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3.6 out of 5 stars
Sega Superstars (PS2)
Price:£16.97+ £2.03 shipping

on 6 June 2017
Great game and timeless with the eye toy
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 April 2015
Sega Superstars is a game that combines all the well known superstars of sega into one game based around the ps2 eye toy. This whole game is about using the eye toy so make sure you have one before you play. The whole game also only needs the eye toy to play, no controllers at all.

The game is very easy to navigate. At the very start, after the intro movie, you see yourself on screen and then other text and logos appear around you. You select which game you want to play by waving your hand in the right place. It's a bit like using a ps3 move controller but instead of the ball at the end of the controller it's your hand that the eye toy responds to.

I have to give a warning right here that the eye toy doesn't play well in dim rooms. Even in daylight on a cloudy day I had trouble getting the eye toy to recognise where my hands were. Even in artificial light it had problems and only seemed to work perfectly with a really bright room (think sun streaming through the windows).


The games you can play are all based around well-know sega titles. In Sonic the Hedgehog he's basically running forwards down a straight tube like he does in the special stages of sonic 2, sonic heroes or sonic rush. You hold your arm out straight and move it up, down, above your head, etc to guide sonic to collect rings.

In Monkey Ball you hold your arms out (like kids pretending to be planes) and tip your body left and right to control where the monkey ball goes, all the while collecting bananas. This game can get painful for the arms if you play again and again.

NIGHTS plays the same way but you're trying to fly through rings instead.

Space Channel 5 and Samba de Amigo play the same way, you have several coloured blobs around you and you have to wave your hand over them in the order you are told in time with the music.

House of dead has lots of zombies come onto the screen and you have to hit at them as soon as they appear

Virtua Fighter has you hitting at a character on screen in the right places at the right time.

ChuChu Rocket has a board on screen with sections missing and when you hold your hands over an area on the screen a bridge appears helping you lead the chuchus to safety.

Billy Hatcher has you holding your hands on screen trying to move him and his giant egg to squash enemies and get to a goal.

Virtua Striker has footballs droping off the top of the screen and you have to hit them with your head into a goal.

Crazy taxi is a bit different, you have to jump about and scream as loud as you can to get the taxi to stop as fast as possible.

Puyo Pop Fever is my favourite. Lots of these puyos (little round balls) drop gently from the sky while you hold your arms out like a plane. You have these containers to put the correctly coloured puyos into and you have to lean left and right to funnel them in. All these bubble like balls keep dropping onto your head and down your arms and I really enjoyed this game the most.

There is also a chao garden mode where you can raise a chao although I haven't yet explored this option so can't comment at the moment.

The whole game works by scanning you before each different game. For puyo pop fever for example it asks you to stand in the centre or the room and wave, then to the left and wave, then to the right and wave. Each time you select a game the program will re-scan you. This can get annoying and takes time away from the actual gameplay.


All these games are fun to play but have a limited replay value especially if you are on your own. They were clearly designed to be games played with others, like a fun party game. Unfortunately for all the fun the games are the eye toy lets it down with the dim light problem. And often when I played I found that one side of my body was more visible due to more light on one side of the room. This meant that sometimes the game didn't recognise my right arm moving. This became such a problem that I found myself sometimes waving insanely at the screen just trying to get the game to recognise that I wanted to proceed.
I also found a problem when I had a fan on in the background one day and found that the game couldn't tolerate the subtle movements the fan was making, confusing it for me. So beware of anything else behind you before you play.

This game clearly has its faults but considering when this eye toy technology came out I'm actually amazed. This came out long before we had the wii, playstation eye/move and the Kinect. So if you bear that in mind you can partially forgive this game for being as difficult to play as it is. And if you DO have very good lighting the game works a treat!

The game will allow you to save high scores, and include a picture of you when it does. Just one more thing to be aware of though, the official images of people playing this game where clearly done with a white background. The ps2 eye toy DOES show not just you on screen but whatever the room looks like behind you. And perhaps the darker or more busy the room and its décor looks, that harder it is for the game to 'see' you and when it takes a picture of you, it takes a picture of your room as well!

I rate this game as a 3 due to the difficulty in playing in low light and although it IS fun, it's really only for short sessions and best played with friends. A fun party game still and I would recommend this game for anyone with a ps2 and eye toy as long as you are aware of its faults and don't pay too high a price. :)
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on 12 March 2010
Games are a huge amount of fun, some games better than others. Brilliant exercise too!
Includes big names such as Sonic and Virtua Fighter
However would like a slightly bigger selection of games
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on 25 October 2004
When I first played this I honestly thought..WOW!
Graphically this game is your standard SEGA graphics, good overall background effects and highly detailed character models.
The sound is probably the aspect that got this 5 stars instead of 4. Apart from some annoying rock music the rest of the music pieces our from the original games. Nights and Sonic.. The 2 most famous of the lot have some excellent music, for example "Green Hill Zone" music.
Gameplay is unfortuantely repetative and can get annoying,
But strangly this game seems to have the "One more go" effect so the repitition does seem to be a very minor aspect of the overall gameplay.
All in all an amazing game to add to the already amazing SEGA collection.
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on 14 February 2005
i bought this thinking it would be a great game but it wasnt. they are only half games, i wanted this a great bit of retro gaming but its rubbish donot buy it.
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