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on 30 January 2005
I have been using this since Christmas and on the whole I am very pleased with it. It looks really classy with the gorgeous blue back light - which pulses when the unit is charging (no point to this but it looks cool!). So far I have about 85 albums on in 64kbps WMA format and have used about half the memory - this should be more than enough for my needs and the sound quality is more than fine.
The touch pad is rather fiddly and very sensitive. It took me a long while to get used to it and you have to remember to lock the player all the time otherwise the slightest knock or touch will change songs and settings. As I use mine mainly on the move or down the gym I would have liked something that felt a bit more robust - this is not a machine that you would want to chuck about too much! There is a nice stand supplied for the unit which doubles as a hard case with a belt clip attachment. This does not work terribly well on the move though and increases the size and weight of the player considerably. A proper soft case or belt clip on the actual player would have been preferable.
The battery life has not lived up to the 12 hours advertised. At first I was getting about 3 hours - apparently how you charge the player affects the life and there is a patch on the creative website that has improved this a bit.
The radio is a bonus but the signal is pretty rubbish so I have not used that much.
The player features are great - there are various DJ and EQ functions. I tend to use random play all which is great as I listen to stuff I would not have thought of playing (plus it avoids needing to use the touchpad too much!).
You can use the player as a portable hard disk but it is a bit fiddly unless you can get the supplied software installed on any machines that you use. You can configure part of the disk space as removable storage but I have still been using an old 128MB USB player for this that is much easier.
This sounds like I am picking faults with everything but be assured that I do love this player. Very small, stylish and versatile - just be careful how you use it to get the best out of it, and take time to get used to the fiddly touchpad.
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on 8 May 2005
I bought the Zen Micro as soon as it came out and have used it every day on the way to work and back (3hrs total a day). It took me two days to get use to the controls, but after that it was easy (just make sure you set the touchpad sensitivity to your liking, mine is set on low). Playlists are easy to create on your computer and the radio works well too. I've never tested the microphone so can't comment on it. The bundled software is okay. Beware of some of the firmware upgrades on the creative website as some of them wipe all the music off your zen, make sure you read all the info first. The battery life has never been as good as 12hrs for me, I charge mine after about 6hrs usage. But here's the bad part, after working perfectly for months now mine just refuses to shut down. The screen stays lit and has the words 'shutting down' on it but nothing happens. The only solution for me has been to take the battery out. I can never go back to a cd walkman after having the Zen Micro. Be warned, this problem didn't appear until I had 5 months of great usage.
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on 12 July 2005
I bought mine after doing extensive research and it's great! I didn't bother using the supplied earphones as I have a problem with those "in the ear" type and use a pair of sony's which work great. The touch pad works well but takes a bit of getting used to. The software took two attempts to load on my PC (about 5 years old, but running XP). It is USB2, but still works fine on USB1, and transferring files is a doddle using the Creative Organiser, and much faster than when I use my husband's Philips HDD. Can't comment on battery life, but don't think I'll be dissapointed, can't wait to take it on holiday!
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on 16 February 2005
well, never had an mp3 before and looked into it thoroughly before buying the zen over the ipod.
have to say am not disappointed. although i had major hassle at the start loading the creative gear onto my pc, spent about 2 hours on the phone to them and they were really helpful-eventually we were up and running.
the sound is superb, read complaints about earphones, have found them brilliant quality and sound. easy to use after mastering the scroll pad.
all in all highly recommended although would have black not silver if had choice again, the blue lights dont show up so good on silver!!
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2004
This is possibly the most beautifully designed piece of electronics I have had the pleasure of owning. The size and shape of the Zen Micro is just right, it's very small and yet has a solid and robust feel to it, it makes you want to hold it. The laptop style touchpad looks great and keeps the minimalist Zen look just right, not only that but it works well (the sensitivity is adjustable and the power button has a further option to lock the touchpad, so no changing of settings in your pocket). Obviously this little puppy is going to become the latest must-have accessory so it comes in 10 different colours and limited editions currently have a spare battery lobbed in for good measure. Performance wise the sound quality is excellent and I have no problem with the volume level, at it's top level it's too loud for me and I like loud music. The menu structure is simple and easy to use with all the things you'd expect from a good mp3 player, nice blue backlight by the way. Transferring music is best done through Windows Media player 10 (which come on the cd) as the Zen Explorer software is fairly basic. I haven't fully tested the battery running time as yet on a full stretch, but it promises 12 hours.
