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Bloody Moon [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 19 March 2017
I think if it wasn't for the fame that being a "video nasty" brought
it, "Bloody Moon" wouldn't be enjoying anything like the longevity it
currently has. Set in a Spanish language school for girls (how
original), the story sees our heroine Angela in peril as her friend
begin to die around her, and nobody believes her. Suspects are all over
the place, one gory murder follows another until the truth is revealed.
The thin plot is a threadbare mechanism with only enough substance to
it to drive the most basic of story events, and all attempts to
generate mystery and tension fall completely flat. A lot of this is due
to the English language soundtrack which has the most inept dubbing
I've seen for a long time. There's an excess of "sexy" giggling and
gossiping that goes with every scene of the female cast members, unless
they are being stalked or terrorised, in which case it changes to an
excess of screaming and wailing. None of the vocal performances match
what the actresses appear to be saying in the slightest. Trying to work
out whodunnit is hampered by the appalling direction, in which red
herring characters pop up and down every few moments before and after a
murder scene, making you wonder if anything you are seeing is by design
or just random.

Truly awful film-making is here in abundance, in such scenes as the one
where Inga is merrily driven to a saw mill and tied up, gabbling the
entire time, or the one in which Angela sees a shadow on the wall,
walks backwards (??) towards it and stabs the figure hysterically and
then runs off, or the one where a snake dangles into view and is
snipped to death by hedge cutters, or the one where a huge foam rock
bounces out of nowhere to menace Angela, or all the time we spend
watching the girls in their language class and nothing actually
happens, or the one with Inga (again - she's particularly bad) bouncing
on her bed pretending to be having sex, with a dead body in her
wardrobe that it would be impossible for her not to notice, and many,
many more. The only strength the film could possibly claim to have is
the graphic gore, but these scenes are also pretty poorly done. Some
work well for being crudely violent (the sawmill decapitation and the
knife through breast killing), but the death by neck- clamp is
blatantly out of focus, and most of the others are amateurishly

If you only want to see a lot of boobs and blood, plus some of the
worst 80's knitwear ever put on celluloid, then treat yourself.
Otherwise, this is almost laughably terrible. Even the soundtrack,
which underscores the drama with lots of deep "bloop-bloop" noises is
unforgivable. The 2 stars are for the saw mill murder as it has become
almost iconic, and at least the film has enough energy not to be
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on 17 September 2014
*****This review is for the severin Blu-ray release of Jess Francos bloody moon.************

At one point banned in the UK, Bloody moon is Jess Francos attempt at delivering an (at the time) modern style slasher picture. It's set around a school in spain for foreign students learning spanish, a killer is haunting the campus and the surrounding areas knocking the students off one by one.

Some categorize bloody moon as a Giallo, and given the occasional overlap I can understand the reasoning behind this. However I would strongly argue that Bloody moon is a bodycount slasher through and through. The murders are fairly gruesome throughout, spoiled by the occasional ropey effects work including one daft scene where a victim is being put through an industrial saw, except its clearly a store dummy! The soundtrack is actually pretty good and will stick in your head long after the film is done. Perhaps also because its the same small bit of music played over continuously.

If you dislike Franco's other films its a safe bet you may not enjoy this one. While in many ways its a departure from the normal pictures he's famous for, its still includes many of the hallmarks of his work including a love of Zooming in.

Watching it now its almost difficult to believe that the film was considered a video nasty. Until the DVD erea an uncut release of this film was diffcult to come by through legitmate channels. My first experience of the store dummy being put through the band-saw was in Pedro Almodovars MATADOR, where the serial killing matador is jacking off to the scene. It got a pass there because Matador is art dont'cha know.

Severin have already released the picture in the UK and US uncut on DVD. Here they have upgraded it to HD. The big question is, is it worth an upgrade? Honestly I would say yes. Frankly it looks incredible on Blu-ray. The disc itself is region free and frankly the film has never, ever looked better than it does here. It doesnt improve the film at all, so if you hated it in standard definition I doubt this release will change your mind.


If your a Franco fan, or like me you find the film to be something of a guilty pleasure then this is the release to get.
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on 5 December 2015
When Bloody Moon decides to get past its difficult first half then this isn't such a terrible slasher movie at all. Plot concerns a group of girls in an international language school who are getting bumped off one by one by a mysterious killer. The plot of course sounds very familar, and if you don't like slashers Bloody Moon will do nothing for you.

First up this is directed by Jess Franco so just to be sure you are watching a dubbed foreign movie and it's been badly dubbed at that. So let's kick off with the negative things about the movie. First up, OK the movie is called Bloody Moon but did we need to see the moon in several different shots? We got the idea after the first two. Other problem is the lagging scenes that go nowhere, this is almost fatal. The first language lesson, goes nowhere, the tennis match goes nowhere, the scene where the girl checks out her apartment, goes nowhere. If the dialogue had been good maybe these scenes could have worked, but the script is very average. The editing of the movie is quite poor in places too. There's also this constant continuation of not believeing our main character when she says that she has witnessed someone die. Oh you must be tired, it must be the book you just read.... yawn.

OK onto the good stuff. The second half of the movie thankfully picks up story wise and there are some great death scenes. Let's be honest anyone viewing/ buying this movie is looking at the front cover and thinking gore. And it's here. A stabbed breast, decapitation, and so on. Sure some of it looks too fake, but hey ho, it's still pretty violent stuff. Fans of horror will like the fact that Bloody Moon does deliver on the gore and violence given that many movies which were originally banned as part of the video nasty list don't live up to expectations in this day and age.

Bloody Moon is uncut and is a good picture, there is an 18 min interview with Franco included.
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on 27 February 2015
A disfigured young man brutally kills a woman and is sent to a psychiatric hospital, 5 years later he and his sister go to stay with their aunt at a language school where a series of violent murders start but who is the killer.

