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Verbatim 43480 12x CD-RW - 10 Pack Spindle
Style: CD-RW|Size: 10 Pack Spindle|Change
Price:£3.27+ Free shipping (Addon item)

on 24 November 2016
If you are looking for completely blank/white full face CD's for good value, then these are great!

At 50 CD's for £9.99, these work out at roughly 20p per CD. This is insane value.

You can write and draw on them in Sharpie permanent marker very easily.
They hold 700MB, or roughly 79 minutes of Audio CD music, each.
They read and write very well with no errors, which is great considering the price.
Matte CD labels can be applied very easily with no faults.

There does not appear to be any branding anywhere on the disks.
They come handily on a spindle, and protected by a plastic disk layer, and the case.

All in all, very good quality and easy to use disks!
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on 12 November 2015
Really happy with these.

I needed CDs to print photos onto and so far these have been top notch.

They print photos well on my Espon inkjet with dye ink.

They dry seem to dry quick too, they feel dry (not sticky) after half an hour but I leave them longer just in case. I use the regular settings on my printer for CD printing. My printer has a "premium surface" option too, using that I didn't notice too much of a difference in quality but it did take longer to dry.

So far have had no burning errors on my laptop but that doesn't burn full speed so yet to test at 52x.

If you are looking for the sizes of the centre hole for printing I found them on the Verbatim website, the sizes at the time of this review are:

Inner Diameter: 23mm
Outer Diameter: 118mm
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on 28 December 2016
Excellent, reliable discs and being AZO, are guaranteed for 100 years!. Some seem to believe they haven't received the genuine article, I would make sure you order from Amazon themselves. This way you will get the real deal, plus they were very reasonably priced, under £15 including delivery is fine, especially as they arrived super fast. To check you have genuine Verbatim discs, they should have a bluish tinge to the silver underside.
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on 19 April 2017
I have been using the same burning software for years with very few unsuccessful operations. I always use branded disks and thought I would try Verbatim for the first time. I "wasted" approximately 15 disks in trying to burn three. I upgraded the burning software just in case but still so many wasted attempts. These disks are not fit for purpose. Along with other reviewers here, I cannot go through the procedure of returning the faulty disks to get replacements that most likely wont work either. Will have to try again with some other disks. Any recommendations here?
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on 18 October 2017
Review for Verbatim 43745 52x CD-R DataLifePlus Inkjet Professional - 50pk Spindle (as amazon lump all verbatim reviews together even though for different discs)

I used to be a big fan of verbatim - They used to be reliable and I've been buying them for years. However the burn side "used" to be silver, these are a light metallic blue. If you burn a music CD on these they play 2 or 3 times only then you get disc error. I like to make compilations of my favourite tracks from different albums for the car, and work (I'd never take originals there) Out of 45 audio CD's I've burned everyone has had this exact same issue.. They burn fine and play once or twice, but then its repeated disc error, at first just one track causing issues that you can skip, but next play is two, third play is a complete disc failure.. I've used 3 different PC's and CD-Burners with identical results, and the ones I went and purchased from the market work perfect. So the error are these discs not the PC, or the burner, or the software. - If the underside is a metallic light blue send them back without opening them.
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on 30 September 2017
i have burnt and printed my first disc with these Verbatim discs. (first with these disc's. have done about 20 with dvd's and cd's before) i don't take too much notice with the burn speed i only burn at 4x and no quicker.the minimum center i have left at 22mm as before, and the disc was burnt and printed successfully. if you want to play the disc after you have printed it, then print it yesterday. i always burn first and play it, not as i might add on your computer, but on a cd player don't touch the printing surface with your hands. if you are happy with the results, print it. i leave mine over night. on a clean piece of paper normally at least 12 hours before i pick the disc up again.
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on 8 May 2018
Thought these were good value for money. But on doing many disc burns I am finding the quality quite variable with many of the discs failing part way through with an error of
"I 02:27:16 Writing Track 12 of 13... (AUDIO/2352, LBA: 257356 - 283393)
W 02:28:10 Failed to Write Sectors 280036 - 280062 - Reason: Write Error
W 02:28:10 Retrying (1 of 20)...
W 02:28:10 Retry Failed - Reason: Cannot Format Medium - Incompatible Medium"

I can just about get them to burn on a differnt machines drive but they still slow down on verify to get a good read which should not happen many discs have been wasted trying to find a solution to this incompatability so I won't be buying these again no matter how good a price may seem. It's false economy :(
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I've now bought 2 of these sets and, to date I've burned nearly 70 CDs. I've thrown 3 away - not because they failed, but because I made a mess of the burning process.
So, ignoring my own fault, I've not had a single one fail me. I've been burning CDs etc almost since they were first available for the computer and these are, by far, the best I've had.
I do not have a printer to print on the CDs, I bought my first pack simply because of the high level of positive reviews regarding the burning, I did right!!

10 stars from me - Opps, can't - ok 5 stars (twice)

Highly recommended
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on 10 June 2018
My car is rather old and can only play audio CD, thus I bought this CD-RW. However, I have failed to burn this CD-RW with iTunes and windows media player and with my Toshiba ultra laptop equipped with a external CD player. Have bought Verbatium CD-R and will see how it works.

update: write successfully with 4x burn speed. But cannot used in my car, maybe it is because my car CD player is too old, which is 10 years. My car player can play cd-w.
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on 31 August 2016
I usually stick to TDK, but I thought I'd give this brand a try. The first few CDs burned without any problems, but then 4 were problematic - one after the other, which meant I had to bin them....which was a waste!

How the remaining CDs will burn is anyone's guess, but I think I'll stick to my usual brand in the future.
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