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Elf [DVD] [2003]
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on 25 November 2010
Where to begin...

There is no way James Caan could have fathered Will Ferrel, for a start he is younger than him, awful choice of casting.

Next, how could an Elf get to the United States on a piece of ice, even if it was possible, which it isn't, he couldn't.

Forthly, eveyone is scared of Elves, has no one seen the Terry Pratchet films, lord of the rings.

c), buddys hair is plain wrong no-one really has hair like that, like horrible pubehair.

Then, no department store lets you shower at work, believe me I have tried!

That little man is a dwarf not an elf. Look at his head.

Park rangers aren't allowed to do that.

Oh I could go on and on - i will edit later..
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on 23 November 2013
Everyone knows how great Elf is - read all the other reviews.

This year however Elf can only be seen in the UK by Sky Movie subscribers because Murdoch has used his considerable wealth to swipe it away from Channel 4 which anyone could watch. Buy your own copy thereby saving many pounds in subscriptions and the horror of a dish on the side of your house (and all that says about you as a person).
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on 3 November 2017
This is my most hated film ever made.
I loath that imbecile in the tights.
The story is pathetic and makes me cring.
This abomination has started to become a Christmas "Classic". Why in Gods name is this happening to the world?
Have the human race all completely lost their minds?
Christmas Classics are: "White Christmas", "Scrooge", "Ben Hur", "Polar express" "Love Actually" etc...
The list of great Christmas Classic films families can all watch together is huge.
Please please don't let bile churning piece of tat become anything more than a painful and hopefully fading memory.
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on 29 November 2017
Very upset with this product, bought it in September, just opened it and its damaged. Can’t get a refund now, waste of money.
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on 11 February 2015
This is one of my favourite films of all time. It is endlessly funny and uplifting, and I can watch all year round. I never ever get bored of it.

The film centres on the character of Elf, brilliantly played by Will Ferrell, who mistakenly ends up at the north pole as a baby, and is then adopted by elves, who raise him in as one of their own.
However, once the adoptee has grown to full adulthood, Elf suddenly notices one day while working in Santa's workshop his physical differences from his co workers. He questions his heritage and is told the truth by his adopted father, that he is in fact a man, and so he then sets about tracking down his birth parents.

His search for his real parents leads him to yuletide New York City, and immediately feels at home as he explores department stores revolving doors, working santas and his biological fathers family and colleagues with hilarious results. The scene in mail room where Elf is dancing on the table and drinking with fellow workers is hilarious.

Unlike a lot of Christmas films this story isn't overly sentimental and the only overload of sugar is in the very physical sense as Elf lives on a diet of candy cane and syrup which he explains to his stunned birth family who are then encouraged to incorporate in their meal times also.

You could read a lot into this story such as faith is the true message of Christmas, but for me I just enjoyed the loveliness of Elf's innocence and the happiness and unity it brought to all those hardened cynical city dwellers, me included. Ultimately, this film allows the adult viewer remember all the reasons as a child they enjoyed Christmas. From jumping on beds, to snow ball fights to the feverish anticipation of Santa's visit and what he has left to be opened on Christmas morning.

I can not recommend this highly enough, and as much as I would love a sequel I don't think you can build on what is already a Christmas classic.

The film has so many standout scenes such as Elf's first sighting of a department store santa who he innocently mistakes for the real thing, the duet with Zooey Deschanel in the shower room, but the climax of the film however sentimental it may be, gets me every time. This is the scene where santa is being chased by park rangers and is desperate for Christmas cheer to lift his sleigh of the ground as the engine has failed. The moment when buddy's girlfriend begins to sing in the crowd that has gathered outside the park alongside a tv crew reporting on claims of santa sightings, is one of the most uplifting committed to film. This has a lump form in my throat every time.
Especially when Elf's brother reads from Santa's book, and lists some of the wishes made for Christmas as the sleigh and Elf suddenly gain enough lift and rise above them, to their wonder.

This film mixes adult humour perfectly with childish hopes and dreams and celebrates all that is good about the season to be merry.
A feel good movie in every sense of the word.
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on 20 December 2015
My copy is a fake!
review imagereview image
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on 12 January 2014
I am writing a review on the film Elf, released to the public on 2003. This is a wonderful family film starring Will Ferrell. I think that everybody should purchase this as I love this film! One of the best films ever(subject to my opinion), I demand you go and buy it!. It is a film about a young orphan who snuck into Santas sack one Christmas Eve and became adopted by an older elf who worked at Santas workshop for so long that he had forgotten to settle down. Once the young orphan who was named 'Buddy' had reached 30 years old he found out about his real parents and that his mother had died but his father had a family of his own and lived in New York City. One day shortly after Buddy had set out to find his dad and gets up to all sorts of fun, fantastic and funny things. Buddy finds love, helps his fathers Christmas spirit and shows him what's important in life and also helps Santa when on one Christmas Eve get stuck in a sticky situation. It will keep you on the edge on your seat throughout the whole movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone.

