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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars

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on 10 January 2005
I've only been into this kind of music for about a year, I thought music was just what you heard in the charts. How wrong I've been, when there are bands like the Goo Goo Dolls out there.
This album is basically their performance on the 4th July last year and it ties together all of the better songs from "Gutterflower", "A Boy Named Goo", "Dizzy Up The Girl" and "Superstar Carwash".
If you're a fan then all of the famous songs are here, my particular favourites include 'Iris', 'Slide', 'What A Scene', 'Big Machine' and 'Black Balloon'. It truly is a collection of their best songs. If you've not got any previous Goo Goo Dolls albums, then this would be a great overview to the four albums mentioned above.
Seeing as this is a live album, I find it very difficult not to talk about the live performance as well as the music itself. The biggest difference between the studio versions and this live offering is of course the crowd and the interaction with them. This really does just add to the atmosphere, hearing the cheering and the crowd joining in when John gives them the opportunity.
One thing I'm always scared of on a live recording, is the quality of sound. It doesn't suffer here at all, all of the songs retain their distinct clear cut edge, typical of any GGD tune.
Oh, and did I mention there's a DVD with this too, so you can actually see the gig?
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on 6 June 2005
being a huge goo goo dolls (and from the UK) anything i hear to do with them gets my immediate attention. After seeing on their sight they were releasing a CD/DVD of a live concert in their home town of buffalo it was pretty obvious i was buying it.
Yet again, the goo goo dolls didn't dissapoint with a great range of songs from the cover of give a little bit, to their hard rock songs from both john and robbie and of course some amazing ballads from john.
ive watched the DVD countless times now and the CD is almost never off. If your a goo goo dolls fan you wont be disappointed and even if your not listen to it, the songs are simply tremendous.
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on 18 March 2005
I am a huge Goo Goo Dolls fan and I was seriously dessapionted when I found out that The goo goo dolls would not be touring here. If you are one of the people who missed out on the opportunity to see the goo goo dolls as they toured USA, then you should get this CD/DVD set. Or if you're just a goo goo dolls fan and want to get this CD/DVD set then I won't hold you back from getting it, as on the whole it is amazing!!!
I love live concerts on DVD and I have to say that this is the best concert I've ever heard on cd/DVD, alongside Peter Gabriel when he did Growing Up LIVE. The goo goo dolls put so much effort and energy into the concerts that you find it hard to believe they are playing live. Name for example, my favourite track from the DVD, is even better than the proper studio release from A Boy Named Goo. Two Acoustic Guitars a Bass and Drums, and this song sounds amazing aswell as all the rest that are on this CD/DVD.
The CD contains the entire concert. aswell as the new single and formor Supertramp song Give a Little Bit, and it has been produced amazingly. The DVD contains the best from Superstar Carwash, A Boy Named Goo, Dizzy Up The Girl, Gutterflower and even 2 days in February from Hold Me Up. All the major hits are here including Sympathy, Big Machine, Here Is Gone, Black Balloon and of course Iris from the Film 'City Of Angels' and their first ever hit, and biggest hit, Name...
I find it hard to describe how amazing this CD/DVD set really is. The Goo Goo Dolls at their very best. You cannot be dissappointed with this set. I really is a work of art that you should take care of.
Please Note, The DVD is Region 2, 3, 4, 5 so will play on pretty much all DVD players, Region 2 being the European Region.
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on 30 December 2004
CD (and general product commentary)
A "must have" for goo goo dolls fans but if you don't know the band's material then I'd recommend 'Dizzy Up The Girl' and then 'Gutter Flower' (I don't know their earlier work), the compilation album 'Art, Ego, Opinion and Commerce' (Correct title?) might be a good starting point also.
'Live in Buffalo' (Audio CD/DVD) is an impressive product: the sound engineering/recording/production is excellent; the performance is passionate and professional (even with the arrival of torrential rain on to the open-air venue half-way through the set!).
