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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2004
Zelda, for me, has always been the jewel in Nintendo's crown. I've been a fan of the series ever since the start and own every game released in the UK so far in the series (the Minish Cap hit the UK before the US and Japan, fact fans!), from the original gold NES carts up to The Wind Waker. However, as excellent as the Wind Waker was (and still is), it'd lost that 'sparkle' from the other games, and seemed a bit less 'epic' (due to not as many dungeons & bosses as normal) and a little more, well, boring (esp. the sailing bits). It's nice to see the series firmly back on track with this game.
Developed by Capcom (in the same way the Zelda: Oracles games for Game Boy Color were, though it's just a single game this time around), The Minish Cap puts you in control, as always, of Link (or whatever you decide to call him), and sends you on a quest to find the 'Minish', a group of tiny people, to restore a legendary sword and save Zelda from a curse which has turned her to stone. The game uses the same perspective as the previous handheld (and SNES) versions, although it looks and sounds even nicer this time. The graphics are based on those used in The Wind Waker, and actually work better in 2D than 3D (in my opinion,), and music is a made up of remixed of traditional Zelda themes and all new music. Playability is superb - Link now has the ability to roll (as he does in the 3D games) and more abilities become available as the game progresses - and the Minish Cap of the title is used to clever effect...not only do you get a reasonable sized map to explore, but use the cap to shrink to the size of the Minish people (about the size of an ant) and you can have a 'Land Of The Giants' type experience, where even a small plant can be a huge obstacle. And the game never becomes a chore...puzzles are always clever (but solvable) and a wide variety of mini-games and all new inventory items (such as the Gust Jar) keep it fresh along the way.
In fact, if there is one criticism I could throw at this game, it's that the puzzles, although familiar to Zelda veterans, are still tough enough to provide a decent challenge (which is good), but will just seem plain obscure to new players and may put them off before they've reached the second or third dungeons. This certainly doesn't ruin the game though, it is truly brilliant and overall, a remarkable return to form for Zelda. And considering also how excellent the Zelda: Oracles games were (even better than Link's Awakening, I thought), we can only hope that Nintendo team up with Capcom again for more quests in the future.
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on 13 February 2007
I'm a 19 year old girl,and for christmas last year, I asked for a gameboy advanced...sad? yes, but i HAD to try out this zelda!! i'm a massive zelda fan and I have been since I was 5. Anyway, I wasn't disapointed with this game! it is very hard at times, and to be honest yes i did have to look up a walkthrough to do certain bit's ! I spent about two weeks to complete it which I thought was a shame as it could of done with being a little bit longer! but hey, it was very fun while it lasted! its very addictive, very entertaining , very hard , yet very short , so i gave it an overall rating of 4! But please dont let that put you of! i URGE all zelda fans to give this game a go!
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on 13 October 2005
The Legend of Zelda has been one of the most succesful and best selling video game series of all time. Since the release of the snes, up until the highly anticipated 3rd generation nintendo console, Zelda sales have proudly flooded through gaming fans, and best of all, continue to come with excellent quality. Not one zelda game has been a major dissapointment to date, which naturally draws us to the fact that 'The Minish Cap' is not just an acceptable game, but a superb one at that.
First of all, the visual effects and smoothness have drastically improved in relation to The Oracle of A/S. Zelda fans will be delighted at how close nintendo and capcom have managed to keep the gameplay and style to the original GBC counterparts, whilst adding on a superb graphical improvement, which makes the game a lot more pleaserable to play. Yes, Capcom have done an excellent job in keeping the game exactly how the fans want it.
The gameplay is spot on, however the plot is sadly not up to standard . A student wizard becomes corrupt with greed, and consequently, using all the wizardry his teacher had taught him, turned it against him. Not the best of plots but decent considering that he turns his master into a hat(hence 'minish cap') and helps Link along his quest to rescure Zelda and the world. A new addition to the Zelda universe are the picori(minish) which are microscopic life forms which link can communicate with once he becomes supersmall. Despite the games apparently vague and uncompelling story, the gameplay and tilt make up for this, as well as the beautifull soundtrack and graphics.
For any Zelda fan, this is an absolute must. For RPG fans, this is also a necessary buy. For casual gamers, still buy it and play it.
