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on 4 September 2005
I've been playing these games for over a decade now and they usually play like this: build a big army then raid the enemy base. 2160 just isn't like that at all. It has a very steep learning curve; even after the second mission I was finding it a bit on the difficult side and I was on the easy setting - shame on me!
So it's a bit hard but is it any good. YES! It's a great game. It takes a while to get used to the freedom you have such as buidling your own vehicles using researched technology in a lego kind of way. The story line is grand if you like that sort of thing, I never pay attention to them in these games. The controls are good, very similar to Ground Control II and the like with zoom control and panning in their for looking about. In short, all the usual stuff is done well, very well.
There are many news additions to the RTS genre in here but the one that sticks out in my mind is the Picture-in-Picture function where you can tag an area and have it in a window to monitor. Although already seen in Empire Earth II the difference here is the FPS bit - it is possible to see the battles through the eyes of any one of your warriors on the field. Nice.
If you like RTS then you'll be impressed with this. Things have come along way since Dune II back in the Westwood days.
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on 6 September 2005
What a superb game. It has everything a real time strategy needs. Great graphics, and I say great I mean when you
zoom as far as you can into the ground, the detail is fantastic. Though I wish the building didn't go transparent
when I try and admire the detail on them.
The sound is good, though not great. Vehicles should really of made noises when you get close, such as the huge disk
shaped ships. Music is perfect and adaptive to all situations. Nice to see that they have still stuck with their
orchestral music and kept upto date with a 21st century style too.
Game play is super too with each race having its own distinctive style of play. I especially like the way the aliens
multiply, and the ED gun turrets move round the walls. Any RTS fan will defiantly get into this game very quickly
with the usual selection and navigation system. Also you can design and build your own units, tailor made to the
Some things didn't get moved from the previous game, for example there's no underground mode or bubble shields round
units. But a superb feature that makes up for all of that is the first person perspective mode. Imagine lining up
your huge army, and then switching to the eye view of a unit and watching the whole combat from there. You can even
drive round with the cursor keys.
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on 2 March 2006
The designers of this game claim it plays mainly off the graphics card (whatever that means!). Your system may run high-end FPS games such as half-Life 2 or Quake 4 beautifully, but if you don't have a state-of-the-art video graphics card, in order to obtain a reasonable frame-rate, you'll have to turn down the resolution until the game feels and looks like computer games of ten years ago. There are bugs aplenty and serious flaws in the AI; in the LC campaign, for instance, heroine Ariah will unfailingly rush headlong into the attack against overwhelming odds and get killed, even when repeatedly directed to stop or go to another location. The only way to protect her is to immobilise her on a hilltop in an aerial unit. This is stupid! as is the inability of infantry or armoured units to climb even the simplest obstacles. Gameplay maps are extremely basic - there should be a random terrain generator or at least double the number of maps to make the Skirmish games interesting. Campaign gameplay alternates between dull games that a Chimpanzee could win in minutes and horrifyingly difficult games that take weeks (for me at least) to work out a viable strategy. The scripting is also absurd. Having said that, the skirmish games can be a challenge when combatting three opponents in medium or hard mode, and no doubt it is interesting enough to play online. Online help is non-existant and despite being on the market more than six months, there's still no "walkthrough" available; either it's considered too hard or too boring!
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on 4 September 2005
Wow! There are millions of RTS games out on the market but nothing that offers you the fun that Earth 2160 does. Earth offers a number of unique features - in some case te 1st for RTS games: Fight via first person! or send a scout to see what is ahead via picture in picture and still concentrate on the main screen. In fact see 1st person via picture in picture!
The game offers plenty of game play both in campaign and skirmish; learn to build, fight and join forces. Online offers the ability to play 8 online! You can create your own missions and play online.
Even if you are a casual RTS gamer, of gamer fullstop, this is a beast of a game. The graphics aren't bad either!!!!
Play it, it is worth the £30
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on 15 November 2010
A WAY better than most RTS' out today, especially those strangely ultra-famous ones from a certain company named after a very cold wind tempest.. ehmm... you know.
Anyway, this game has 4 very different races (and the aliens are really different from anything I have ever seen in an RTS!), 3 of them with fully customizable units and unique big reseach trees (yes, research tree in a RTS, fantastic!).
Excellent interface (you can group units from the design screen!), good sounds, balanced maps and good story for the long campaign.
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on 22 September 2005
Two good reasons not to buy this product:
1. It contains a spyware programme that checks the location of your computer. This by itself is a pretty good reason not to buy, but in addition if you live outside the UK the software prevents you from playing the game.
2. You have to validate the game online. Fine if you bought it through Amazon (you presumabely have a home connection), but not if you don't.
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on 18 September 2005
This game is well worth the money i paid for it. it's clearly well thought out and the tool for creating your own troops etc is a nice touch. you just have to be careful your pc's up to it though, it will need a good, fairly new graphics card and a good proccessor is vital. But give it a try and if it works you won't be dissapointed!
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on 1 October 2005
This game can catch you out if you don't pay attention to what's going on in the scenarios. Because of the storyline in the campaign you are forced to play the factions in a partciular order which is not how the previous games played. I foundthe various dialogues quite annoying at times when all I wanted to do was get on with the next mission. Each set of misions for the various factions at some point will let you choose two to three missions in the order you prefer - this can make your gameplay quite fraught! Don't expect to be able to go in all guns blazing :) The graphics and sound are very good plus I was quite taken by the song for the game. This is a fun game which could have you tearing your hair out if you're not careful but it is very playable. Don't worry about not having played the previous games in the series as you will be brought up to speed before getting fully stuck in. I haven't experienced any bugs with this game which is a pleasant change. Worth buying especially now the price is coming down.
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on 29 June 2007
this game is stunning i mean the graphics are brilliant as is the sound effects. with the technancal junk out of the way this game is addictive and fun as you have to build up your units and bases. but the units are not the same because you have 4 diffrent factions the LC,ED UCS and the aliens each have diffent looking bases and units. the campign looks good but i havent really played that mode yet. the skirmish mod is really fun exept that you have build your army really fast if you start with builders only because the enemy always sen other tanks which are powerfull and can destroy you before you can launcha counter atck but all that aside if you like sience fiction rts games then this game is defintly for you
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on 9 December 2006
When I got this game I was very surprised at the level of detail on the box its self. There's a battery pack that flashed 2 lights (stars). Though that's a bit short lived.

It also contains a Sound track to the game all an added bonus.

The game its self is highly detailed runs rather smoothly, you'll find you self wanting to zoom in and watching the battles from you soldiers point of view.

Game play is a little different; the learning curve is steep and even after a few weeks you wont understand most because it doesn't tell you early on how to play the other two factions.

Voice acting isn't as bad as I thought and to be honest is reasonable for a Build and destroy/RTS game.

The campaign contains a general story line that is pieced together and isn't great. But with the general game play and graphics makes its bearable.

The life time of this game is extended further than the campaign with the addition of a skirmish mode, which is one of the things I use the most on any game of this type, and makes it worth its money.
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