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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2004
Finally this movie was released the way it should have been all along, with wide-screen and proper footage. Sub-titles are still amiss, but who cares? Compared to the chopped up version that was released in the US a while ago, this version looks beautiful. 15 or so minutes of god knows why thrown out stuff are now back, adding a great deal to cohesiveness of the events and to the comedy aspect, not to mention that wide-screen actually allows to see what the hell is going on unlike the dreadfully cropped full-screan that was available before.
As for the movie itself, a lot of people complained that this movie is bad because its a terminator/alien/robocop/bladerunner/whatever ripoff. Others complained that the movie's attempt to be funny by making fun of the titles mentioned above were overly blatant. Sheesh. How about a happy medium? I personally think, that this movie, despite miniscule budget, barely known (besides Brad Dourif) actors, and it's "unoriginality" is amazingly well done and is right up there in my personal top list. It does a great job at making fun of genre cliches, itself, and everything in between, while remaining suprisingly smart from the technological standpoint, and entertaining throughout. The closest similar movie that I can think of is Evil Dead 2, except Death Machine is a sci-fi/horror. I hope that those of you who decide to buy it based on this review will not be dissapointed. It has it's share of great moments. Just don't take it too serioulsy, relax, and you'll surely enjoy it.
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on 15 June 2005
I agree with the previous reviewer-who summed up this movie excellently.
It's not big budget, it is mocking of the genre e.g. One of the characters is called Scott Ridley - not Ridley Scott, if you want your scfi/horror without humour then may be you should skip this but you would be missing a nice little flick with several good moments. Yes there are some plot holes, just about every film has them yet some how the lower budget films get most flack for them.
Brad Dourif once again shows just how watchable he is as the computer geek with an interface problem, in the end I felt sorry for the villain! The rest of the largely unknown cast do well enough, as does a strong female lead. Don't take it too serious, relax and enjoy.
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on 27 December 2016
AUDIO: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
RUNTIME: 111:24 mins.
REGION: 2 (locked)

Video Quality: * / * * * * *
Audio Quality: * * * / * * * * *

DEATH MACHINE, Stephen Norrington's (BLADE) directional debut, never really got the attention (or the release) it deserved. This little UK-made sci-fi/horror thriller is a true classic, with a strong female lead (Ely Pouget, seriously underrated, it's fantastic to get another Ripley-like heroine in the sci-fi/horror genre that is tough) and a superb performance by Brad Dourif.
Thankfully the UK version is the uncensored Director's cut of the film, it was also released in the US in a heavily cut version, running approx. 92 minutes, with some censorship cuts to obtain the R rating but also several cuts to the story and is best avoided.
The downside to the UK version is, that despite retaining the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio, it's a 4:3 transfer, and not an anamorphic transfer, which means when you watch it on 16:9 screens you get black vertical AND horizontal bars!
The film itself is superb, in my opinion Norrington's best film up to date, and it could seriously need a proper Blu-Ray upgrade! Or at least a decent 16x9 DVD upgrade!
I enjoyed DEATH MACHINE very much. Ely Pouget, whose role here very much resembles that of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley, just like the movie itself is completely underrated. While Weaver and Linda Hamilton achieved (well deserved) stardom, Pouget only got roles in 5th rate movies (LAWNMOWER MAN 2) or guest appearances in series, which is a shame. Her and Brad Dourif's performances here are DEATH MACHINE's driving force. Had it been given a bigger Hollywood-like budget, this could have been a sci-fi milestone.
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on 2 March 2009
This is a film that I loved so much that I bought it twice, once down the market on VHS, and loved it so much that I bought it again on DVD. I bought it the first time expecting the usual "monster killing person" routine while wearing psuedo futuristic clothing that would date the film. I was wrong.

I was quite impressed not just by the storyline, but the action scenes and the technology behind the inventions involved in this film. Not bad for a film that was shot on a low budget. The down points are there are scenes in the film that looks like it belongs in a 1980's arcade game; the characters are all seemingly named after film directors but otherwise the film is timeless. No strange futureistic clothing, except where it's absolutley necessary such is in the "Hardman Project"

Sure, it's a film that borrows much from other films such as Alien and Terminator with a splash of the first Die Hard film in there for good measure all set within a bladerunner style world but this all adds to it's uniqueness. Unlike Terminator or Alien where humans simply run about trying to escape a seemingly unstopable "Warbeast", the characters who are trying to survive in this film have their own defense, the "Hardman Project".

The characters are well rounded, if a bit strange. The good guys are weed-smoking humanitarian hippies who watch too many films or have spent too much time listening to Karate Kids, Mr Miyagi.

Brad Dourif is a great bad guy in this film, an evil mechanical engineer genious who spawned the idea for the "Warbeast" and the "Hardman project", and who also has the mind of a 12 year old, which, I guess, where the arcade game graphics come into it.

Ely Pouget, the heroin in this story who somehow reminds me of Lara Croft but in jogging bottoms plays a great part in this film not just as the CEO of the corporation as she tries to bring the name of her corporation out of the mire but also in leading the good guys in a charge to defeat, not just the warbeast, but Brad Dourifs Character, and everything her corporation is involved in.