A quality Zelda title like this is not to be missed, and if current predictions are correct, this could be the last Zelda game on the GameBoy which adopts the overhead view which has worked so well with the Zelda games, ever since the first title spawned and flourished into the gaming world.
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on 14 January 2006
This is one of the few games I've bought without reading any reviews first and I was actually pleasantly surprised with it.
We got this Zelda before US, so I hadn't seen much of it.
The game is instantly familiar to Zelda fans- the controls and gameplay are very similar to A Link to the Past etc, with a few extras in there too.
The game has probably among the best graphics I've seen on GBA, they are smooth and very personalised, the sound quality is excellent too- I was playing on a GB Player and the music sounded like an N64 game! The graphics still looked very nice on the big screen too, my sister played on the GBA SP and that seemed very good too.
The story is hardly great, but the gameplay makes up for it. The locations and the dungeons are all varied and the bosses are still inventive. The dungeons are even all fun to play! Even the ice one!
There are a few new items to get here which I won't spoil, but it was nice to see.
The feature with this game is the ability to shrink, this is used in lots of puzzles and is quite a clever thing, it's nice to see little holes that you can get into etc. I prefer other Zelda games' "feature's" though eg.
The problem with this game is that despite being fun the game is quite easy... there are some moments that will have you wondering about a puzzle, but no level is really that hard.
It is constantly fun, and the easiness isn't really a problem except that you come to the end quicker than you want to- it does have some things that will divert you from the main path, but not to the extent of OoT.
I am disappointed that 4 Swords wasn't shoved onto this game so that people could link up with alttp owners to play multiplayer too.
If you want a Zelda, this is highly recommended. A Link to the Past is harder, longer, and has lots more secrets, as well as just being a bit more "mature" looking.(And 4 Swords mulitplayer)
This one is great fun, has nice graphics and sound, and is [also] very clever, but I personally would recommend ALttP over it.
There is always 4 Swords on GameCube which I can also highly recommend if you want a multiplayer Zelda.
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2005
I received a Game Boy Advance and a copy of this game for Xmas and I started playing it with some trepidation, I didn't know whether I was going to like it or not.
I shouldn't have worried beacuse it's fantastic in every way, a work of genius! The main quest in the game has you setting out on an adventure to rescue the princess Zelda who's been turned to stone by the mysteriuos Vaati. This main quest has you trying to find 4 elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) to magically transfer to your sword. These elements can be found in seperate dungeons which, in typical Zelda style, need a combination of puzzle solving and sword wielding to negotiate.
If you get bored (or stuck) on the main quest it's a good idea to go into Hyrule Town to relax and undertake some of the side quests. These mainly involve fusing 'Kinstones'. You find Kinstones as you go about during the main quest; cutting down hedges, opening chests and completing certain tasks. These Kinstones are half of a stone in a particular colour. Nearly everyone in town also has a half of a stone and if you can match yours with theirs something special appears or happens anywhere on the map! I spent ages travelling around fusing as many Kinstones as possible. This sounds boring but it isn't!
I found the difficulty of the main quest just right; the problems are logical (although sometimes required me to go and make a cup of tea to think things through before a flash of inspiration). You never feel cheated!
The attention to detail in the game is truly awesome and simply moving about the world is great fun.
Highly recommended for all lovers of great games; there's something here for everyone!
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on 9 July 2005
When i bought it i didn't think it would be that good, but it's Zelda so obviously it was amazing. You save this annoying talking hat from these weird things throwing stones at it and then it lets you use him to get advice and turn microscopic so that you can talk to the tribe of tiny people called the minish (hence the name). It still has all the classic weapons like the master sword and the boomerang and it also has some new weapons like the gust-jar and the running boots. The gameplay is great and nothing is too complicated which makes it a simple, enjoyable game. It proves that Zelda still works on GBA not just N64 and Gamecube!
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on 19 November 2004
I thought Golden Sun 2: The lost age was the best game on GBA this year, but i was wrong.
Though there have been 2 Zelda games released this year, i currently own both (Four swords adventures (USA only) and Minish cap obviously).
This is a game of monumental and minish proportions (Truly awful joke) this game is AMAZING totally new, no re-hash here unlike Nintendos past remake of A link to the past (Originally on the Super NES) it combines elements of both an action game and an rpg, an amazing new system of playing, shrinking unlocks new areas, and more.
