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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 4 May 2005
For years, fans had been itching for an official live video. And then this happens.
The story goes that Bruce had agreed to play MTV Unplugged (and there was much rejoicing), but then turned up and plugged in anyway. This is the result.
Now, ignoring the fact that there are very few modern artists who could have performed the original Unplugged format as well as Bruce, we have to make do with what we have.
And what is that? Well, for a start, it's not the E Street Band. The band that are often regarded as the greatest backing band of all time had been "dismissed" at this point (Roy Bittan being the only survivor), and Bruce had recruited a new band with which to tour his two new albums.
And they're OK. They will always suffer from not being the band that everyone wanted to see, but they're perfectly competent (OK, so Shane Fontayne couldn't dance, but you can't have everything). The problem is really with the material. This documents the second-best of Bruce's backing bands performing some of his weakest material.
The sound is good, the visuals (such as they are) are good, the performance is good.
Is "good" enough though? Considering how long we would have to wait for "Live in NYC", and considering that "good" for Bruce equates to "amazing" for most people, then, yes, "good" is enough. It's more "up close" than the later live documents, and the end of the "hairdresser" story is quite amusing.
One for the fans basically. If you're undecided, go for either the New York or Barcelona sets.
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on 14 December 2000
Finally a full length live performance on video from Mr Springsteen. The one person who has all the right in the world to release a live video has always been rather reluctant to do so. Unfortunately his famous backing band The E Street band is not with him here in this performance. As he is supported by the band that joint him on his 92 world tour. Not to worry however, as Springsteen and Co work very hard to prove they are up to the job. An absolutely brilliant version of Atlantic City brings a whole new life to this tale of east coast history. Springsteen works hard (as ever), he sounds sweet on Thunder Road and is funny during Light of Day. Maybe not the definitive Bruce Springsteen Live Video but for now this should be enough to quench the thirst of most of his fans. For anybody not familiar with his work I would suggest either this one or his 1978-88 video anthology.
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on 13 January 2014
Does the job. Good value, not to mention the usual standard service from Amazon. If you shop with these you can get Prime delivery which is a real bonus. So I continue to shop with Amazon...I suppose its what you might call a win - win relationship! (And the prices are always competitive for the products I purchase). You cannot beat the reassurance of dealing with a business who will resolve any problems with products - just waiting for one to happen!

Five stars because the build quality, product description and delivery service are all spot on! Was worth it!
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on 25 October 2013
having been a life long boss fan i cannot recomend this dvd enough..so hey the e street band arent there but omg the band with him is amazing. i think it works so well because its such a small setting and you can see the bond between bruce and the band.the set list suits the smaller venue and you can feel the emotion he puts into each song. bruce always makes you feel every word with him and this dvd is a classic.the cd is great too although not all the tracks are on it but it doesnt matter.lucky town and red headed woman.....amazing....long live Bruuuuuuce.
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on 24 November 2004
Ever got in from a night out, half stoned, flick on the telly and something wonderful happens? I dont mean your old lady decides to get frisky. This was an epiphany. A moment of absolute joy in a life of fleeting pop nobodies. Worth it for Thunder Road alone. If you want to understand something about the American condition, this is the concert for you. Bruce speaks for an entire continent. Buy two.
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on 12 December 2012
the guys a genius..light of day being the highlight for me.this is the second copy ive bought to give to a friend as i know they will love it as i do
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on 9 September 2013
I had this on cd and love the boss so I decided to treat myself and get the dvd no regrets
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on 25 July 2006
I don't mean to be the "party-pooper", but this DVD is not as great as the other reviewers make out.

First, I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and believe him to be one of the last great rock n roll stars. But this DVD came from the low point of his career. You might give five stars to 'Live In New York City' or the 'Anthology' and, definitely, 'Live in Barcelona' but they were staggering. This, simply, is not.

First, there is no E-Street Band in sight (barring the virtuoso "Professor" Roy Bittan). Fair enough if you can find a solid replacement for them. But what are the odds of that? Springsteen would have to steal Prince's Revolution group or something. None of the group on 'MTV Plugged' is up to the task. The drummer lacks Weinberg's power and energy, the lead guitarist is doing a terrible Slash impression and the backing singers have dated badly (early 90s gospel-esque backing - eeek!).

Second, Springsteen performs some of his worst tunes taken from his worst two albums: Lucky Town and Human Touch. Just think how much better a single album they would have made. 'I Wish I Were Blind'? Are you sure you don't mean "bland"?

Third, referring to the DVD itself, there is a severe lack of good extras (three unremarkable songs) and the gig, itself, is remarkably short for a Springsteen Spectacular.

But that is enough negativity because Springsteen is a master of modern music and live performance and if he needs to carry the band or plaster over inadequacies, he steps up to the challenge with bravado.

Many of the songs are excellent: Better Days and Human Touch were great tunes. Atlantic City is sung with incredible heart and power, Roy Bittan providing a great assist on keyboards. Thunder Road is a rare acoustic performance on guitar. Man's Job is helped along by truly great co-vocals by one of the backing singers who is having a blast. But the true standouts are one of the most angry 'Darkness On The Edge Of Town's you are likely to hear; a stonking Glory Days ("Whatever I do, follow me!"); and a brilliant 'Lucky Town' with good backing vocals and some mean lead guitar from Bruce at the end ("Let's get lucky!").

The sheer atmosphere of the event carries the DVD: there is a bright and breexy early 90s feel of optimism and excitement that the crowd is part of such an exclusive. Plus there is typically interesting banter from Springsteen: I especially like his rant before 'Local Hero'.

To sum up, not as great a DVD as the other reviewers make out. But it has some rare and stomping performances, great banter and is a bargain so who cares?
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on 3 January 2014
Great DVD.Had it on T.V but missed some of it so was so pleased when I was able to get it on DVD
Absolutely Great.!!!
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on 21 March 2008
Reading saltypepper's review I'm not sure what he/she actually wanted to tell writing this DVD is not as great as it was reviewed before; though the atmosphere's great, Bruce's great, many of the songs are great, there are some really rare and stomping tracks so it's actually great but it's not.

Because the gig's short and it's not referring performances like NYC or Barcelona, there's no E-Street Band, the extras are poor, and the albums Bruce was touring with that time don't match the taste.

The gig isn't like NYC or Barcelona, that's a fact. Because it's a small set-up MTV concert meant to be unplugged. Haven't you ever seen e.g. Bryan Adams, Meat Loaf or Rod Stewart (artists usually give monumental hell of shows) doing their own MTV or VH1 gigs? It's about bringing the artist as close to the audience as possible. I was wondering what would you write of Bruce's Storytellers gig...

There's no E-Street Band - shortly, Bruce didn't have any by that time since they decided to dissolve for a while.

I don't think the extras are that poor (Should I Fall Behind is remarkable) either Human Touch would be his worst album; only that kind of touch and love have to be felt once to understand its songs. But tastes differ, I know.

So it's a different kind of performance (because it was planned so) with different band and set-up but with the same Bruce and that's enough. Deserving 4 out of 5 because if I gave a higher rate there wouldn't be a star left for rating Barcelona.
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