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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2004
The Best CD of Her Career!
Pop/Rock Recording Artist Amber, who has scored eight #1 Billboard Hits in her Career, including "If You Could Read My Mind" and "Sexual", is back! And she does not disappoint! "My Kind of World" marks the beginning of a new stage in Amber's career. Like Janet Jackson before her, Amber has taken complete creative "Control" on this new project and the result is a Commercial and Artistic Triumph that propels the Artist into the A List company of Sting, Seal, and Annie Lennox!
The first Single "You Move Me" is currently #1 on America's most popular Satellite Radio Station "XM Radio" and is her 10th consecutive Top Ten Hit on the Billboard Chart. The track's CD Maxi Single (available in her Boutique at [...] along with a Full Length Remix CD "UnDanced") is one of the Top 50 selling Singles in the United States.
Still, Amber and this new CD are perhaps the Music Industry's best kept secrets. But not for long. The Artist is a fantastic songwriter and the new CD is packed with tracks that are destined to become the biggest Hits of her career! The track "Sacrificial Lamb" is a wholely original take on the familiar "Declaration of Independence" theme made popular by Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Whitney Houston's "It's Not Right, But It's OK", and Deborah Cox's "Mr. Lonely". The Pat Benatar-esque "Just Like That" is a perfect Pop Tune that, in a perfect World, would propel the Artist back into the Grammy Spotlight for Songwriting (Cher's remake of Amber's "Love One Another" was nominated in 2004). "City of Pain" is an Eighties influenced production with a Killer Hook: "That's How I Miss You; That's How I Want You; Since You're Out of the Door; That's How I Need You; It's Like a Rainbow Painted Black on the Floor". "Private War" is a Single-Worthy track that visits the same territory as Pink's "Family Portrait" - the pain caused by disfunctional relationships.
In a time when music is increasing "disposable" - made and sold as though it is "fast food" - this CD is a keeper. It gets better and better with multiple listens and it will sound as fresh and original 5 Years from now as it does today. The CD is selling briskly and will "catch fire" as the Singles keep coming.
****One of the Top 5 CD's of 2004. HIGHLY Recommended.****
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on 3 November 2004
Some people may be surprised by this album as it doesn't contain the dance music we're used to hearing from Amber. However, there are some excellent tracks here, which show off Amber's voice beautifully. My personal favourites are "Crucified Solitude", "Same Old Paradise" and "Sacrificial Lamb" because they struck a chord with me instantly, but the rest of the album is pretty good. I personally think that it may take people a few listens to fully appreciate what Amber has achieved with this album, but hopefully appreciate it you will.
And to the reviewer who goes by the name "A Music Fan" who complained that Amber's voice wasn't as good as the reviewer thought it was, you're entitled to your opinion, and my opinion is that Amber's vocals on this album are very good and no, I'm not being paid by her (just because the CD isn't to your taste, doesn't mean that everyone else should dislike it!). I appreciate the work that has gone into this album and the potential risk Amber has taken to strive to release the music that she wants to and think fans of her dance music should give this album a try with an open mind. Amber will gain new fans with this release, especially as there are many Amber fans out there who are open to different genres and don't shun an artiste when they move away from a genre that they're known for. Give this album a try - it's stimulating, emotional and will stand the test of time.
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on 23 October 2004
Another record under her belt and she continues to keep the music moving forward into the future!! As we grow (her fans throughout the years), she also grows and we grow with her!! "My Kind Of World" is new, fresh, inspiring, great vocals, flawless, the list is endless. At first one is a bit thrown with the music, however once we hear Amber's wondeful voice, where back into familiarity!! There's the Amber we have known vocally and here she is now with a bright new sound! Definitely worth getting, even if you've only hear the 30 secound sound samples, they do not do justice, simply go out and BUY the album! You won't be disappointed. Even if you listen to each song only once one day, you'll find yourself going back the next day to a few tracks that maybe stood out for you. Have you ever sat at the computer for hours surfing the web, like many of us?? Play the whole album through and let Amber's wonderful voice calm and take you on a journey another world, Her "Kind Of World." SIMPLY THE BEST! KEEP ON SINGING AMBER!