It's the only live performance I've heard of the goos so I can't compare it to others (e.g. 'Live in Alaska'), nevertheless... The live versions here are almost literal transcriptions of the studio recordings with respect to the musical material and structure; however, there are some revised backing vocals, occasional guitar (and saxophone) solos and instrumental backing provided by keyboards, guitar and percussion. The decision to take some of the tracks at a faster tempo than on the original studio recording (e.g. 'Sympathy') unfortunately leads to some rushed vocals but, holistically, the superbly strong and characterful voice of John Rzeznik prevails. I've never thought too highly of the tracks by Robby Takac due to their lack of variety (fast tempo, thrashy nature) but, although I'm not converted, the live versions here are quite good and show the aforementioned passion of the band in a live context.
As well as the concert footage the dvd features bonus material that follows the events in the life of the band in the week leading up to the concert, this is insightful but not particularly entertaining. Within the audio settings you can select a commentary from the band to accompany the perfomance as you watch it, this is somewhat informative and engaging. The concert itself conveys the energy captured on the audio cd; again the sound recording is excellent and the visual footage matches it. It's great to see the advent and then the sustaining presence of the rain as it saturates the band and almost floods the stage. The concert momentarily ceases yet despite the apparent health and safety issues the band soon return to finish the set in true 'rock and roll' fashion. Such perseverance is testament to the band's belief in and commitment to both the material and the equally drenched fans. I urge you to own it!
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on 11 October 2005
I own many cd's and only stumbled across the Goo Goo Dolls accidently really. First i bought the legandary DUTG which is fantastic,but i must say since buying this live album its hardly got a look in!!! A brilliant aray of songs which make you feel part of the crowd. Please Please buy this album it cannot be missed!!
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on 3 August 2005
The CD alone is enough to make anyone want to buy this album. Most of their great songs are on here: Iris, Black Balloon, Two Days in February etc etc. It's absolutely brilliant and I really wish I was at that gig, although it absolutely pi**ed it down with rain but it would've been worth it. They're currently working on a new album and hopefully they'll tour here afterwards, they did play 1 gig here about 3 years ago and it was absolutely awesome!
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on 20 March 2005
This DVD/CD package is a must for any Goo Goo Dolls fan. Filmed in their hometown of Buffalo, the Goos perform their greatest hits such as Iris, Slide, Black Balloon as well as older classics such as Name and Cuz Your Gone. The one thing that really makes this concert come alive is Rzezniks amazing voice, which sounds as good as it does in the studio. A torrential downpour nearly finished the show, but it's a credit to the boys that they carried on through to the end...hell the rain just makes the performance even more impressive! This is a DVD that any fan will watch again and again.
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on 1 March 2005
The most incredible, epic, fantastic live dvd i have ever seen!
If you are a fan of the goos and have some of their albums, you have to buy this dvd/cd. They primarily do tracks from dizzy up the girl, gutterflower and a boy named goo- the best albums of theirs. The best performances they do here I would say are Iris (literally sends shivers up you spine when you hear it live), Here is gone and Slide. Just brilliant. When the rain starts to fall they just keep on going, the atmosphere in that arena must have been brilliant, I just so wish I had been there.
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on 26 January 2005
Ive only recently got this cd but i have to say it is amazing. all 20 tracks are brilliant. The dvd that comes with it is great. The goo goo dolls simply a great band that has great music and if u want a good mixture of songs from the band then this a great cd to get!!!!!!! BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 12 October 2009
firstly I've gotta say this is a total bargain! the Cd sound quality is top notch with all the great songs from Dizzy Up The Girl are included here : Broadway,Slide,Dizzy,Black Balloon,Iris,January Friend,
& the 1 Min 57 seconds greatness of Acoustic #3 but it does miss off my favourite Bulletproof but you can forgive a group has excellent has this they really do deliver the goods.this really is a great live disc.

& to add the this great live cd you get the DVD which is very well shoot in front of a very loud Buffalo crowd that clearly love this band also on the DVD there's behind the scenes video & audio commentary from the band.

I don't own any other sight & sound classic performance cd/DVD sets from this series but if this is anything to go by then then i think i will be making a few more per-chests overall this is a must buy.
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