So far i'm only up to the second dungeon (Considering the fact i CANNOT play it non-stop due to school but none the less) and i am amazed, though it's game engine is very simmaler to that of Ocarina Of Time, i am engrossed at every single moment, when i play this, the best thing of it all is that one of my favourite item returns, the Ocarina and Roc's feather, i thought Sonic Heros was big, proves how long it's been since i've played a game of such grandure.
This is a must buy in a sense it makes Ocarina of time look like my nan when she's dehydrated.
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on 31 January 2005
This is something I've been waiting for, a follow up to the age old SNES classic Link To The Past (which has also surfaced on the GBA). Now, we may have had Ocarina Of Time and Wind Waker on next gen machines in all their 3D glory, but as fantastic as they are, neither have managed to quite reach the perfection achieved by the old top down version. The actual gameplay structure, careful creation of the entire game is still to be bettered. So this iteration of Zelda has alot to live up to.
Once again, Link has to come to the rescue of Princess Zelda. Turned into stone by an evil swordsman, you have to reforge a legendary blade of old by searching out the mysterious Minish people. Here comes the interesting gameplay twist, the Minish people are tiny and are mainly unnoticed by the inhabitants of Hyrule. Link has to shrink himself to find their little habitats here there and everywhere in order to get help to fix the broken blade. Of course being small creates new problems for Link, small puddles become impassable lakes, patches of pebbles become huge mountains. You have to put in a bit of thought just to get around the screens sometimes! Here, Capcom have done well. After playing through many Zeldas, I've managed to get the knack for figuring out its puzzle structure quite quickly. I've had quite a few head scratching moments to the game already, nothing thats been impassable, but enough to ensure that you don't just breeze through the game in one go. Plus I can already see plenty of enticing areas of the game, enticing me in once I develop the necessary skills/puzzle solving ability to get in.
Capcom, who have created this game on behalf of Nintendo, have done a peachy job. The music and sound effects stirs memories of Zelda past with nods to the big brothers on the console. There is also a greater array of interactivity with Hyrule than on Link To The Past, many more people and little villages to visit. The graphics are a nice step up from the SNES classic heading towards looking more like recent The Four Swords game, and there are little hints of Wind Waker with the cel shaded style explosion of bombs and bad guys.
So this game is everything that a lover of A Link To The Past could want, and its more than a worthwhile recommendation to those not exposed to the handheld versions of the game. Is it better than the SNES game? Well graphically and aurally it surpasses it, but when it comes down to the construction of Hyrule, the dungeons, each and every screen ... Nintendo's classic still edges it for me. Then again it IS difficult to surpass perfection, no game has come close to the light world/dark world structure of A Link To The Past (although the Soul Reaver series has a good stab at it!). Still a fantastic game and one to get. Anyone who doesn't happen to have the GBA A Link To The Past should also direct their interest that way too.
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on 1 August 2006
I'm a big fan of all the zelda titles, and this is just one more to get your teeth into.

True, its on a smaller scale but all the good stuff is still here, puzzle solving, side quests, finding and collecting items to progress you through the game, and of course, fighting the big bad and rescuing the pretty princess ( aswell as the rest of the world )If you have never played zelda or other RPG's before, be warned, there is plenty to frustrate, confuse and down-right annoy you, but if this is your cup of tea, then crack on, its well worth it!!!!!

The game play is reponsive and the graphics clear and very cute, the only thing to worry about is putting the game down for five minutes to eat and sleep, 10 out of 10, no doubt!!!!!!!!!
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on 28 November 2004
GTA san andreas?leave it out
minish cap is a great game,full of surprises and cool new items such as the gust jar,a magic jar that sucks up air and enemies,but stops short on doing the dishes.
the ocarina of wind that will transport you(via flying duck) to any wind crest you have discovered
in this,you have to take the four sword to the minish people who can repair it so you can defeat vaati(who is no longer a flying octopus thingy as seen in four swords adventures)
as it is so huge,i havent uncoverd much of the plot yet and am only on the 2nd dungeon
in short:
own a gameboy advance?buy this game
own a DS?buy this game
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