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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2004
This is Dire Straits live in concert.
I love this DVD! It takes you back to the days when DS were stadium superstars and touring was a big production. It is a perfect showcase for the genius of Mark Knopfler who, by the way, looks very cool. MK is not a show off. There are no apocalyptic "Time to smash some guitars" scenes here. Mark Knopfler is here to play his many guitars, and he does just that, extremely brilliantly.
True, the DVD was shot in 2 different locations, so what? It is very well shot, the colors giving a feel of the mood and ambiance that come with each song. The setlist offers a unique insight into the musical explorations of Mark Knopfler from the dynamic "Solid Rock" to the mysterious, bluesy "You and Your Friend". "Private Investigations" shows some remarkable guitar work with plenty of close shots on fingers to illustrate the great guitar picking style that is Mark Knopfler's trademark. What a delight!
The band members are very well rehearsed and give a tight and solid performance.
What's not to like???? It's a fantastic show. It rocks! Just what a rock concert should be all about. If you like Dire Straits, you will like this DVD.
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on 21 March 2005
Having read some other review of this album which complained about Mark Knopfler's seeming lack of motivation, I was slightly concerned that this would not prove to be as good as it might have seemed.
I'm glad to say that those fears were unfounded. This is a wonderful recording of these performances: it's probably the best video of a live performance I've ever seen. Regarding the playing, Mark Knopfler seems just happy more than unconcerned - happy to play his many guitars and please the crowds. The rest of the band, of course, do a great job as well!
The song selection is good here as well, although I would have liked to see the legendary "Sultans of Swing" performed as well. That's being churlish though - there are so many gems here, including "Walk of Life", "Romeo and Juliet", "Money for Nothing", and of course the wonderful "Brothers In Arms", to name but a few.
Overall, great watching, worth getting!
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on 15 September 2003
This was as far as I know the last worldtour of Dire Straits. The true guitar magic of Mark Knopfler is beautifully shown in this nicely shot concert footage. Dire Straits performs every song with their usual perfection. However it's a big disappointment that the sound was not remixed to Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1
Still this is a very nice concert to own - add some quality to your dvd collection!
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I have spent many a happy hour watching this dvd with my best friend and even now, after repeated viewings, I'm still left in awe at the musicianship on offer. From the concert opener `Calling Elvis' with that constant underlying pedal steel riff and tongue in cheek quacking percussion (you'll know what I mean when you hear it) to the awesome `Heavy Fuel' and `On Every Street' with more amazing pedal steel from Paul Franklin, this concert has a great selection of tracks from the `On Every Street' album. It also has some firm favourites like `Walk of Life', `Romeo and Juliet', `Private Investigation', `Money for Nothing' and `Brothers in Arms' to round of the track selection in style. Knopflers guitar playing is as tight and inspiring as ever and the tone he manages to wring out of his Pensa Suhr guitars is nothing but breath taking. The audience are obviously enjoying themselves, as are all the musicians and this makes for great viewing experience, really putting you in the moment with the crowd. For a slice of live Dire Straits this really can't be beaten and it is still a favourite live dvd of mine all these years later. Simply incredible.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 2 December 2014
What I don't understand are the two 2-star ratings. Who cares if the sound is "only" in stereo - I only have two ears and two 30w stereo speakers, and the sound is clear, crisp and loud enough. And as for a "tired" performance! WTF? Mark Knopfler has never been a theatrical, face-pulling guitarist. He just gets on with it. And he plays with an attention to detail and a precision other more flashy guitarists lack, which I like. Judging from the audience reactions, they weren't witnessing any second rate performances.

Even though it's from 1992, in 4:3 format and "only" in stereo, I'd have paid three or four times the price. Frankly I'd pay that money just for the tracks Brothers in Arms and Local Hero, which are both flawless, epic and moving on this performance. As it was I paid a little over £5, and consider it one of the best music dvd bargains ever.

As it says in the rolling credits at the end, this recording was taken from two different concerts in Holland and France; Feyenord Stadium and Nimes Arena respectively.
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on 5 August 2016
The sound quality on this DVD is not up to the standard I'd have expected, even allowing for it being recorded 24 years ago (yes, it really is that long ago!). It varies, with mic levels occasionally dropping and losing the vocals, or muddying the instruments. That said, it is a timeless classic, and says a great deal about what Dire Straits were (still are to many), and suggesting good reasons for why this was their last major tour.
It is clear from the outset that Knopfler was beginning to struggle to provide a fresh show; he didn't need to add a permanent persussionist, pedal-guitarist and brass (sax, flute etc) player to the on-stage presence. But evidently he felt at the time that he needed to do something to add interest to the songs, several of which his band had been playing for years. That isn't a criticism of the quality of their contributions, but a virtuoso pedal guitar sits uneasily alongside the crackling wizardry of Mark's own lead. Re-arranging to fit these players in simply feels unnecessary or even intrusive at times.
Throwing this performance away, however, is a trifle over the top! True, it doesn't match the energy and quality of "Alchemy". But equally the earlier show didn't have several of the famous Dire Straits songs on "On The Night"', and they're the best we're going to get. A DS collection without this therefore has a huge hole. Fans already spoilt by "Alchemy" may need a little patience, that's all.
I do wish the drummer and percussionist didn't look like caged creatures on treadmills playing for their lives, but that's maybe my own quirky reaction!
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on 1 January 2012
Firstly, let me say that I love Dire Straits, so I so wanted this to be great. Unfortunately, it really isn't. The performance is laboured and, to top it all, the sound is stereo only. So, if you have a home cinema set up, you will be very disappointed, as the stereo mix is very thin and quite harsh. Also, the video quality is nothing special. Such a pity....a couldn't care less production by both the band and the producers of the disc. Do yourself a big favour....forget this one(I sold mine) and buy Alchemy Live. The video quality isn't fantastic, because it is over thirty years old, but the performance and the remixed DTS sound is really fantastic,very rich with plenty of base. Alchemy is a brilliant tribute...On the Night is not.
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on 21 October 2003
Dire Straits are a legendary rock band, their impact in popular music is enourmous. This is a great perspective of this fantastic musicians live during their last tour, but is just that. A true shame but there is no extras and the sound seems to be only in stereo!!!
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on 9 March 2017
A classic 'live' concert by one of the all-time great bands Dire Straits i say 'band' as all the musicians are superb from Knoppfler via John Isley.Paul Franklin and the geezer on the saxes(cant recall his name!) standout tracks 'Romeo and Juliet' obviously and if you need reminding that MK is one of the great guitarists just watch his playing on 'You and Your Friend' only minor quibbles are song selection/order (why not start with the old stuff?)
but only minor gripes.
What a shame they stopped playing when they,a sheer delight to watch professional musicians going about there biz without leaping about shredding axes,
Oh and get this instead of the CD the sound is far better.
I bought this years ago and along with 'Hell Freeezes Over' rank it as one of the very best live DVDs.
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on 23 November 2014
Another amazing concert from this legendary band. The best sound and picture out there at the moment on this DVD from the 91-92 world tour. Again, like their '83 Alchemy concert a few songs missing probably due to the format restriction. If whoever produces a Blu Ray version of this awesome concert, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find the relevant missing songs for the recorded nights. Songs that DS included in their tour set-list, which did vary, were Sultans, Tunnel of Love, Telegraph Rd, Two Young Lovers and Planet of New Orleans (this baby was up to 14mins long with some juicy solos from MK).
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