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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2004
Cliff went off to record this album in Nashville. Was it worth travelling? Absolutely. There is a mix of styles that work perfectly.
Right from the very first track, the driving "A thousand miles to go" you know that Cliff is back. It has a stonking riff and rocks,
really ROCKS. "I will not be a mistake" is a class ballad with a Spanish guitar. "Simplicity" is a very contemporary sounding ballad.
"Sometimes love" is typical ZZ Top. It's fast, it drives along and most of all, has a 'fantastic' riff.
"I cannot give you my love" written by Barry and Ashley Gibb is typical Bee Gees sound and is a superb ballad. Extremley catchy.
"What car" is straight out of 'Dukes of Hazzard'! Lots of lyrics and very fast country. "How did she get here" is another cracker
with Cliff sounding really gritty. "I don't wanna lose you" is a big power ballad. "Faithful one" developes into a lovely melody
and is quite haunting. Rock/Pop, Country/Rock and Contemporary styles all come together.
In many ways, this album reminds me of when Cliff went off to Paris to record his "Rock'n'roll juvenile" album in '79.
Cliff sounds enthused and really into what he is doing. The entire album is full of richness and Cliff's voice sounds stronger
than ever. It contains the best songs that Cliff has recorded for years.
All in all, this is Cliff's best album since "The album" in 1993 and possibly "Stronger" (1989).
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on 11 January 2005
Quite simply the great man at his best. Stunning vocals, sharp, live sounding musicianship, wonderful production values.
The album opens with Thousand Miles To, and immediately you know something new is happening here. This is pure country rock at its best.
Next is the delicious Somethin' Is Goin' On. Yes, it's a pop song, but a grown up pop song. Bright and upbeat, with a certain innocence in its arrangement that should charm even the most cynical critic.
I Will Not Be A Mistake is next. Simply beautiful. This is haunting stuff.
Simplicity. This one is to die for. You will never get vocals like this from the kids this country laughingly calls 'stars'. The track opens with a quirky intro, and then becomes this glorious, almost jazz influenced pop number. Stunning.
Sometimes Love, and its back to country rock - with the emphasis on rock! This track could have been written 45 years ago, but it isn't out-dated. Cliff shows that he is still this country's finest rock/pop performer. Cliff easy listening? Forget it! Not with this little gem.
I Cannot Give You My Love. Even some fans somewhat unhelpfully call it 'the Bee Gee one'. Well sure, Barry Gibb produced it, and wrote it, but it's Cliff who has breathed life into it. A warm, heartfelt ballad, with a catchy chorus.
Next we have an out and out ballad. The Day That I Stop Loving You. Simply divine. Nothing more need be said!
Cliff has always been able to tell stories with his songs. Devil Woman, Carrie, and many more have specific stories in their lyrics. This time around our storyteller song is the fabulous What Car. A fun, upbeat rock number, with a fantastic story - and another brilliant catchy chorus.
How Did She Get Here is probably one of the biggest shocks on this album. Again, a strong rock ballad, which again allows Cliff the story teller to shine. Stunning vocals.
Field Of Love is a bit mysterious. Again a new type of material from Cliff. I defy anyone to find anything in his back catalogue like this one.
Next is the gorgeous For Life. Think Unchained Melody with an edge. Again, this sounds like it could have been written years ago, but with a new twist. Cliff shows on this one that years of work have not diminished his vocal range one bit.
I Don't Wanna Lose You, another power ballad. Cliff at his heartbreaking best. Cliff has been performing Miss You Nights for years. This one is easily going to stand as long. Get the tissues out and listen.
Cliff is a Christian so it's perfectly natural that he should speak of his beliefs through his music. This time we have The Faithful One. It reminds me a little of Amazing Grace. It's such a moving song, which Cliff performs with the strength and diginity he is known for.
No one should consider their music collection complete unless they own this album. Cliff has long been written off as a bland ballad singer. As if we didn't already know, he has shown on this album that he is very far from that. He is a gifted performer, who deserves greater credit.
Don't judge this album, get out there and buy it!
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on 29 October 2004
It's been a long wait for an original album from Sir Cliff. The last one, in fact, was the "Real..." album in 1998. Since then we've had "Wanted" and "Cliff at Christmas", but these comprised mainly of covers of well-known songs with just the odd original track thrown in for good measure.
But here it is at last - "Something's Goin' On" - a totally original album, quite different to Cliff's previous releases.
There's a mix of styles on here; some really lively rock songs, which Cliff delivers with enthusiasm and style, through to heart-rending, thought-provoking ballads, delivered with the heartfelt feeling and sincerity we have come to expect from him.
There are just three out-and-out rock numbers. "What Car?" is a fantastic song, lively and full of fun, and one that definitely appeals equally to both male and female; young and old I should think (but, especially young males who wouldn't normally grant Cliff a listen!). In my opinion this should definitely have been the first single from the album.
"Thousand Miles To Go" and "Sometimes Love" complete the rock selection, and this leaves ten more songs which, I suppose, must be termed ballads. But there are some very powerful ones here, not least "I Don't Wanna Lose You" and "How Did She Get Here".
