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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Girl, Interrupted [DVD]
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VINE VOICEon 13 May 2006
A wonderful film with brilliant acting from the whole cast.

Winona Ryder plays the main character who narrates a tale of being admitted into a mental institute after trying to kill herself. Jaded with life and without a long term plan for the future that involves marrying and reproducing Susanna Kaysen is considered unstable. Diagnosis - borderline personality disorder.

In the institute she meets people the general public would consider the 'real crazies'.... As the story unfolds however we learn to see each of them as individuals and the stories behind why they are who they are...

Angelina Jolie's performance as a sociopath is unbelievable. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this was 'she absolutely and totally deserved that oscar.' If you've written her off as an actress give her one more shot with this movie and I guarantee you will change your mind.

Based on the book by Susanna Kaysen this is a true life story about self discovery and a must see movie... You may well laugh or cry. Maybe even both.
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on 10 June 2017
This movie makes light of the nightmare that is Borderline Personality Disorder. You learn NOTHING about BPD in this film (I should know I HAVE the disorder). Read the book instead.
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on 25 April 2003
A powerful drama, certainly more so for the feminine persuasion, that is both moving and inspiring. It is also, definitely, the best performances I have seen from both Jolie and Ryder so far. The supporting cast is also very good, not just Goldberg but all of the women support actually pull together well. The full extent of the film is not altogether developed but what has been is more than adequate.
The story is wholly believable and the build up to events is fairly well executed by Mangold and the film moves continuously with flash backs, and side events placed smoothly within the story and used expertly to fill in glimpses of Susanna’s (Ryder) past to aid in the movement of the film. Mostly, the cast holds the film together; the notion of these people being more real than the outside world isn’t portrayed too strongly, but as mentioned in the Amazon Review we have the more well-known “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” for that.
Overall a very good film, well acted, that stirs emotion and challenges our perception of the world (to what success is up to the viewer) but mostly makes a significantly heart-warming film that shouldn’t be overlooked because of the resemblance to the said well-known classic.
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on 15 September 2017
The best W. Ryder-movie. Better than Autumn in NY. Rather exciting and great acting.
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on 12 November 2001
It's been a long time since a film touched me like this one did. As the credits rolled i was in floods of tears. This incredible group of actresses portray their character's respective problems exactly. I thought this film may be a bit to close to home to watch, but I'm so glad that I watched it anyway.
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VINE VOICEon 25 January 2008
This truely is one of the best movies ever made, I love it so much.

Based on the novel by Susanna Kaysen about the 18 months she spent in a mental institution for depression and Borderline Personality Disorder when she was 18 (which is a true story). Although I think that anybody would enjoy this movie, it's special to me because I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder myself and it's nice to see a movie which handles the subject sensitively.

Borderline Personality Disorder was a very controversial diagnosis in the 1960s (when this movie takes place), as even less was known about it than is now. Very little research was done into it back but the general diagnosis criteria and known sympoms were still the same:

1. Extreme black and white thinking (unable to see the grey area).
2. Unstable relationships characterised between feelings of idealation (love and adoration) and devaluation (anger and dislike).
3. Impulsivity, usually in self-destructive areas (e.g. binge eating, alcohol abuse, reckless driving, excessive spending and building up debt).
4. Mood swings between base (normal) mood, anxiety, irritability and depression.
5. Suicides threats or attempts or self mutilation (cutting, punching etc)
6. Irrational (to others) fear of abandonment and of being alone.
7. Outbursts of anger.
8. Shakey sence of self image - unsure about life goals, ambitions and belives such as what type of friends and lovers to have, carrer paths an sexual orientation.
9. Chronic and persistant feelings of emptyness (also described as boredom or loneliness).

The move is nicely paced and gets Susanna into the mental hospital within the first 10 or 15 minutes.

The characters include Polly (a schizophrenic who purposely set herself on fire as a child); Janet (an anorexic); Geogina, Susanna's room-mate (a pathological liar) and Lisa (a sociopath). The characters are all amazing well fleshed out and acted. They have very real and brilliantly acted emotions and personalities and are very beliveable as real people.

Susanna (Winona Ryder) and Lisa (Angelina Jolie) are particularly good in this movie.

A stunning and moving story of Susanna's illness and recovery and the nature of people and of mental ilness. It does a wonderfull job of removing some of the stigma that people associate with mental illness.

I would reccomend this movie in particular to people who are interested in mental illness or psychology or have such an ilness themselves (especially BPD) but also to anybody looking for a good movie. This is one of the best.
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on 30 October 2004
I love this film so much and never tire of watching it. The acting is superb and the casting is amazing.
I would go on, but I think the film has been reviewed enough times so you get the idea. I do have one thing to add though, and that is that I think this film appeals to a very particular audience,maybe this is the reason for the mixed reviews from critics. People who have suffered from clinical depression or another mental illness (or who have friends and relatives who suffer from it) may recognise this as a very real and touching potrayal, whilst those who have not may not be able to fully appreciate just what a good job the film does. Obviously there will be people who enjoy and appreciate the film who have never had these problems and vice versa, but I thought it was a point worth making.
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on 24 November 2003
I suffer from BPD like Susannah Kaysen, and it is such a relief to have a film to really relate to. I'm grateful to her for writing the book, and a film being made out of it, as it is a very accurate portrayal of having a personality disorder. I watched it at the worst of my depression, and though while I watched it, it made me feel even more depressed and bleak, afterwards, it made me think hard about my life. I showed the film to my parents and some friends, and it gave them more of an insight into what I have been through.Obviously other people wouldn't be watching it for the same reasons as me, but they cannot fail to be affected by the emotions portayed in this film. Jolie is as ever brilliant, as too are Winona Ryder and Brittany Murphy. As I said, it made me feel very down while watching it, but that just shows how powerful the film is, it will make you think, and hopefully change your perception of the mentally ill.
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on 11 October 2001
I would recommend this to anyone, Angelinas performance is outstanding and u cant take your eyes off her during the film. Her character just sucks you up. Its not the kind of film that you watch once, then it goes to the back of the shelf and collects dust, you will want to watch this again and again, it is fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend it. Its a MUST for any Angelina Jolie fan.
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on 30 December 2002
This film portrays a deep sense of how peace and friendship triumphs in the face of pain and adversity. Lisa Rowe a sociopath (played by Jolie) is a fiesty and key charachter in this film. She gives her best performance to date. We are huge fans of Miss Jolie and after seeing this film, it will become evident why she one her Oscar! This Story is both humorus and heartbreaking, with an ending guarenteed to shed more than a few tears. DVD Special Features are very good, and we must commend HBO on their "Making of" featurette in which Susanna Kaysen (Writer of Girl, Interrupted and star-who the film is based on) is shown to a fair extent as is given full credit for her amazing story. The deleted scenes are a definate must see for any fan, and the directors commentary better explains how each scene was put together and what he was tying to show. Ryder gives a wonderful and convincing performance making this a must see and extemly absorbing film, we reccomend it to any one over the legal veiwing age as we anticipate all will find this film just as compelling as we did! We also reccomend "Girl, Interrupted" the book for a follow up to this film as the un-expected ending may leave some who have read the book before a little puzzled, but will answer all questions for after readers. A wonderful Movie
Review By Suzi Q! (And Lisa_Dwyer)
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