Jess Franco tackles the slasher genre here in a very untypical film from him. First off the story and a couple of the characters are fairly decent, the brother and sister who are having an incestuous relationship do start off well with some mystery surrounding them, however as the film progresses it is kind of thrown away into a series of clichés with little screen time. Unusually for a Franco film the story is OK as it holds up pretty well throughout unlike a lot of his other efforts, also the Franco zoom is almost completely missing here thankfully. That's where the better points end though, the dialogue is ridiculous (phony Spanish lover), some of the performances do stretch the imagination a little too far and some of the effects are laughable (the bolder scene for instance). Although the story is OK, for large parts the movie is mind numbingly boring, the mystery element doesn't hold well either the killer and red herrings are fairly obvious from quite early on. The violence can be quite strong and bloody at times which must have helped with it's inclusion on the video nasties list, although the famous saw sequence is ridiculously fake and maybe the weakest gore scene in the film.

Not a great film by any means but certainly watchable, and in my experience of Jess Franco films this is one of his best that I've seen.
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on 28 August 2017
It is not as stated on item descriptions either Spanish or German audio but only English mono with any kind of subtitles. I attach picture for accurate information. Amazon please take care with this in order your customers buy with confidence. Thanks...
review image
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on 17 April 2012
I had 'high hopes' going in when I got my copy of "Bloody Moon". I'd have to admit that I enjoy many of Spanish director Jess Franco's movies - mostly due to his tendency to load them up with attractive nude women in exploitational situations. I was also on a bit of a crusade to see more of the lovely 1970's German actress Olivia Pascal, after enjoying her unabashed nudity in her premier film 'Vanessa'. SO - when I saw that the film "Bloody Moon" paired both of these stellar exploitive personalities in one package I thought I had hit 'pay-dirt' to be sure! Having watched the film though, my enthusiasm was somewhat dampened over the end result. "Bloody Moon" presented Franco's foray into the emerging slasher film genre, and, taken in the context of the time frame of its' original release, it presented some ground-breaking imagery that is still pretty potent by today's standards. Ultimately, the film suffers from Franco's 'trademark' sluggish editing & clunky dialog and manages to generate little 'excitement' even as the body count of attractive females rises. Gaping plot holes and implausible situations strain one's "willing suspension of disbelief" factor to the max and it is definitely only the anticipation of the next 'kill' or bit of nudity that encourages one to keep watching. For me, however, it was likely the 'waste' of Olivia Pascal's abundant 'physical attributes' that was the most disappointing. Having checked out several of her post 'Vanessa' films, it would appear that Ms Pascal made the decision to distance herself from 'nudity' and concentrate on her 'acting' career - big mistake! I figured if anyone could manage to exploit her charms to good advantage it would be sexploitation maestro Franco, but alas - Olivia makes it through the entire film without once displaying any skin - the nudity is left to a throng of her fellow blond co-eds as they are summarily dispatched by the mystery killer. OK - so I've got a bit of an 'axe to grind' here - otherwise (as other reviewers have noted) this IS actually a fairly watchable film (just 'check' your brain at the door) and let Franco sweep you away...
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on 6 September 2012
Someone is killing young women at a Spanish holiday resort. Virtually everyone is a suspect, but chief among them is a recently released deformed killer, who's in an incestuous relationship with his sister, for that matter it could be his sister or the child like resort handyman, the handsome Spanish teacher, a local boy all the girls have a crush on or even the final girl herself.

Despite being pretty incoherent and featuring many random elements, such as a small boy trying to sell holiday souvenirs in the middle of the night, Bloody Moon is vastly enjoyable trash of the highest order. It's not as deliriously over the top as Pieces, but there are some fairly nifty kills, a healthy dose of sleaze, some good old disco dancing and even the occasional flash of real style. The Severin disc is uncut, has a crisp picture quality and is region (0). There are no language options. The extras are the original theatrical trailer and an interview with Jess Franco.

The Franco Moon interview is almost worth the purchase price alone. The irascible auteur is a hoot, whether fiddling with his cigarettes, swearing about the film's humourless German producers and the lack of his promised Pink Floyd soundtrack or just fidgeting in his chair.

I recommend Bloody Moon to collectors of the original video nasties, Jess Franco fans and slasher lovers.
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on 21 February 2009
This Jess Franco horror is kind of a mix between a US slasher and an Italian giallo. It's about students at a foreign language school who start to get picked off one by one by an unseen maniac. The main suspect seems to be the recently released disfigured man who roams the grounds, but is he the killer?
"Bloody Moon" is definitely a Jess Franco film that I like. Yes it's inept in many ways but it's short and very entertaining. The killings are good fun, quite bloody and better than in many other Franco films, as there seems to be at least a slight budget here(the fx on the saw mill death are poor but it's hilarious).There's also a lot of nudity and sleaze as well as unintentional hilarious moments that come on a fairly regular basis. This is basically something to watch with mates and beer and have a good laugh at.
This release from Severin is region 0 and the picture is pretty good. Extras are a featurette on Franco talking about this film and a trailer.
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on 9 March 2005
Bloody Moon is the worst film ever made. Why was it banned? The story is stupid and there is hardly any gore. And the quality of the dvd is awful. I would advise everyone to aviod it.
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on 4 December 2016
Stupidly bought the cut Vipco dvd, didn't bother to watch it, opting to go for the uncut blu -ray. And so glad that I did! I do like Franco movies, even the bad ones, but this is a decent giallo/slasher. Nudity, gore, creepy characters, disco music, great. Great transfer too, plus bonus material. Essential for lovers of euro sleaze & slasher movies.
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