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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2004
having just watched a screening of the concert, this grainy film shot on super 8 and 16mm captures the feeling of seeing one of the greatest contempory rock acts on a freezing cold january night in blackpool. Everyone who braved the snow and ice witnessed a fantastic performance containing songs from all of the Stripes back catalogue. Jack and Meg are on top form and are perfectly suited in the victorian ballroom (whose sprung floor makes jumping up and down even more crazy than it usually is)
Anyone who likes their music will love this dvd which shows just how captivating a frontman and how fantastic a guitar player Jack White really is, and despite his plea of always being in the right place at the wrong time, he really didn't miss anything by not seeing the illuminations.
cannot reccomend this enough
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on 27 April 2017
Excelent condition. Great concert
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on 5 March 2006
There are no fancy extras showcasing things groupies want to know (behind the scenes, interviews and the like), just one great show of the White Stripes doing what they do best at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom in February 2004. The setlist is fantastically divided between the band's first four albums and with a few covers (like the fantastic Boll Weevil finale). Obvious songs to highlight include Astro, Jolene, Hotel Yorba, You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl), Ball And Biscuit and of course Seven Nation Army. The entire way the concert is shot gives it a real edge.
If you are a White Stripes fan you will love this. Any normal music fan will like it just the same. It's fast-paced stuff. It's like a concert this DVD, I didn't come for the support act, just the main headliners.
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on 14 June 2013
"Try this, it will melt your face!" This was how Live Under Blackpool Lights was recommend to me, by a uni friend who had a taste for traditional blues. Before discovering older blues, I didn't get the White Stripes. The songs seemed too short, the production too bare. Despite an exalted position in the charts I didn't really understand what this music was about. Under Blackpool Lights showed me exactly what it was about....

Filmed in grainy 16mm analog by Dick Carruthers at The Empress Ballroom in Blackpool (who was also responsible for the self-titled Led Zeppelin DVD), this concert is Jack and Meg White, alone, playing a raw blues show. Vocals are harsh, the guitar sound is fuzzy and low fi, and wild drumming abounds. It draws you in and keeps you watching even when you wonder if it really has degenerated into chaos. Much of the supposedly wild rock and roll guitar playing we are used to is really just pantomime, whether it's Hendrix playing guitar with his teeth or Pete Townshend's windmilling guitar chords. But, this is really raw. There are parts of this DVD that are almost too ugly to listen to... and parts too beautiful to miss.

There are the once radio friendly hits like Seven Nation Army, Apple Blossom and Hello Operator, which now snarl and spit without studio polish to keep them in check. Slow burning blues tracks like Truth Doesn't Make a Noise, Ball and Biscuit and I Fought Piranhas, are so slow and heavy they exude palpable tension after every phrase. This is the sort of blues that Black Sabbath played at the start of the 70s. The sing along faux country of De Ballit of de Boll Weevil and Hotel Yorba lift the spirits, while Jolene, a real country classic, sounds heartbreaking with Jack White's with piercing delivery. But an ear-splitting cover of Son House's Death Letter, played with a slide on a battered Kay Archtop, steals the show for me. I want to play the blues like that!

Now, just because I have used words like lo fi and grainy in this review, I wouldn't want you to think that this DVD is some how inferior. Far from it. Technically this DVD is spot on with a gorgeous 5.1 mix that renders ripping fuzz guitar, pounding bass drum and Jack White's echoing vocals in all their rough glory. The DVD renders rich analog grain, deep glossy blacks, and flaring halos from the stage lights, beautifully and a good screen will reward you with a purposely rough and ready analog experience. Film grain is used here as the equivalent of vinyl hiss. A defect that has now become a part of the experience. It even comes in a unusual red case with spooky red, white and black artwork. The significance of the mammoth buried under Blackpool? I don't know, perhaps it's just something ancient and powerful, waiting beneath the surface. A symbol of the power of the blues that, amazingly, can still move people even as it evolves to suit the 21st century. They were not, as Jack suggests to the crowd between songs, in the right place at the wrong time. This concert is timeless.

