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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2005
I have to be honest from the start and say I was never the biggest fan of Friends. I never managed to get into it, finding it amusing at best and only watching it casually if there was nothing else on.
However, that was some time ago and on the high praise from some friends of mine, I decided to have a gamble on one of these new re-releases of the well-known series, starting with this one because it's got the episode with Brad Pitt in from the 'we hate Rachel Green club.' This is kind of sad now they've split in real life, but I've always been curious to see this episode. What I wasn't prepared for in the least was the comedy, addictiveness and surprising depth this series explores.
It begins with people discovering that Rachel is pregnant. Some funny situations lead to a huge laugh when we discover who the father is, and yet another memorable moment when the father himself discovers the truth! How Rachel and those close to her deal with her pregnancy and the inevitable events leading up to it is often funny, but very moving at times too, giving a real insight into what it must be like for single mothers going through pregnancies, minus the comedy moments of course.
This series is exceptional and I'll be watching it over and over again for a long time to come. I recommend you do the same. Haven't finished it yet though, so I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
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on 12 August 2002
Series 8 is by far the best series of Friends that has ever been made. This set contains all 24 episodes from the multiple award-winning number 1 comedy ever. Each disk contains 4 original episodes plus on side B, uncut versions of each episode, with footage that i recon should have been left in the orginal episodes. Although Friends has been going for 8 years, the magic and the comedy has not disappeared. Marta Kauffman and David Crane (the producers of Friends) should be proud that their second to last series has made me laugh more than any other. Although there is only one more series to go, Friends will never leave you with this box set on your shelf. With special guest stars including Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin and even Brad Pitt!!!
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on 15 November 2006
There are funnier things than Friends on television, but nothing as long-lasting and consistently funny. In Season 8, the acting and directing (as well as visual quality) have improved from the early series, whilst it has lost none of its inventiveness and sparkle.

The season kicks off right after Monica & Chandler's "I do" and with the finding that Rachel is with child. Her pregnancy comes up in all 24 episodes. From the identity of the father ("Oh no- don't tell me it's her!"), to the possibility of marriage ("What, because that's your answer to everything?") and breaking the news to the parents (I particularly loved Rach explaining to her father why Ross won't marry her: "He says I'm damaged goods"). The question comes up: can the pair commit themselves to raising the child together whilst continuing their separate love lives as before? Certainly, it's not the sort of thing that blights lives: Rachel has a stable career and can afford to refuse a husband. It is perhaps in recognition of how anaesthetised it is that halfway through the season, she meets a much younger woman with far fewer financial means in the same situation. Interestingly, there is no mention whatsoever of the possibility of abortion.

Also involving R&R, an old friend from High School returns bearing an old and dark hatred (played by Brad Pitt, who is not mentioned in the credits for some reason) and that old favourite, a woman demanding sex from a man (nobody as attractive as Jennifer Aniston can be so pathetic at sexual provocation). Meanwhile, see Phoebe spell out her name ("P as in Phoebe..."), Joey reminiscing about his first good review ("Everything else was just terrible; Joey Tribbiani was abysmal."), Monica splurging on a pair of ill-fitting boots ("They're killing me, one toe at a time!") and Chandler taking a bath with oils and perfumes (but also a toy boat, which makes it a man's bath). And plenty of others that would seem flat and boring on paper.

