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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2005
If you are a fan of both rock and hip hop genres then you will love this CD as I did. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is that it is short, but the quality is there nonetheless.
The standout track for me would be track 6. Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer which is absolutely class!
The other tracks are good too,including Numb/Encore. I would recommend this even if you don't like Jay Z as it is well produced by Mike Shinoda.
If you are interested in the DVD part of this release, do not waste your money as the making of is long, and only really appeals to anyone who is interested in how it was brought about.
The live performances however are very good and Jay Z and Linkin Park work the crowd so well.
I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes Linkin Park and/or Jay Z, but if you only just discovered them because of this collaboration with Jay Z, listen to Hybrid Theory and Meteora first, as you will not understand why Linkin Park fans like it so much.
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on 15 December 2004
I wanna start of saying that this album is a great album! its just flawed! Its only 6 songs and the dvd is good! but dosn't make up for it! Another flaw is that theres nothing new here! all the songs are just remixes! these are great but i feel that they should have dropped the dvd idea and instead should have released a longer album with new songs where jigga and linkin park worked together to create new songs rather than blending two together!the songs as a whole all work well and numb/encore is a stand out track! The Linkin Park, Jay-Z hook up is great but had the ability to be so much greater! I feel that the artists should colabarate together again and this time put out new songs! but as a whole this album is pretty damn good! but lost a star for not fufilling its potentional!
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on 25 September 2016
Don't buy from this company if you're looking to get the actual product purchased. I bought this for a friend and when she went to play it, instead of Linkin Park, the CD in the (fully sealed) case turned out to be Russel Watson...the opera singer!!! Luckily we all found it so ridiculous it was funny, so we won't be returning the CD
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on 5 August 2005
I saw Linkin Park and Jay-Z at Live8. I wasn't really familiar with either artist but I loved the way they worked together. So I bought their collaboration album. The two styles clash and collide and complement each other brilliantly. Admittedly there is the odd rather poppy moment (tracks 2, 5) provided by Jay-Z which doesn't really seem to fit, but pleasing nonetheless - if not thrilling. Where this album really works well is where Linkin are able to unleash their spine-tingling, raw power, then exercise restraint - to devestating effect. The collaboration is at its most exciting on tracks 1, 3, 4 and 6. Overall, a refreshing piece of work.
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on 4 September 2007
I have to say i struggle to get why people would not enjoy this album thoroughly. Yeah only 6 tracks, but you get the making of (actually quite interesting) and the concert on DVD as well.

As far as the tracks working - they are just so much more fun and dynamic. They rap off each other so well, and Chester's anguished howl in the mix fits perfectly, even though it shouldn't. Hybrid is a very good album but a bit monochromatic (Meteora and Minutes to Midnight display more range and depth) , but this album is pretty up there and makes Hybrid seem a little pedestrian in comparison.
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on 2 December 2004
Totally awesome album by LP JZ!! Totally rocks creating mixture of rock music and rap music together really does work!!
The Live footage and behind the scenes are really good too.
The most stand out tracks are: Encore/Numb, Big Pimpin'/Papercut, IZZO/In The End and 99 Problems/One Step Closer
A must buy for anyone into the rock-rap music
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on 29 January 2015
Six tracks of pure gold. Hard to imagine that over a decade later it remains one of the best mash-up concept albums I've ever come across. If you're a fan of either group, you'll love this re-imagining of (what are now) classic songs. Just solid stuff.
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on 1 August 2014
Absolutely love this album, I bought this as a replacement for one that I had, had for years.
Only a few songs on this album, but they are great.
If you like Linkin Park, you will love this.
Quality of CD was great looked brand new.
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on 29 August 2008
One reviewer has done a pretty informative review, so I don't have that much more to describe about this album. After buying Meteora in the summer of 2003, I was waiting for over a year to hear some new material from Linkin Park. However, this wasn't quite what I was looking for. The other 2 reviewers are hamming up this album and are saying that it is a great album. In my opinion they are so wrong. I am certainly not a Jay-Z fan, although I do like 99 problems which I had heard before I bought this. I think that anyone who likes both Jay-Z's music and Linkin Park's will be basking in brilliance with this album. In my opinion, the two styles just don't fit into each other. You have the suburban street rap of Jay-Z, which is full of F words and negativity, next to the great and somewhat unique sound of Linkin Park. It just can't work.
I am definitely not a fan of Jay-Z's terrible style of rap. It is all related to the same trash most rap is made up of; drugs, fighting and misogyny. It is testosterone filled garbage! Linkin Park totally wasted themselves by combining with this black rapper and although they have no regrets, I do. This CD is a total waste of money if you but it for much more than £5. The DVD that comes with it offers an informative view on how the album was created and is a must-see. It's good to see how the artists worked together and how they acted around each other. I think that the DVD which include not just the MTV feature showing the performances and some in-studio footage but also the full live concert makes this worth more money. A CD made up of 6 songs is a rip but as the DVD comes with it that is good and makes up for the lack of music. I mean, how many Jay-Z songs could you possibly mix with such a great band as Linkin Park?