This is not a B movie but not quite an A movie either. The money for this film was well spent and pushed it's director to direct films such as Blade and League of Extraordinary Gentilemen. Well worth watching!
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on 9 June 2009
Death Machine is one of those movies you hear about or stumble across late at night on tv, as i did first!
i initially liked the movie, it has a cool look, an interesting score, a suberb cast: Brad Dourif as the mad genius who unleashed the Warbeast, he is even more frightening than his creature, Ely Pouget has a Sigourney Weaver Alien attitude to her and is still vulnerable at the same time, but most interesting is John Sharian as on of the three stooges, ah nope! as one of the enviromentally friendly terrorists who are up to sabotage the Shaank Co.!
The movie has a wicked sense of humour and some great satire to it, nice action, plenty of gunfire and explosions!
if you like science fiction, killer robots and mad men in general, if you are up for something wicked, but yet intelligent, Death Machine might be the right choice!
The Dvd comes in the director's approved version in its original 2.35:1 widescreen, sound and picture are good, no bonus material, but worth the money!Death Machine [DVD] [1995]
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on 4 February 2017
A new CEO arrives to BattleTech Weapons Corporation and sacks its (mad)genius designer who, in retaliation; designs supersystem that tries to kill her. And all those who will try to help her. This is a good small budget science fiction with a great, mad, bad guy. Good and bloode fun.
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on 8 September 2012
Now, let me start by saying this movie is very much a slice of b-movie sci-fi. Don't let that put you off though - this movie is a fun little romp you might never have heard of before with a lot going for it, least of all the most barking-mad killer robot ever made...

In a rather typical, corporate-run dystopian future du jour, Chaank Industries make the (occasionally illegal) weapons that keep the world's many wars oiled with blood. However, new board member Ely Pouget is a whistle-blower aiming to make everything transparent. This doesn't sit too well with Brad Douriff's gleefully manic weapons designer, who keeps unleashing his new toy from the basement vaults to deal with dissenters (the last person on the receiving end of the mysterious "Frontline Morale Destroyer" had 'shark attack' listed as cause of death - despite being in an office building). The same night he starts to clean up, a group of whacky peace activists break into Chaank HQ to blow some stuff up, leading to a game of cat and mouse between the stoners with guns, the good gal, and the giant metal mauling machine. Things will explode, blood will fly, and ninety thousand rounds of ammunition will be thunderously fired in every direction.

Yes, it sounds kinda brain-damaged and low-rent. And maybe it is to a degree. But this movie has more to offer. For a start, the big bad monster has no guns, no lasers, no rockets; it just bites, rips and tears like an old-school movie monster. Its also impressive looking for a low budget sci-fi movie as it clanks about the place. The cybernetic augmented soldier-system, the "Hardman" suit, is equally impressive for its low-key, realistic design (unlike some of the biggest, silliest guns you'll ever see). Aside from appearances, the script has some nice gags and pop culture references to the 20th century (all of them amusingly lost on the folk from the future). The story itself has some nuggests of real interest in it; Ely Pouget's gruesome nightmares and mysterious past give a pretty one-sided Alien-alike movie some depth, as do the oddball motivations of the raiders. Brad Douriff, as usual, steals the show with some over-the-top scenery munching, and doesn't overstay his welcome too much. The pace is pretty relentless too - once things get going they don't let up until the movie is over. All in all, the movie is too much fun to carp at the shortfallings in budget. It's a good laugh, and surprisingly entertaining. An overlooked gem of early 90's sci-fi; while it isn't as acomplished, culty or polished as Richard Stanley's brilliant Hardware, if killer robots are your thing, this movie is pretty damn good.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for Rachel Weisz in there - eyebrow rings rarely looked cuter.
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on 4 May 2012
This is yet another cool, long lost sci-fi from the 90's. Death machine has a pretty decent budget and good robot monster effects! the story is simple and kind of uses bits of other movies like ALIENS and TERMINATOR but does have a little originality too. The cast is good and the character names are hilarious as a few of them are taken from directors like Sam Raimi and John Carpenter and there's even a Scott Ridley! Overall it's good sci-fi low budget but not too cheesy fun, some gore but a few cuts here and there, the picture quality is VHS but it adds to the feel of the movie, if you like this sort of thing it's a gem for a few quid.
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on 31 January 2015
You can easily find reviews of this movie elsewhere. Its one of the most 90s B-movies I've ever seen, and I personally feel its an extremely watchable and interesting, original film. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and is about the most fun you can have while watching a movie about a killer robot.

Given the age of this particular DVD release, the transfer quality is good. The video aspect ratio may prove to be an issue for some viewers. This edition contains a 21:9 aspect ratio copy of this film which is approximately 742 pixels wide and 334 pixels tall. This preserved the original framing of all the film's shots, which is great. However, when the disc was originally authored, they opted to letterbox this video stream into a 4:3 aspect ratio picture with a display resolution of 768 pixels wide by 576 pixels tall. This ensured the DVD would be watchable on 4:3 televisions. On a newer 16:9 display, the image will end up having pillarboxing and letterboxing unless you have equipment which can correct for this.
This is not truly a widescreen DVD, as a lot of the available picture resolution was lost to letterboxing.

Still, this is the only widescreen English version of this film that exists.

The region 1 version released to North America is pan & scan 4:3 aspect ratio and also has some scenes edited out or cut down.

If you're a fan of the genre, buying this DVD is a no-brainer.
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on 18 November 2002
Although this film may one of those 'B-movie'-esc types it is one of the most interesting sci-fi films out there.
Our story centers around Jack Dante who, after he kills a few corporates, gets fired and unleashes the worst possible killing machine that the company has ever known.
One of the most unforggetable scenes of the film is where you see the area that Jack Dante resides. It is full of those toys that you used to play as a child, including Mum-ra (ThunderCats).
In this film is a lot of action scenes, balanced well by the 'non stop' action, making this film to be enjoyed well by action and sci-fi audiences.
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