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on 21 October 2006
Street Fighter

This Street Fighter package contains three things of niceness. Street Fighter Anniversary, a game that has been doing the rounds at the arcades, Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike a game that hasn't been on a home console aside from Segas Dreamcast and the Street Fighter 2 animated movie.

The Anniversary game is the first five Street Fighter 2 games combined. The character you select can be primitive or as advanced as you like. Early versions of characters have less, and different, moves but to compensate there hits take off more energy. The one player game can feel a little weird as a result, as you can beat your opponent while knowing that you're not fighting as well as you should. The sound is pathetic, the graphics a bit garish but this is still Street Fighter and it remains one of the most playable games ever created.

The Animated movie is okay. It is plotless and faithful, nice to look and listen to. But I can't figure out a way to fast forward it though.

3rd Strike is amazing. The animation is superb, the tone of the fresh and new. The implementation of a parry system, (kind of like block and countering) opens up new possibilities for the fights. The new characters are weird, unfamiliar and hard to get used to but 3rd Strike even supersedes the Alpha series as the most advanced Street Fighter around.

Good package and good value.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 August 2016
This Xbox game was released in late 2004 - and it includes two games and a film. You get: (1) 'Street Fighter 2', (2) 'Street Fighter 3', and (3) 'Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie'.

The full-length feature film is included as a bonus, and it's as great "add on". Of course, you can buy it separately (see Street Fighter II: The Movie Blu-ray).

The 'Street Fighter 3' game is good - but this is one of the less popular additions to the game saga. It's 'Street Fighter 2' that's a genuine classic. Multiple editions of that game were issued - and the version presented here is a hybrid of sorts. It's as fast as the 'turbo' edition and allows you to select the extra characters from the 'hyper' edition. But it's somewhat different from all previous versions ... For instance, there's no barrel smashing or car destroying between rounds.

This game works perfectly on the Xbox 360 - and I've been playing on that console for some time. It's highly entertaining - and I recommend it to fans of the original arcade game.
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on 16 November 2004
Street Fighter Anniversary Edition features Street Fighter 3: Third Stike, Hyper Street Fighter 2 and the animated Street Fighter movie on one disc.
Hyper Street Fighter 2 is a compilation of all prior versions of the Street Fighter 2 series, blending all 17 characters from "World Warrior" to "Super Turbo" and enabling fighters from different instalments to do battle. The two player game is as balanced and enjoyable as it ever was, but computer opponents have become tough and frustrating, even at lower skill levels. Still, a must have classic.
Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike has all of the balance and playability of Street Fighter 2, with vastly more depth and scope for skill. It adds parrying, dashing, cancelling, EX special moves and vastly improved super attacks to the mix. Every character has a particular niche and style of play that exploit their unique attacks to devastatingly effect. The graphics are colourful and distinctive. Animation in particular is outstanding - each of the 20 characters move with finesse and fluidity. Sadly, while the sound effects are great, they're overshadowed by the terrible music. There are no music volume controls and therefor no way to disable the repetitive, tinny din, witout sacrificing sound effects. Forunately, this is more an issue in the training mode than at other times. This game alone is worth the price tag.
Here's to hoping Capcom release a Street Fighter Alpha compilation too!
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on 9 November 2004
To be a complete anniversary edition, Capcom should have included AT LEAST the Alpha series.
That said, this compilation includes Hyper Street Fighter II (a compilation of Street Fighter II, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II, and Super Street Fighter II: Turbo) together with Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
How many Street Fighter II versions will you play? There is little difference between the versions and if youre like me, youre gonna end up playing the latest of the pack anyway.
So.... Capcom could have saved DVD space here and could include the Alpha series in the mix or even a Street Fighter EX version.
Of all the Street Fighter series, Alpha was my favorite, it had great animation framerate, the best graphics in any SF, fighting was great and had a lot of fighters and cool landscapes to fight in, this compilation is somewhat a letdown to me.
Street Fighter III: Third Strike is one of the best in terms of gameplay, but its not as strong and appealing as SF2 or Alpha series, the reason? The new fighters lack personality, many look like X-Men bizarre beings, full of impossible moves and strange transformations.
Sometimes when playing with my faithful Ken or Ryo duo, i feel like im playing a strange X-Men spacial game, fighting creatures from another world.... that somewhat ruins the athmosphere for me. Alpha had new fighters but also included the classic ones and both had style, coolness and originality. Also, if youre not into Hip-Hop music, youre gonna hate the soundtrack in SF3.
One of the major inclusions is the Street Fighter anime movie, a great manga flick imo.
All in all, if you dont have any SF game for your console, get this..... if you already have SF2 or SF3... avoid, cause besides the movie, its just another incomplete release from Capcom that leaves us wanting more.
If Capcom wants to close a chapter in history, this wasnt the best way to do it. The trick would be to put SF2, Alpha, SF3 and SFEX3 in the same box together with the movie, perhaps one day a complete and worthy release comes out.
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on 31 July 2005
I have been a big fan of th street fighter series since i was about ten. I bought this primarily for an arcade perfect version of street fighter 2 plus the extras. however, if you're hoping to look back on this game fondly, then you may be disappointed. it is disgustingly hard, even on the easiest difficulty setting, with the computer's hits taking about twice as much as yours ever do. the version on this is a rather botched amalgamation of all of the street fighter 2 games and i'd rather have them as separate entities. there is the option to use the world warrior versions of characters etc, but if playing one player, you'll lose horribly either way. the two player mode is still as good as it ever was.
street fighter three is however very good, and if like me you don't want to spend twenty quid on the dreamcast version it's worth the cost of the game alone. this game also does not suffer from being frustratingly difficult either, as capcom presumably realised this was irritating in street fighter anniversary edition. add to this the anime classic street fighter the animated movie (not the duff alpha movie or the positively dire film with kylie) and you have a good package.
overall a the film and SF3 are good, but they might as well not have bothered with SF2 for the amount of use most fans might get. i think i'll dig out the SNES and remind myself how enjoyable street fighter 2 used to be.
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on 19 December 2015
Awesome game. Contains Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition which is a classic and Street Fighter III: Third Strike with its rich complex gameplay and a soundtrack full of drum and bass. Buy this
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on 30 October 2004
Quite simply put, this is an excellent purchase. You get the best games of the series, Streetfighter 2 Hyper and Streetfighter 3: 3rd Strike. On top of that theres the best of the streetfghtrer films included and xbox live play, at such a low price you cant lose!!
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VINE VOICEon 29 October 2004
To celebrate its 15th birthday Street Fighter gets a re-release on the X-Box, which not only includes Street Fighter II Hyper Edition (featuring II, Super and Turbo), Street Fighter 3rd Strike (first time on a console) and even the Street Fighter II Manga movie.
To start playing Street Fighter II the first thing you need to do is forget about 3D beat'ems, and put your mind in the 2D mind set. Now add in insane combos and power moves and reversals.
The only thing missing is the "Alpha" series of games (featuring characters like Rose and Charlie), which is a shame as I'm sure Capcom could have fitted them into the mix. Also the controls do get a bit fiddley, but once you get used to them they work pretty well.
Another great thing about this game is that its 2-Player, great for having the mates around or (this is even better) you can play it over X-Box Live!!!
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on 11 November 2015
Brilliant classic
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