What really puzzles me is how devoid of features the DVD release is. No interviews, commentaries or even scene selection (very annoying). However, they do promise: `Web enabled' (what's that?) `Scene access' (no, only episode access) `Interactive menus' (like selling a car as having a waterproof petrol tank) `Original TV broadcast episodes, each containing "never before seen" footage, exclusive to DVD' (I'm sure Hegel would love that). There's a dubbing in French, but it's awful (use subtitles). The franchise deserves much better.
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VINE VOICEon 9 September 2003
For over eight seasons now Friends has consistantly hit the mark in the humour stakes. It's never failed to strike a chord with it's audience, never revelled in it's own hype, never gone through the motions or suffered from old-age-gag-redo syndrome. Nothing but fresh. Fresh jokes, fresh scenarios, fresh delivery, each and every episode. To be commended.
Well, you'd think so wouldn't you?
In actual fact though, the 'EMMY' awards (America's TV Oscars) have passed 'Friends' by year in and year out up until now. And for what reason? Some would argue that 'Frasier' deserved the award that it claimed each year as the cast of Friends looked on with brave, plastic smiles. Some would argue that now the competition is less apparent, i.e Frasier doesn't air any more so who's left to stand in the way?
However, one award in eight seasons...some would argue that Friends has been hard done to. Okay, it may not have the same subtle touches of Frasier but it always hit the target. It's cast may be picture perfect examples of modern, unobtainable beauty, but their constantly neurotic character execution keeps them human, keeps them familiar and keeps them funny.
This season is no different from any other. The standard is still high, the acting still priceless and the stories still appealing. It's got everything. If you're already a fan then you need no fact, why are you even reading this!? However, if you're new to the whole Friends deal...I suggest you start at Episode One/Season One and fall in love with Friends like the rest of us.
For the established fan base...I heard recently from buddies in North America that there are plans for a 'Joey' spin-off show after season ten! Yay!!!
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on 14 November 2013
I watched most of Friends whilst it was first shown on TV in the UK. We now live in Germany and the translated version is really quite terrible. Imagine the characters without their true voices? Having said that, Little Britain translates brilliantly here. They must be getting better at it.

My 12 year old daughter now absolutely loves Friends and only in watching it again, do I see how very funny it really is. The comic timing is genius.

I think Santa might be brining us the remaining seasons. Ho ho ho
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on 6 November 2002
This being their eighth series, the six Friends stars have come a long way since the pilot episode and the first series (don't they all look so young! And what was Monica thinking with some of those outfits?!). But now whilst many are saying it has reached the end of the tunnel, I would say that what started out as an exceptional comedy show has evolved into much, much more. Series Eight definitely proves this for me. The original, outstanding comedy and one-liners have not decreased in quality. Combined with the gripping storylines that have evolved over the years "Friends" is now superior to comedy or soap opera, but is in a unique class of its own. But has it got too emotional? If it has it hasn't decreased the comedy element, but added a whole other dimension to what we expect from a TV series. God help the others! In this series in particular, the whole "who's the Father?" thing early on manages to keep you coming back for more with a begging bowl in your hand! Then later on, after Joey's secret crush is revealed, he ends up proposing by the end of the series, and we are left aching at the thought of what series nine will bring. In the meantime, there is plenty in this DVD collection to keep you occupied, and believe me, you will be more than occupied!
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on 8 January 2016
I was very excited when this arrived which was last year but I've just got round to watching it and I can't watch side b on the last disc as its damaged so they didn't check the discs before sending so now I've got to pay out more mo ey to see if if can be fixed
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on 19 August 2012
Everyone loved friends. I have gradually been collecting the disks over the years to get the collection, thankfully as the show is so old now they have come down in price.

For those who don't know the series it follows the experiences of a group of friends as they grow and discover themselves. the series centralises on the character Monica but expands to encompass an eclectic group of 6 friends and their journey into maturity. You will laugh you will cry and you will relate to various experiences the group goes through. An enjoyable journey of self discovery.

For those who do know the series you know what I mean.
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on 4 April 2009
I am a Friends addict i have seen all the friends episodes 100 times each and more i love it that much!!!
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on 5 September 2005
series 8 is such a fab series of friends with every episode guaranteed to make you laugh. Ross' reaction to finding out that Rachel is pregnant is just hilarious, the episode where Chandler takes a bath makes you cry with laughter and the one starring Brad Pitt with the 'I hate Rachel club' is amazing (not only beacuse Brad's in it, it's extremley funny!) Altogether it's a great series with some of the funniest episodes of Friends ever seen. I would recommend this series to any Friends fan I cannot stop watching it!!!!
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