There is not a bad song on the album, but the 'rockers' are so good it seems a shame that there are only the three of them, and maybe we could have had one or two more to balance it out a bit. This does not, however, detract from any of the ballads, which are all excellent. Cliff is more than capable of delivering both styles of song to perfection, as this album proves.
So, was this album worth the wait? I would definitely say "Yes", but I hope we don't have to wait as long for the next one - especially if it is going to be up to the standard of this one!
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on 21 November 2004
Over the past few albums I got the impression Cliff was waning a little. The voice, always remarkable for its perfect pitching, and emotion had begun to lose its vitality.
However, this album is a sterling effort. I am a serious musician, with tastes ranging from Jethro Tull and Deep Purple to Neil Diamond and Josh Groban - and this album is excellent by any standards. I was pleasantly surprised by the power in his voice on 'What Car' - something Cliff's voice has never been famous for.
Its a pity this album won't get the recognition it deserves - these days image matters far more than the quality of music. Its interesting that many leading musicians have the highest respect for Cliff as a musician - while commercially rather sadly, it is not fashionable to like him and he has therefore never got the respect he so richly deserves...
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on 27 October 2004
Recorded mostly in Nashville one of the best albums from the Ultimate Pop Star Sir Cliff Richard. At the moment of writing this album is seven in the charts on release.
1. Thousand Miles To Go
SUPERBLY OPENING RIFF Rock'n Cliff. Driving good pop song.
2. Something's Goin' On
The first single the title
track reached 7 in the charts.
3. I Will Not Be A Mistake
Wonderful song nice pop ballad. I can see Cliff sing this with only his guitar for companyment.
4. Simplicity
Lovely pop ballad .

5. Sometimes Love
{Or as the fans call it "LAY YOUR BETS DOWN"
A great POP SONG perhaps a single release Cliff Rocks! "Sometimes its a a seven sometimes snake eyes".
6. I Cannot Give You My Love
Barry Gibb song, Gibb influence can be heard. Pure Joy. Barry does backing singing.
7. The Day That I Stop Loving You
"From now untill eternity girl belive me I'm not leaving" Girls you will swoon at this one Cliff sings just for you!
8. What Car
One for the boys everywhere Who Me What Car? Rock Pop song many belive should come out as a single, the guys would go for this song. "What keys, what crash, how dare you ask, The car is gone move on." Drive time song ROCKS!
9. How Did She Get Here
Cliff in fine voice {Hey Ma you can hear the words}

10. Field Of Love
"Even now I suppose the battle's not yet over. And I'm just another soldier On the field of love" A fine song indeed.
11. For Life
Nice slow song "You can be sure that I'm in this Love for life" Will we moon to this late into the night?

12. I Don't Wanna Lose You
"I don't wanna to lose you. I don't wanna to let you go. I could never let myself. Fall in love with someone else" This takes time to grow on you when it gets going after a few plays you will love this song by Chris Eaton.
13. Faithful One Some see this as a christmas hit a Chris Eaton song. Aye its nice. Peaceful .
Thousand Miles To Go , What Car, Sometimes Love [Lay your bets down] are the pop songs all good. Boys and girls can all find Something Goin On on, on this fine album.
Sir Cliff Richard keeps up the standard in which he will never be beaten. WELL DONE SIR!
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on 28 December 2004
Cliff Richard's new album is a stylistically diverse masterpiece with songs that at once out-classic the classics and yet still sound contemporary. The album has its roots in American rock n roll and the Nashville country twang but drifts into contemporary soul grooves, turns sensual and funky, and soars to the heights of human emotional experience in the big ballads. His voice is as beautiful, penetrating and soulful as it has ever been.
THOUSAND MILES TO GO - amazing guitar riffs, class production and instrumental blend, a complete Nashville sound in this opening rocker. Deep country and rock n roll roots Storming and penetrating melancholy rock vocals throughout.
SOMETHING'S GOIN ON - although the wrong choice in my view as the first single, this is a very smooth, sensuous, groovy modern r&b track, with perfect delicious mellow texture and enticingly teasing hook chorus.
I WILL NOT BE A MISTAKE - a beautifully textured carefree acoustic ballad, laid back, sensual, with Cliff's tender vocals drifting into and caressing the lyric and soaring into the high register like a butterfly caught in a summer breeze. Smooth as a dove's wing.
SIMPLICITY - Magnificent nonchalant sweeping harmonica sound; masterful lyrics about the beauty of conjugal life; beautiful, seductive, subtly rawer vocals from Cliff. Warms you like an open fire.
SOMETIMES LOVE - Fast-paced, Funky rock n roll. Captures the rustic twang of Nashville yet sounds contemporary, like Shania Twain or ZZ Top. Gritty production and vocals and gritty song comparing love to a heartless casino. Back to basics. Brilliant. (Check out the dance moves to this on the Castles In The Air DVD on the live version of this hot rocker).