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on 13 October 2004
From the first haunting note of CRUCIFIED SOLITUDE to the final fading heart-beat of DON'T FOLLOW ME HOME, you'll be trapped in the orbit of Amber's MY KIND OF WORLD. As the title suggests, Amber is finally free -- venturing out on her own independent label, and producing the kind of music she's always wanted, with an album that will surprise and thrill her long time fans, as well as those who've just discovered this musical gem. With a string of 10 top ten hits under her belt, including Sexual, Above the Clouds, and Yes, among others, Amber has proven herself to be a musical force, consistently producing chart toppers with substance.
On this latest effort, and her fourth album in 8 years, Amber proves she's much more than a dance artist, taking us with her on an emotional and heartfelt journey that is often darker, more mystical, and more revealing than anything we've heard from her so far. Teaming up with long time collaborator and current producer Wolfram Dettki, Amber reveals the emotion, power, and wisdom that come from truly living, feeling, and being. The result is a complex and enchanting album with provocative lyrics and a sound that defies easy categorization. With just one listen, you'll be under Amber's spell.
Powerful ballads like PRIVATE WAR, YOUR KIND OF WORLD, as well as the groovier SAME OLD PARADISE and the funky, honky-tonk infused WHEN A LOVE GROWS COLD are punctuated by uplifting pieces like YOU MOVE ME (already a Billboard Dance Chart's top 5 hit), a charming JUST LIKE THAT (instantly radio-ready), as well as the gritty and in-your-face SACRIFICIAL LAMB, and the eerie yet mesmerizing VOODOO that draws you in slowly and builds to a pulsating chorus -- any one of which, with just a little radio play, could catapult this CD to a mainstream hit, and Amber to greater and well-deserved recognition as a songwriter, singer, artist, and performer. In a day where vapid mannequins are "pop stars" and inane, uninspired songs too often become "hits," Amber's "kind of world" is one I'd much prefer to live in.
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on 18 October 2004
This is GREAT. I was worried because I'm not super-fond of "You Move Me" and that Pure Dance compilation it was on was so bad that the whole experience was a little sour. But all these tracks are fresh and moving. Do check out the remixes of "You Move Me" as they are awesome!
There is independent-thinking style with plenty of dance to please me and plenty of rock to wow me. This combined with the strongest vocals I have ever heard from Amber.
My Kind of World doesn't sound canned, molded, or manipulated in any way. It is fresh and honest.
Though "You Move Me" is a great song, for me it was hard to grasp, especially contrasting to Amber's previous work and when not in context with all this other material. But this should not stop anyone from picking up the album, as the rest of the songs are much more accessible to me and altogether create a powerful feeling and expression.
Sacrificial Lamb was so powerful to me that as the last sound faded my eyes were still wide and I uttered an incredulous "Wow" as I was driving. "When a Love Grows Cold" was touching and affected me a lot; very easy to relate to and Amber's soulful voice was incredible and emotional. OK it made me a teary-eyed! I also quite enjoyed "Your Kind of World."
The album starts with that wonderful, almost spiritual and deep-thinking middle-eastern feeling, which set me up for the deepness of all the tracks. The use of symphonic instrumentation as well as guitars and ethnic percussion and far-away sounding bowed ethnic instruments wooed me.
This turned out to be my favorite album from Amber yet - and obviously, shiningly the most "herself." Amber is meant to make this music right here! Of course this comes as no surprise considering the amount of control she had over this with her own label - GOOD CALL and she has succeeded!
Visit Amber as she talks to her fans at [...]
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on 17 October 2004
On this CD,Amber tries hard to come off as an artist with meaning behind her songs.She fails miserably.The entire Cd is just a mess.I was shocked to hear this CD.Not one song is catchy.It is a complete disaster.All the songs are slow,dark,miserable pop.A kindergarten chorus could do better than this.
Listening to some of these songs actually made me laugh.Her first single,You move me, was the worst I had ever heard her sing,I still decided to check the CD out with the hope that it had a few better songs somewhere in there. Unfortunately,there is nothing good about these songs.One of the songs is called Sacrificial Lamb.I could only wonder what in the world she could have been thinking. Another song,Cruxified solitude, made me giggle as it started the CD off to it's pitiful start.
Listening to this CD,I now see that Amber's voice is not as good as I thought it was.Undisguised and completely terrible, Amber tries hard to work her voice.She just doesn't cut it with this musical funeral procession.Each song makes you impatient to get it over with and end the tortue.Song after song is like being slapped in the face over and over.You will probably not even make it all the way through the CD unless you force yourself because it really is that bad.
