, yes it was something you didn't say'
10) Electric Storm - my fav track on the album, amazing instrumental and great lyrics mean this song differently deserved a music video, unfortunately it won't.
11) Extraordinary Day - This is all about the day Deltya found out she had cancer (July 8th). Amazing lyrics really brings a tear to the eye.
12) Fragile - this song is saying how we all can feel scared anytime, another ballad with just Delta and the piano (what Delta does best), it's raw and its great. Yet another high point.
13) Disorientated - I love this track, it's all about feeling well disorientated basically. The clocks, the moon, the day, it's a mixed up track which is just fun. Great writing skills Delta.
14)You Are My Rock - okay I admit this is slightly boring, a song about how her brother helped her through the cancer, inspirational lyrics, and just Delta with a piano.
Overall the album is probably the best I own, it's a shame it was promoted but hey it's like a little gem for us guys. I give it 10 out of 10 and can't wait for the follow up.
Well done Delta you have turned me into a Delta fan!
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on 11 April 2005
I really liked Innocent Eyes from my very first hearing of it. With Mistaken Identity, it feels a bit samey and there's really nothing new here. Sanctuary is a great song, and the duet with Bryan McFadden is pretty good too. But there aren't any really memorable classics like Not Me Not I, Longer or Lost Without You from the first album. If you liked Innocent Eyes, then you should buy this album because you will like this one too, but it doesn't "beat" Delta's first effort.
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