If you like the White Stripes you will love this. If you don't, well I didn't until I saw this. Try it. Melt your face.
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on 5 November 2007
This dvd captures the energy and passion of one of the worlds best bands, challenged only by radiohead. Although his playin can be sloppy at times his raw emotion more then makes up for technique deficiencies.
The camera does not wander aimlessly to his face or the crowd all the time, or show images music lovers do not care about, like in rory gallaghers 'irish tour' dvd.
A music dvd for real music lovers
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on 18 November 2004
This is going to be one amazing dvd. I was at the gig on the saturday night (the dvd is filmed over 2 nights) and I saw a few people at the front with cameras. At the time i was hoping they were filming it to bring it out on dvd but so much time has passed since then (last january) I had completely forgot about it until a friend told me.
The set was brilliant, quite a lot of songs from the first album, which suits me because I think that is the best of the lot. But all the classics were played aswell so it will keep those happy that only know the singles. Jacks guitar playing is mesmirising, very Jimi Hendrix-esque. Ive never seen anyone play guitar like him. Even Meg strolled to the front of the stage aswell for a bit of a song or 2.
This is by far one of the best gigs ive been to, and to add a point from the last reviewer, that floor in Blackpool is like a trampoline, it really added to the atmosphere in the hall. If you never get chance to see them live then this will show you what their all about. (though i do highly recommend you do anything you can to get a ticket to see them, bearing in mind though that youve got more chance of plaitting fog than finding a spare ticket, so you'll really have to buy this dvd!) Watching this will sway anyone to become an instant fan with their blues/rock style and Jacks extremely catchy riffs.
This is a must for any stripes fan to remind you how good these guys actually are and a must for any non-fan to show you what your missing out on. I cant recomend thid dvd enough.
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on 25 November 2004
This new DVD is a must for all Candy Cane Children (so put it on your christmas lists). Although there are no extras or out-takes the music makes up for that (of course). Charismatic Jack plays the guitar like a man possed whilst child-like Meg hits the drums in a way she can only play. It's amazing how much noise two people from Detroit can make with a guitar and a drum kit (well, an organ at times too). The grainy Super 8 footage adds to the anti-technology feelings that the 'Stripes have but also creates this dream like feeling whilst watching the DVD. Best songs... well, it's hard to choose from so many great tunes...
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on 5 December 2004
About Gerry's point... The reason Meg and Jack play on their own is because The White Stripes are a minimalist band... Adding a bass player would make it worse, and remove the qualities which highlight the White Stripes as an amazingingly innovative band.
For me, this DVD is one of the coolest things I've bought this year. The DVD itself is a work of art, and the whole thing was filmed on Super 8 to capture The White Stripes' distorted and anti-techolagy qualities. The music itself is, in most cases, superior to the album versions. I prefur the studio recordings of 'Truth Doesn't Make A Noise' and 'Apple Blossum' but 'Black Math' especially is outrageously awesome.
Buy It... Max Volume... Listen... Enjoy
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on 15 March 2015
After recently getting the urge to buy all their studio albums on CD (though not in order of release and I'm not exactly new to everything they put out) as I thought they deserved a place in there after buying and enjoying the DVD It Might Get Loud (Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White chatting about their bands, guitars and influences... having a bit of a 'jam' here and there too) this was very logical. I appreciate Jack's playing a lot more now and as a guitarist myself, I can see that he incorporates quite a few things into his music that I didn't pick up on before.

So I fancied watching him and Meg playing on stage and as far as she goes, I'd say she's spot-on with what she's doing... on the nail with all the stops and changes in the songs. I've played a bit of drums too and wish I'd not bothered trying all that Keith Moon type stuff, after seeing how effective it can be without! LOL Moonie is a big favourite of mine but as people say, it always depends on the music and what band you're in - they gel perfectly here. The gig is pretty mesmerizing in parts, I have to say... intense is a good word to describe it. But then, their music is very gritty and full on.

Fantastic - one of the most enjoyable music DVDs I've seen in some time.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2005
...Which is good of course. I want to start this review by rhetorically asking why most of the people reviewing this dvd feel the need to plug their love for this band. This site is for commerce and reviewing, so go to a chat room or something because I dont want to hear it. This review is for all you buyers who are thinking; "shut up you absolute wino pirate, I want to know if it's any good, not why some radish who I don't even know loves the band so much."
So, the direction for this dvd is astonishing, It's all shot on Super-8 home video camera which gives that magnificent grainy look. I read that the film reels in the cameras are so short they run out in like 3 minutes or something, so they had to set 9 or so up to take shots of the band at diferent times throughout the concert, whilst other cameras were reloaded with film! Sounds like lots of hard work to me but it really pays off.

What follows is a stomping, swaggering, electrifying performance that should, but NEVER, feels like a rock cliche`. Jack White donning his guitar like a super-Jimmy Page, and Meg White Smashing all hell out of her drums in a crazy thuderous racket, makes for one of the most awe inspiring live sets I've witnessed. All from your sofa.

So buy this, put on your white makeup, don't wash your hair, turn the surround sound up to full power and enjoy something magical.
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