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on 18 May 2005
Another DVD release of a classic video nasty by US distributor Shriek Show.SS Hell Camp AKA The Beast in Heat still remains banned in the UK for obvious reasons and has been since the early 80s.
Not a great film by any means.The story for what it is worth concerns a sadistic SS officer/scientist who has created a strange half man half ape creature in a genetic experiment.It is never made clear what the motives for this are as all he does is rape and kill any poor female prisoner who is thrown into his cage. The movie is padded out a sub plot about allied forces advancing on a nearby village.As you can expect from an Italian nasty nazi movie there are scenes of tourture and while these are at times quite badly done they are very distastful and offensive.
No matter how many bad reviews fans of this sort of thing read,they will still go out buy them.Shriek Shows disc is actually rather good,with a very clear anamorphic transfer framed at 1.85:1 which only has a small amount of print damage.Sound is presented in a bad English dub and extras consist of a small photo gallery and a trailer.
A DVD for video nasty collectors only.
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on 8 September 2015
This is another film restored by Full Moon and part of their grindhouse series. The opening visual restoration looked good, but the audio sounded like it was under water. The audio improves as the visuals grow worse. During the closing days of WWII, a local facility (not really a camp) is experimenting to make a master race. Unfortunately all they managed to create was one lone ape-man, or rape-man. This part of the plot needed some help. Local villagers are rounded up and abused because there was no camp.

Most of the film was boring war scenes, interrupted by rape and torture porn. And by torture porn there was a scene that could have come from "Blood Sucking Freaks." I would recommend Ilsa films instead, i.e. ones that haven't been edited to eliminate nudity below the waist. Good luck finding them. There is also "Stalag 69" an adult film starring Angelique Pettyjohn (One of Kirk's Star Trek women) which you will have trouble finding.

Guide: Sex, rape, FF nudity male and female. Also titled "Horrifying Experiments of S.S. Last Days" and "The Beast in Heat."
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on 21 February 2015
SS Hell Camp aka- The Beast In Heat the title in which it was banned as a video nasty in the UK is true Nazi exploitation sleaze. A Nazi doctor creates a psycho (the beast) by injecting him with a serum which makes him a violent sex mad monster. Meanwhile the local resistance blow up a bridge on which the SS depend, this however makes the SS go on the rampage through the town killing and taking locals to torture them trying to find out what they have planned.

It's fairly clear to see why this was banned as a video nasty as it contains some quite sick sexual violence (a ladies bits been ripped off and eaten by the beast ands a woman being shot in her bits) and scene where a baby is thrown in the air and shot tells you what kind of film you're getting. Shot on what must have been a minimal budget a lot of the more disturbing scenes are more laughable than shocking- painted guinea pigs pretending to be rats and the beasts cage made out of what appears to be paper- also stock footage from another film appears throughout the film in the gunfight sequences which in painfully obvious with the more grainy picture. The plot is threadbare at best and for large parts goes nowhere, the reason for creating the beast is never really put forward, dubbing and sound is appalling meaning caring about any of these characters is next to impossible.

Although this is a pretty terrible film and is most certainly not for everyone I would say if you don't take it seriously and go along with it you'll get a few camp chuckles out of it.
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on 23 November 2010
i really enjoyed this movie fore all the wrong reasons.there was times when i couldnt stop lauging.if you like nazi sleaze this is the movie for you also if you are a fan of video nasties you need this movie.
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on 25 June 2015
Another comedy classic.
Here are the nasty Nazis again doing horrible things to young women but in such an over the top manner its a joke.
Throw in Macha Magall strutting her stuff as a diabolical geneticist who kills women by throwing them in a cage with what looks like Alan Sugar's ugly brother, some truly boring partisans milling about in the countryside, the usual 'allo 'allo German accents, torture by Guinea pig and a whole litany of excruciating dialogue and you have the car wreck that is SS Hell Camp
Entertaining in a WTF kind of way.
1.5 stars for the storyline and 1.5 stars for Macha Magall in black lingerie.
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on 24 December 2012
Arried in good condition .. The film is not bad but sadly subtiles are poor.

Hopeful next time to have English subtiled Dvd suitable for the deaf people
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on 15 November 2015
Great Item thanks
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on 22 August 2007
Interesting piece of sinny I thought to myself very bezoomy especially the big hairy modge ravaging all those devotchkas in the cage performing a bit of the old in out in out. I really liked the colorful methods of ultra violence they used to extract information out of the plennys using methods such as castration, gunshots to private places and jump leads to the sacred black forest. Loads of nagoy ptitsas on show with groodies and forests for the brothers to viddy here, all that was missing was a bit of my hero Ludwig but apart from that it was splendid piece of sinny rabbit. So I would recommend you brothers viddy this, right right.
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on 31 January 2015
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