I CANNOT GIVE YOU MY LOVE - Classic Barry Gibb song, with the Bee Gee tightly harmonizing with Cliff to create an inimitable hook chorus. Spine-tingling, opulent soulful vocals from Cliff throughout. Instantly catchy. The live version on the Castles DVD, however, is more powerful and instantly addictive.
THE DAY THAT I STOP LOVING YOU: A classic ballad, starts intimate, but with shimmering tonal quality, but with some sophisticated key-changes, it ascends to great heights and swirls through the galaxies, which befits its powerful lyrics about the sun and moon colliding.
WHAT CAR? A literally driving rock n roll opus in a league of its own that harks back to Cliff's earliest influences, such as Chuck Berry. Vocals bursting with energy, vitality and verve, and electrifying blend of guitar. Really powerful.
HOW DID SHE GET HERE - I think this should've been the first single. A haunting, unforgettable rock track, with a ripping chorus, dominated by Cliff's soul-drenched, fiery, searingly beautiful voice, which sounds deeper now perhaps than it did in the 80s, but the ache, the passion, are still there. Sheer magnificence.
FIELD OF LOVE: In total contrast to the above, an intensely sumptuous modern soul ballad that cascades from orchestral grandeur to groovy, ultra-modern electronic sequences. The now pure, angelic-voiced Cliff glides flawlessly across the scales and hits each note to perfection as love is compared to a battlefield. The track's inexplicable mystique stems from the gentle, bittersweet murmur of the female backing singers. Great harmonies.
FOR LIFE: Accompanied by the distinctive Dwayne Eddy, this gorgeous ballad has a niceness, and depth of lyric profoundly lacking in pop music today. Cliff's style of singing on this track too is distinctive and unique. Pure, and smooth as flowing silk, his vibrato-rich vocal texture evokes every nuance of emotion in the song.
I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU: With crushing guitar riff and gripping drums, this is a power ballad. A timeless chef d'oeuvre that transcends era (rather like the artist, in fact). But the way that he performs it is mpdern rock/soul. And once again he sings so you feel all the nuances. He's hurt. He's torn. He's cut to pieces, and it tells in the big chorus, in the huge key change, in the romantic, intimate, smooth falsetto notes and in the raw cries of agony.
FAITHFUL ONE: Like "Field Of Love" this song benefits from brilliantly harmonic female backing and dramatic orchestral arrangements, which also accentuate its gospel feel. This is in many ways one of the gentlest songs on the album but its depiction of the crucifixion and resurrection are eternally compelling.
This album is possibly Cliff's best ever, though he has an incredible back catalogue. I feel that this album should be nominated for the Mercury music prize. It saddens me however that these songs, which by other artists would be played to death and praised to the skies, have hitherto been so little exposed. It's time that people saw beyond tinselly studios, Eurovision and Wimbledon singalongs, and realized that Cliff is a versatile genius.
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on 23 September 2004
WOW. SIr Cliff has done it again. Having heard a lot of the tracks off the album already at the Albert Hall and Leeds Castle, I have to say this is gearing up to be one of his best albums EVER! Seriously rockin tracks such as What Car and A Thousand Miles to go are awsome, some of the best rock Cliff has ever produced. The Faithful one has already got great reviews from the critics, something I thought they were unable to do. I Cannot Give You My Love, penned by Barry Gibb is a wonderfully crafted track.
The whole album reeks of shear class and once again proves why Sir Cliff is the Ultimate Pop Star!!!
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on 7 November 2004
This is an excellent CD from Cliff Richard. It is a totally different sound for Cliff and has a good variety of songs on from ballads to rocky but with an American influence which gives it a slightly Country Western Style. Should be a hit with the American market. Especially Thousand Miles to Go - Raunchy rocky number, Simplicity - Lovely harmonica sing-a-long song, Sometimes Love - Rocky, How did she get here - A sad, haunting Bruce Springstreen Brian Adams type song, Field of Love - Unusual double meaning words to this one, with a haunting backing sound, For Life - A lovely song for a wedding, reminds me of Shania Twain - From this Moment plus many more excellent songs. This is such a varied album, it is a MUST HAVE.
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on 27 November 2004
I've never listened to much Cliff before. Just the woeful Millenium Prayer and the Xmas stuff we all know. I heard on the radio a song, which turned out to be "A Thousand Miles To Go" and thought "It's been a long time since someone made a rocker like that". I was even more surprised to discover it was Cliff Richard.
I bought the album to discover that there were only 3 of these rockers on it but every other song grabbed me too.
If this is Cliff in his twilight years then I'd better go and have a listen to some of that 1970's Cliff I hear so much about. If it's as good as this album then I may have discovered something. Quality album, from what turned to be a quality vocalist.
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on 19 October 2004
If only the radio stations would give him the air play he deserves this album could be huge. Quite simply his best album since ' I'm nearly famous'. From the melodic and haunting 'Simplicity' to the up tempo and raunchy 'What Car' the album contains 13 original tracks beautifully penned and produced. A great album that I enjoyed immensely on first listening, which is unusual and one that should see him high in the album charts. Why oh why does he not get the accolades he deserves.
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