I do not know how anyone could give this CD a good rating unless they are really in love with Amber or being paid.I do not know how anyone could enjoy this junk.My advice to you is preview the CD before you buy it.I hate to say this,but this CD is a joke.It is the funeral for Amber's career and I dont even want any part.
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on 6 October 2004
On her latest album, produced and released through her new label JMCA - AMBER does once again what she is meant to do...release an album that grows on you with each passing play!
From the opening track with it's middle eastern influence, right down to the "perfect for pop radio" song JUST LIKE THAT, she creates the new sounds of music that are so desperately missing in today's musical world.
MY KIND OF WORLD is indeed, a top notch, first out the door release for Miss Amber, she knows how to write the songs, get them produced, and even takes her mother, her mother's partner (who is also her producer and mixer Wolfram), and her sister on this DIVINE musical journey.
To hear the songs, WHEN A LOVE GROWS COLD, CITY OF PAIN, SACRIFICIAL LAMB, and VOODOO is to make you realize that this very independant woman is more than ready to take on the pop music world of top 40 radio.
Her voice is stronger than any female singer in the top 40 today, she can sing a range from down and dirty, gritty vocals to soaring in the clouds like an angel, with just a touch of jazz scat to please and compliment any song.
The first single YOU MOVE ME, of course is club ready right from the start, just to please her dance fans, and establish the cd, this was/is the logical choice of first release...but the best is yet to come.
Congrats to Miss Amber and her family - they've created musically one of the best cd's of 2004 and 2005...
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on 25 September 2004
Taking complete control of her music career, Amber, Marie-Claire to those who know her well, is showing the world that she can sing, she can produce, she can create different styles of music. And MY KIND OF WORLD shows us just that!
With her producer, co-write, and remixer WOLFRAM, they have gone to the next level of this dynamic woman career, dance music is still a part of her life, but you do more than dance to this woman's music...you THINK about what she is saying to you.
The music is darker, more bass beats, the lyrics are layered on top of a well produced cd...from start to finish...not a bad song in the lot!
Crucified Solitude, You move me (the first single) and JUST LIKE THAT (Romeo and Juliet) are the 3 great breakout songs from this new release. JUST LIKE THAT - great Pat Benatar guitar influence, YOU MOVE ME - perfect song to kick off the club music scene of the fall of 2004, a great new anthem for all the clubs to make us dance too. And for the real treat VOODOO - fantastic lyrics and a sound that will make you think twice about just calling her a dance diva!
Give the cd a chance, you may not like the new sound at first, but like a fine wine, it will make you appreciate it all the more, once you get to know the intimate lyrics and beats with each listen on your player!
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on 16 October 2004
With "My Kind of World" Amber takes her place on Music's A-list beside Artists like Sting, Seal, George Michael, and Annie Lennox. This CD will delight, challenge, and surprise the listener. Amber bookends more Commercial tracks like "Sacrificial Lamb" and the Danceable Hit Single "You Move Me" with more challenging literate offerings: "Same Old Paradise", "Your Kind of World", and "Private War". Musical styles range from the Alt Rock infused Electronica of the aforementioned "You Move Me" to the Pure Jazz of the closing track, "Don't Follow Me Home". Fans of Amber's previous incarnation as a Dance Diva will appreciate this CD as the Ultimate after club "Chillout" set. Of course, they'll also want to pick up the AMBER CD Maxi Single "You Move Me" with a half dozen DJ Remixes. And for her Hardcore Fans, Amber has released "Undanced" a Collector's Greatest Hits Compilation of Unreleased Club Remixes of her previous Hits from the "Amber" and "Naked" CDs. It is available exclusively through her Official Website boutique at AMBER-MCC.com.
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on 8 October 2004
Well, I am the owner of over 1000 CDS, and music is truly my life. Believe me when I say, This album is definetely a work of art. I've never heard anything like it. When an artist takes the independant route, it is truly an amazing thing. It is a chance to get closer to the artist without coorperate desicions that can sometimes interfere with artistic integrity. You truly get to tap into what the artist really wants to say musically. This album acomplished all of that. This album is hypnotizing, inspiring, and leaves you with the feeling of a natural high.
My favorites right now are "Voo Doo, Sacraficial Lamb, and You Move Me." Each track tells an intelligent story, and incorperates mind blowing vocals, the most original and amazing productions, and oh, beautiful songs.
Treat yourself to "Amber's" new album. You truly will be moved, if you appreciate and love the art of music.
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