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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 20 May 2009
One of the greatest fell off. That's what the sound of this offering tells us. 'Mosh' is reasonable and 'Never Enough' is quite good and that's it, seriously that's it. The rest is ridiculous peurile nonsense that Eminem has got away with before because it was funny but not any more.

What's wierd is that around this time he guested on 'We Aint' on 'The Documentary' from The Game and 'Gatman and Robbin' on 'The Massacre' by 50 cent and blew them both away, yet his own stuff is this paltry.

Only once have I ever felt this let down by an idol, that was when Prince Naseem Hamed decided not to make a decent comeback after being taught a lesson by Barrera. The difference here is that Eminem has done this to himself.
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on 2 June 2007
Eminem is an amazingly talented rapper who (in my humble opinion) shows his talent much more when he's rapping about his past or when he's very serious. For example, compare one of his joke songs just lose it with loose yourself, one of his most serious songs. See what i mean? One is horribly pop, and the other one is one of the best rap songs ever written. Encore has more 'funny' songs that have no lyrical content than songs with lyrics that make sense.

2. Evil Deeds 5/10 doesnt show eminems skills at all

3. Yellow Brick Road 10/10 this song grows on you, at first i didnt like it but now it's my favourite song on encore

4. Like Toy Soldiers 9/10 Eminem talks about his beefs with other writers

5. Mosh 7/10 1st single of this album, but eminem isn't zach dela rocha, and he can't rap politically for his life

6. Puke 2/10 the song IS puke

7. my first single 0/10 even worse than puke

9. rain man 5/10 ordinary

10. big weenie 0/10 around as bad as my first single

12. just lose it 5/10 another ordinary 'funny pop' song by eminem

13. Ass like that 7/10 funny.

14. Mockingbird 8/10 everybodys favourite eminem song...not mine tho

15. Crazy in love 4/10 boring.

16. Encore 10/10 eminem, 50 cent, dr. dre-amazing finale

Eminem has matured, and you can easily see that from his serious songs such as encore, mockingbird, like toy soldiers, and yellow brick road, but his stupid filler songs spoil it all.
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on 10 November 2004
Encore contains some really good tracks that will keep fans happy for a long time. Yellow Brick Road, Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Encore show Eminem's brilliant lyrical talent.
Some of the tracks though are a letdown though, with cheesy lyrics and annoying beats that grow tiresome quickly.
This album is a mixed bag that will both dazzle and disappoint. Don't let me discourage anyone from buying it though, Eminem is still one of the best rappers in the world and, although there are some substandard tracks on Encore, there are some catchy tunes that will satisfy almost all.
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on 19 November 2004
The much anticipated return album, is a mixed bag of Eminem at his best and at his worst. Tracks like "Mosh" seething with righteous rage, the stirring/disturbing "Spend some time" and truly moving "Mockingbird" really shine through. Even the marching beat between the chorus refrain of "Like toy soiders" works well, even though on first listen it sounds like it shouldn't! People can knock "Just lose it", but it has a great melody and although Jackson is too easy a target, how can you wacth the video and not smirk?! However, "Puke", "Rain man" and "Big Weenie" are adolscent lyrical nonsense that fail to excite , let alone offend, accompanied by possibly the worst melodies Em has ever committed to disc! Thankfully they are sandwiched in the middle of the CD so you can neatly skip forward!The thing is Eminem has not made a truly consistent album since "the Slim Shady LP", although the excellent "Eminem Show" came very close. However, his albums are always worth getting for the truly great stuff that makes the bulk. This CD is no exception!
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on 18 March 2005
Let's be honest - a follow up to the Eminem Show was always going to be difficult. It became a classic Eminem album as soon as it was released in a way his other albums hadn't quite managed. To be frank, Encore sounds like all the songs which didn't fit into the flow of The Eminem Show bundled together on a CD and released. That's not to say all the songs are bad, and Eminem is really being offensive for its own sake, rather than genuinely hating.
There's plenty of childish humour in Encore, and there is really not a lot which showcases his skill as a rapper. Most songs are just that...songs. Eminem sings a lot and raps a little, which is why this album was not so appealing to me. I admire Eminem's skills, and his work on this album does not show them off.
There's too much child and not enough adult in Encore. Classic songs such as 'guilty conscience' from the Slim Shady LP and 'way I am' from the Marshall Mathers LP really demonstrate how talented a rapper Eminem is, and when they rub shoulders on the same album with 'real slim shady' and 'stan', it strikes a great balance between intelligent and inane. Unfortunately, Encore is too heavy on the inane and too light on the intelligent to be truly captivating.
My advice would be to buy this album if you're a front-line Eminem fan, but if you only listen to his music every once in a while, lend it from someone - it won't be worth your money.
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on 15 November 2004
This album (Although not by a longshot) is my favourite CD by Eminem. After buying the CD on the release date I wasn't quite sure what to expect after the previous terrible Eminem show, but this shows he still has it! It is one of the few albums I can quite happily listen to right through (with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 out of the 20 tracks) and thoroughly enjoy. A must for all Eminem fans.
Standout tracks include: Yellow Brick Road, Like Toy Soldiers, Mockingbird and Mosh.
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on 18 February 2005
i liked most of the songs on this album.Mosh,just lose it,like toy soldiers are all brilliant.
However it is let down by the "below-adverage" songs.For example there is a song wher the main line is "i aint got no legs".I could not beleive that!
When i listen to this I usually start at track 3 because i don't mind the rest.
If you are an eminem fan this has some of his best songs.Otherwise this will not win you over.
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on 27 September 2012
Everyone, even eminem himself are always dissing this cd, But i must say, this is defiantly one of my absolute FAVORITE Eminem albums going. of course i love them all equally, i still love this. maybe one or two of his songs on it arent great, but then he makes songs like mockingbird, ass like that and one shot two shot, which make up big time for them!! all i can say is, eminem, dont dis your amazing stuff. INCREDIBLE!!!
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on 14 November 2004
I'm a big fan of Eminem (mainly old stuff) and all of his side projects he has done and am also a fan of Dre and his dope beats. My favorite Em album so far is The Slim Shady LP as it is in my eyes a classic rap album, Encore doesn't dissapoint, it has tracks to chill out too, party to and to pump out in the car. If your a fan of Em u gotta get it and its better than the Eminem Show but no Slim Shady LP!
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on 12 December 2006
This album can be summed up quickly and efficiently. As one of the top 3 rappers in history, Eminem always brings a nice flow alongside complex structures and multi's. However, since Infinite, The Slim Shady and Marshal Mathers LP's (his best albums to date in that order), his style has become pop both musically and (unfortunatley) often lyrically. On Encore this is the problem, the beats are predominantly weak, mostly fitting for children who tend to listen to the pop charts. His rapping, though still highly adequate and far better than the majority of other rappers, switches between too serious and too childish. I cannot help but think that if he applied himself properly to a set of strong hip-hop beats he could return to the form of Infinite, but he is consistently failing to do so and therefore has fallen off. There are so few genuinely talented rappers in the charts that Eminem is something of an enigma. On Encore he only manages to demonstrate a tiny sample of what he could have been if he hadn't turned so absurdly pop.

The reason that I give this album 3 stars is that Eminem still has amazing talent as a rapper, and if you can see past the beats and the subject matter then this is still very listenable to a fan of true lyricism.
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