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on 14 February 2005
It's good, not great. The only one's i ever listen to are K-DST and Radio X. It's patchy, all that soul nonsense, Boyz to Men, i'd sooner tear my ears off than listen to it, but then I knew that when I bought it. I do feel a bit short changed though, as there's lots of tracks that are in the game but missing from this set. The two Rap stations are combined onto 1 cd, while all the other stations have their own cd. The snoop & Dre songs from the game are missing, as is the Ozzy Osbourne song on Radio X, and the House Music station, SF-UR, is nowhere to be found. Although personally I wouldn't listen to any of these, it's a bit crap to spend €65 (in ireland) and get half a soundtrack. I don't know whether these songs absence is a royalties thing or just laziness. The inclusion of the Advertisments from the game is a nice touch, some of them are hilarious, but there's no DJs, which I miss, coz some of the stuff they said was so funny, especially Sage from radio X and the woman from K-Rose.Also the packaging was cheap.Although the artwork was good, the CD cases had 'DVD' embossed on them.Someone found a cheap deal,eh? Overall, I'd say get it if you have the money and want a good souveneir, but be aware it's not complete.
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on 10 December 2004
I found this album very disappointing. The game itself has an excellent soundtrack, however many of the songs from the game are not included on these CD's, especially songs from the two rap stations "Radio Los Santos" and "Playback FM", which have been reduced to fit onto one CD. Otherwise there is one CD for each radio station, however the play list will not include all of the songs from the radio station on the game. Due to this I would advise any interested customers to check the track list to see if their favourite songs from the game have been included on the CD.
I feel this soundtrack is overpriced because in reality you are buying an incomplete product.
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on 18 October 2006
The music stations of the game are inclusive but the chat stations aren't! Those are also an important part of the game and especially the soundtrack! I think that's for me and I think many other fans too very important: for example in Vice City, Maurice Chavez with Pressing Issues, could you go without that? I wouldn't.
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on 8 December 2004
After Vice City we thought that the return of GTA could only be a step down. We were wrong. San Andreas is bigger and better than Vice City and so is the soundtrack.
The range of songs is better than before and will no doubt open up new artists to the kids of today. From L7 to Kiss and from Bobby Brown to Public Enemy this Box Set covers every type of song you can imagine.
The 2 disk set maybe easier to take but for money this box set is well worth having and an excellant socking filler.
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on 10 May 2006
To many decent tracks are missing from this cd set that it is such a shame. Not worth wasting your money on unless your happy with an incomplete set.
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on 6 January 2005
Well, I thought GTA Vice City was probably the best game I have ever played on PC. And from what I have seen of San Andreas on PS2, it's gonna rock on PC when it comes out.
Of course, what made Vice City especially good was the absolutely brilliant 80s music(see my review for the GTA Vice City Music Box Set*). So brilliant that I bought the 7 CD set. So I having heard some bits of music whilst playing San Andreas, it took me, ooh, all of a second to decide that I had to buy this. And once again, I have not been disappointed. Cos this is, if anything, even more eclectic, with a wider range of music, from 60s country to 90s soul and alternative... and with some real gems inside. Best bits? Erm... very tough. Best CDs overall, prob Radio X(alternative/modern rock), CSR 103.9 (soul/modern R n B), k-dst(70s AOR) and Bounce FM(funk). But I liked them all! Fave songs? Too many to mention! Though check out Joe Cocker's "Woman to Woman"(which rap fans will recognise as the melody line to 2Pac's 1996 US #1 "California Love"), Kool and the Gang's "Hollywood Swinging" (as good as "Jungle Boogie", the intro to the film Pulp Fiction), Gap Band's "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" and Ohio Players' "Funky Worm" (relative unknowns, but excellent), Bobby Brown's "Don't Be Cruel" and James Brown's "Payback" (just good songs)... and Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", L7's "Pretend We're Dead" and RATM's "Killing in the Name" (which do rock).
So there is definitely something for everyone(perhaps more so than Vice City). Having bought it, I would say you'll definitely get value for money if you buy this. Especially if you are very open to music generally... though even if you're not, there's lots of classics on here you'll recognise in one form or another! As for me, I look forward to the release of San Andreas on PC, I am so looking forward to playing it on PC now!!!
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on 18 November 2004
If you have enjoyed the in car radio of GTA : San Andreas, this is the prefect accompniment to the game. Featuring a comprehensive array of tracks from the 90's, this box set really seel its self.
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on 17 October 2004
The following are the 10 music stations plus 1 chat station:
RADIO:X - The Alternative 101.6
DJ - Sage
Format - Modern Rock
Station Description: Finally, there IS an alternative. The home of Modern Rock
BOUNCE FM - 100.5
DJ - The Funktipus
Format - Funk
Station Description: The indescribable Funktipus plays the indefinable funk.
K-ROSE - 99.4
DJ - Mary-Beth Maybell
Format - Country
Station Description: A broken heart never sounded so good. Country and Western music broadcast from Bone County across the whole state of San Andreas
DJ - Julio G
Format - West Coast Hip-Hop
Station Description: Julio G breaks the sound of the streets. This is the West Coast taking over. (Sample Track
K-DST - 97.9
DJ - Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith
Format - Classic Rock
Station Description: Tommy Smith, formerly with 1970s progressive rock act, Crystal Ship, has now taken up residence on the home of driving rock radio
DJ - Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson
Format - Rare Groove
Station Description: The world's smallest giant, Johnny Parkinson, takes you on a musical, spiritual and sexual journey with a sound track of nonstop classics
SF-UR - 94.9
DJ - Hans Oberlander
Format - House
Station Description: Quality house music, from deep in the underground, brought to you by an excitable German.
CSR - 103.9
DJ - Philip "PM" Michaels
Format - New Jack Swing and Modern Soul
Station Description: Chart-topping and club friendly hits, brought to you by Philip 'PM' Michaels, entertainer. New Jack Swing and modern soul from today's hottest acts
PLAYBACK - 100.0
DJ - Forth Right MC
Format - Classic Hip-Hop
Station Description: The mouthiest man in hip-hop, Forth Right MC, brings real hip-hop to the left coast. East Coast
DJ - Marshall Peters & Johnny Lawton
Format - Dub/Reggae
Station Description: From JA to SA. The legendary Marshall Law sound system has moved from Kingston to San Andreas, bringing with them the best in dancehall, raga, reggae and dub
DJ - It's a secret
Format - Talk Radio
Station Description: It's a secret Sample Track - Also a secret
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