Having found these were all sold out in the shops, I ordered mine from Amazon on the 27th December and it arrived just before 9am on the 29th, superb service. The only negative thing I can say so far (and I'm fishing around here) is that Creative have obviously been somewhat inspired by Apple with the white cables and head phones, no bad thing in the looks department, but they could easily have done something different and unique as the rest of this bit of kit certainly stands apart from the competition. Mini iPod, what's that?
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on 22 November 2004
Well, having just received one, i am glad to say that it is a cracking piece of kit. Very small and light, bearing a crisp screen and intuitive interface. The illuminating light makes the unit look quite slick. The sound quality is excellent, but i would suggest changing the headphones as mine cuts out on the right side (hence the 4 stars).
If you want to be different to Mini Ipod users, need a musical gym partner, a Windows Media Compatible Device (Works like a charm with WMP 10)or interchangable batteries (limited editions get a free spare battery!) then this is the one to go for. Bit gutted that you wont be able to get a dedicated docking station like an iPod, but that's just being picky.
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on 22 November 2004
Well, here's a review from someone who HAS actually got one of these things!
I've only had this beautiful little thing for a few hours and I've already fallen in love with it! I'm ripping a cd right now and have already set up my favourite radio stations.
The controls are really easy to use, the volume control in particular is brilliant.
It came with a spare battery so I can keep one charged up for when I'm out and about.
So far I'm really pleased with it, obviously it will take a while to fully appreciate (or not?) all the features and bear in mind this is my first player.
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on 4 January 2005
This is an amazing MP3 player. Bigger memory and longer battery life than the Ipod mini (and cheaper). It is very easy to use and all menus/functions are arranged in a logical way.
Full charging only takes 3 hrs and is via AC adapter.
Music sounds great although I am not a massive fan of the earphones that come with it (not very comfortable). Mine came with a limited offer spare battery which is useful.
Software is easy to use (basically drag and drop). One drawback is if you load MP3s from a computer without the software you cannot play them straight away as you need the software to move them into the correct folder on the player.
As others have noted, touchpad is very sensitive but I got used to it very quickly.
The only other slight criticism is the printed instruction booklet is quite brief (on line help available) but it covers the basics easily (and most things are obvious anyway).
NB when you put the battery in for the first time it automatically goes to the "set language" menu so be careful not to touch any buttons at this point! (I accidentally put mine into Chinese and had to flick through the menus to put it back!)
Summary: all criticisms are minor and I still think it is the best product around at the moment.
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on 12 December 2005
Very happy with my player which was bought in June. Disappointed at first with the 3-4hrs playback but read that this was due to using the equalizer, shuffle setting or skipping tracks all the time. Also the player apparently discharges when the headphones are plugged in and when you plug into charger already on at the wall - I read that a firmware update fixes this. I downloaded the new firmware from the makers website (make sure you read the caveats as some you can revert back to an earlier version whereas the plug&play one is on there forever) and when I left it on at my desk without touching it it played for 11 hours. Little bag it comes with keeps the dust off if nothing else but then I have dropped it twice and it still works fine. Had no issues with the headphones jack that others have reported and find the phones bundled with it to be perfectly adequate. Radio reception is a little disappointing especially if you're on the move - wish there was a way to use another aerial. Sound is great, battery life is adequate and people make lots of comments about how cool it looks. I have over 800 tracks on it at wma 128 and it's still got plenty of space for more.
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on 16 June 2005
When it works i love my zen micro, good quality sound, mic and radio etc and can hold well over a thousand tracks. (mine had 1100 ish at about 96kbs with round about 1 gig to spare.) However, im now on my third player as the other two have broke on me (same problem twice, the headphone socket goes funny makin the sound very thin before eventually cutting out in one ear entirely) That said, i still gave 3 stars because the customer support is brilliant, just a couple of e-mails to get all my details sorted and i was ready to send it off for repairs, then within a day of them recieving my player i was told they had shipped a new one off to me. As long as your lucky and ur micro works fine it is a great player, but it might be worth avoidin the hassle and trying something different.
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