As the two artists are made up of Nu metal and hip hop, the two styles are conveyed within the songs and are represented within the music. If you like both styles then I guess this CD would be amazing for you. I don't mind the beats behind Jay-Z's songs and the best is definitely Izzo, which uses a sample of the Jackson 5 song, `Want you back'. The beginning of this album starts off pretty stupid with Chester saying 'I ordered a frappaccino, where's my F*****g frappaccino?' and then Mike laughing is just silly. The beginning with Mike rapping over the melodic part of Lying from you is pretty weak. Then Jay-Z comes in and puts down his aggressive worthless lyrics. The beat works but it just isn't a nice song at all. Big Pimpin'/'papercut is as another user has said, the weakest song on the album. Mike rapping the Papercut lyrics over the weird sound of Big Pimpin's beat sounds incredibly weak to the fantastic beat in the original version.
Jigga what/Faint is the song with the most cursing in it. Please watch out for this when your parents are around. From 'Mother F***ers wanna act loco' to 'She gave me one more chance and I F***ed her again', this is complete aggressive angst. It starts with a drum beat, and one thing I think doesn't sound righjt is that it goes from this drum beat to having the strings from Faint coming in and then after Jay-Z and Mike have rapped the first verses then the start of Faint comes in. Numb/Encore is surely the best song on the album. The beat works so well with both songs. It just sounds so right and both the artists' lyrics work somewhat well. They chucked in a `What the hell are you waiting for?` to make the song mix better. Izzo/In the end is so upbeat and cool. I think that might be Michael Jackson at the start of the song. The nicest flow and what is this? It doesn't have the F word in it?!! My main problem and the reason why this is weaker than it could've been is because instead of ending with the chorus of In the end, it ends with some mixof the song and lyrics. Points of authority/99 problems/One step closer is, as it suggests, 3 songs mixed into one. It is the heaviest but it works so well. I think that the beat from Points of authority works better than Jay-Z's original beat from 99 problems. Mike rapping Jay-Z's lyrics and applying it to both artists is also a nice touch. There are no actual lyrics from Points of authority, instead the song goes from the sound of Points of authority to the bridge of One step closer, with Chester screaming 'Shut up when I'm talking to you!'. The song and album ends the way One step closer ends. This is definitely one of the 2 best, and probably the strongest song. Once again though, I'm sure they could've made it better.

This album is worth buying if you are interested in seeing how the album was made and you like experiencing the mixing of the 2 artists. If you like the sound of Linkin Park and not Jay-Z though, then you are not making a good investment. When this album first came out I liked it, but now 4 years have passed I think it is pretty poor. My musical taste has matured so much and I am comfortable to listen to Aly and AJ instead of this nonsense. So if you want my advice, make this one of your last albums to buy.
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on 2 November 2013
Most of the none 5 reviews tend to towards 'it's too short/didn't work on my device'.

All I can say is that it is an awesome collaboration between two artists at a 'peak' at the time (not to say they've not released more peaks since then.....) IMHO every track works well in different ways.

One of my 'goto' albums.
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