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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2005
I've gotta say that I am TRULY overwhelmed by the the quality of BLUE's range - from hip-hop to ballads...and all with true QUALITY!!
I had no idea that some of the songs were from the same group, as they were so different - boy, these guys better not leave the music business or split up!!!!!!
Truly one of the BEST GROUPS I've ever heard!!
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on 21 July 2005
This album is really great!!! The best songs from the first 3 albums are on this album too and a few new GREAT songs...
I'm a really BIG fan of Blue and I can tell you I've got all their albums and this one is the greatest... "Love at first side" is a beautifull new song on this album. I think this one is the best song of the album,but there are other great songs on it too. Like "Get down on it" (It's a good song but not one of my favorites), "Curtain Falls" (Really great song ofcourse)and ofcourse there are more great songs but you have to discover those on your own...
The only thing i'm going to say is:"Buy this album,you won't regret it!!!"
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on 22 November 2004
This is such sad news to hear that the boys are splitting up. They are my fav band in the whole wide world. I recently emigrate to Oz and one of the things I miss is Blue. I am in my 30s and believe me they are no boy band. I think they have the staying power to be another Beatles if they've got the balls. So guys, don't do this!!! As for the album really good however all of the other albums are so good that I don't think there is a big need for a Best album yet... My absolute bestest song is "girl i'll never understand" from all rise and this is not on there so probably go back to listening to each album.
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on 4 January 2007
At first only a few songs appealed to me such as All Rise, Fly By (remix), Bubblin' ... But eventually slow-tempo ballads such as "Sorry..", If You Come Back, Guilty, and Best in Me and Love at First Sight totally grew on me. I usually go for the more upbeat uptempo tracks, but this time even the slow ones became a little captivating - which really says something to me.

It's pretty safe for me to say Curtain Falls, One Love, U Make Me Wanna and Get Down On It, have yet to have such an effect. Don't get me wrong, they aren't terrible, they just don't satisfy my taste that much; Mediocre tracks to me.

The remaining, particularly Too Close and Signed Sealed Delivered, are good cover versions of the originals. Some say Too Close is worse than Next's original, some say its better -- I'm a little neutral to it. And the other is a collaboration with Angie Stone and Stevie Wonder - I like it, it's pretty good, catchy. You'll have to explore the originals and judge for yourself.

And as for the band members, ranked by performance would be as follows: 1. Lee, 2. Duncan, 3. Simon, 4.Antony. Lee's the most talented with vocals, distinctive, strong, smooth, soothing voice. I often mix up Duncan and Simon so my ranking of them is interchangeable in terms of preference - but I generally prefer Duncan. Simon is the hip-hop or rap guy of the group, but still gives that pop feel whenever needed. Antony has the most boyish voice, has the least solo lines, thus affecting his popularity - but he was incorporated and participated quite well I'd have to say..

I think what lead this group to be as successful as they were is their unity and teamwork. It's hard to tell who's the lead singer of the group (though some can argue its Lee), but that's the beauty of Blue - No one was left out as in other pop boy bands (think of Backstreet Boys, NSync, and even Westlife). Antony may have had the smallest/least lines, but he was by no means left out. In essence, they had something going on like the Spice Girls had (when there was 5 of them), except this time its a boy band.

Anyhow I believe that this album really showcases the Best of Blue. If you like pop music, and are not quite sure about Blue, give this album a chance. If you like pop (but hated some boy bands because one or two would always be singing), by all means don't rule this album out.
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on 13 November 2004
I read below that this album is Blue's goodbye present...and all I can say is IT CAN'T BE TRUE! I love this group (and I think quite a few teenage girls actually do, whether they admit it or not!) and they seriously are so different to everyone else. Lee's voice is just amazing-see them live and you'll realise that these guys actually have talent. "Breathe Easy," is by far the BEST song of their careers, I can't believe how amazing it's great to hear something that can really touch people. I also like their new song, "Curtain Falls," although it is a typical boy band song-but it's just so catchy! "Sorry seems to be the hardest word," is even better than the orignal song when Blue sing in it and "Bubblin'" had everyone dancing. I own all 3 of Blue's album and all of them are so individual and unique-it's great to have all their fantastic singles on one album. I really don't want these guys to split other boy band compares!! I guess I just want to say thank you for all your amazing songs over the years...and good luck in everything they do. And to all the people out there-BUY this album!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 20 April 2012
I have never been a big fan of any boyband, so I have never bought a regular release of any group of this kind. I always wait for so called "best of" (released usually at the end of their career, when members decide to part ways).
Blue is exactly such case. I heard of them, listened to some of their hits on radio, but that's it.
"Best of blue" is a very good set of their biggest (and also minor) hits. It's perfect for listeners like me.
The most notable tracks are: "All rise", "Too close", "If you come back to me", "Sorry seems...", "One love" and of course "Courtain falls".
If I have to point the guy with the best voice in this particular group it'd be Simon Webbe who influenced Blue's music with warm soul feeling.
Although they never reached such stardom as Take That, it would be unfair to forget them. If I can compare Blue to any other english boyband it would be East 17.
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on 18 November 2004
A truly excellent album,which shows great musical maturity for a band ,of such young years.As boy bands go blue are a step above the rest and they appeal to young and old listeners alike.I first saw them at party in the park 3 years ago,in Oxford,they were vibrant and full of energy,and i knew then they would go on to great things.In the lyrics of curtain falls"together we faced th cold outside",does that relate to one freezing cold november night 3 years ago when they played a party in the dark gig in Banbury,all credit to them ,not many groups with a number One single under their belts (too close) would do that.Long may they reign.
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on 15 November 2004
Just bought the album (15/11) and is amazing. You can listen to all their best songs on one album! How can they leave us like this?!! I know lots of people think that they won't come back because it has been said by previous by numerous artists but i generally think that they will return. I have been a fan of Blue ever since they came appereared in May 2001 and will always support them whatever they choose to do. All 3 previous album are incredible. I have been to both tours and am going to thier one in March, and their live shows never fail to impress! They can sing, I dont care what anyone says, Ive seen them live lots of times! Anyway, goodbye for now Blue! Dont be too long!
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on 22 June 2013
as with all my purchases i received this item well before the estimated delivery date. this cd was excellent quality and brought back wonderful memories, it really lifted my day.would definately recommend it.
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on 15 April 2013
I was pleased with my BLUE cd, until toward the end , and there was crackling coming out of the speakers !!. .thought for a minute I had the radio on ?? so im guessing its a copy ????
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