I bought this product as a Christmas movie for the family to watch on Christmas Day. I wanted it to be a good film that brought a great Christmas spirit and created a happy atmosphere. But I didn't want to purchase a film that we would watch once and would then be left on the shelf to gather dust throughout the year. I wanted a joyful film that could be watched either all year round or in the winter times as I enjoy Christmas films. As I find it hard to decide on a film that the whole family enjoys and 100% of the family enjoyed it, fact.

I don't think it is a good film, I think it is an astonishing film. My daughter was mesmerized within the first 15 minutes, my son was glued to the screen and my husband had never sniggered so much at a film in his whole life. This film created an amazing Christmas spirit and atmosphere within the whole family. I definitely think that it is a film that could be watched most of the year as children would love it and my daughter loves it and has watched it almost everyday since Christmas. I am fully satisfied with the results of the movie.

I love the film because every single time my daughter is down or unhappy I put the film on and almost immediately she is smiling and is back to her normal self. I liked that there are some parts to the film that are aimed more towards the older generation and there are parts of the film that are specified towards the younger generation. I like the animation in the beginning of the film as it brings reality to the North Pole and makes Santa more believable for children! I also like the effects that the film has to make Buddy the elf bigger than the other elves to show that he is an adult which makes it clearer to the child's perspective. I also like the fact that Buddy and his girlfriends relationship doesn't go into the detail from a adults perspective as it makes the film more appropriate for children.

I don't like the elves choice of food within the first part of the film as it promotes an unhealthy diet for children. My daughter keeps asking to have 'Elf food' and wants to eat syrup and candy with all of her meals. My son also keeps asking if he could dress up as an elf for the whole of the Christmas break next year. But I think that this is different for each family as every child is different.

I think that in my personal opinion the film has totally 110% reached its goal. Many of the other film reviews are good and many other families have enjoyed it as a Christmas celebration film. I think you should buy the film, watch the film and love the film. All my family have not stopped talking about the film yet as we think it's funny and joyful. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am very happy with the result I had from watching it! If I was to give it a vote I would give it a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to people of all ages.
I love it,
You will love it,
We will all love it!
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on 1 January 2010
It could and should have been better - my entire thoughts after seeing this movie. The entire idea was good (maybe not completely original, but still good). A human who grew up as an Elf, going back to the big city to find his human Father, and brings Christmas joy to all cold hearts by being himself.

Reality was very disappointing. The main problem was: too many things happened, and they weren't worked out properly. From here on, there are spoilers.

The beginning was okay. We see a man dressed up as an Elf, and doing all kind of Elf-stuff and being raised by an Elf-father. Okay so far. Then Buddy finds out he's human (which already shows that Buddy is definitely not the brightest kid in town, since he's like 3 times as big as regular elfs, a thought that can't go away the rest of the movie). Buddy goes off from the northpole to find his father, who is (of course) a nasty grumpy old man only busy with work.

That's when it starts to go wrong. First we see Buddy acting as an idiot in the big city. But that's okay and still funny, since he has no clue what's happening. We only begin to wonder how one can be so silly not to adapt a little bit at all. We see Buddy going to his father, who is, of course, shocked and grumpy, and kicks him out. Later they find out (through a very lame dna test) that he is in fact Buddy's father.

Then it really feels horrible. Buddy falls in love with a woman, he starts singing with her, she gets mad at him. They go out, he's still acting totally non-adapted at all, they kiss and she saves the day (i mean... COME ON!!! Something has to be clearly wrong with that woman too... Though Zooey Deschanel played her perfectly!).

The dad messes it all up, he is very mean to Buddy (surprise), but then his other kid (a young boy still) tells him 'all you think about is yourself', and all of the sudden he changes, and is all christmas-spirited... Yeah, right. When watching the movie it's really lame, especially since everyone kept telling him that he was selfish, and all of the sudden everything is okay.

Then you have some useless plots. One about a book that has to be written, and problems with that. It was really not contributing to the movie at all. Buddy finds work in a shop and attacks a fake Santa, horrible. Santa comes to the city in his sleigh and it falls out of the sky and Santa is attacked by evil Central Parks Rangers, that was even more horrible. In the end, singing saves the day, which was sad too.

I love Christmas movies, but they need to be good. This one was bad, really bad. Not worth a watch.
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on 23 December 2016
So quality kind of looks like Blu-Ray, but I have to say the print of the cover kind of give off a fake vibe. Also there is no Blu-Ray menu which again shouts copy. Wasn't much other choice to buy on Amazon and slightly annoyed to pay that price for what is clearly a good copy. Expected better when buying from Amazon tbh. Only given 3 stars as it came quick and meant we could watch Elf during xmas
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 1 December 2011
An enjoyable Christmas film with a good story. My children of 7 and 5 years of age thoroughly enjoyed it, as did their parents. However some of language in the film I deemed unacceptable and had to quickly fast forward these parts. I did not expect this at all and it may be worth parents watching in advance in order to be ready to fast forward the unsuitable language. Certainly would not want my children using some of the phrases from the film.
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