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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Country Falls
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 12 June 2017
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Think of cold, smooth ice. And imagine a warm, shimmering light appearing just under it.

That's what comes to mind with Husky Rescue's exquisite debut album, "Country Falls." The Finnish group reflects their chilly Helsinki winters with equally chilly pop, but filled with sunny warmth, as if on the first day of spring. Basically imagine Sigur Ros playing folk-pop.

It opens with a gentle stretch of shimmering synth, and a mellow little folkpop tune. "Sweet little kitten on the porch sleeps in the sun/The sunbeams climb up on the wall," Reeta-Leehna Korhola sings in a slightly breathless, wispy voice. "Small girls with sun warm hands cuddle bring him milk/then run after make castles in the snow/Jokers juggle in the air rainbow colored fountains of sugar waters flow..."

They dip into psychedelic pop in the kitschy, colorful "Summertime Cowboy," with all those whipcracks and jangling bells. But then they're back to the icy, sparkling sound of the first song -- ambient balladry, glitchy experimental tunes melting into creepy ballads, and little mellow guitar tunes that are smothered in shimmering, sparkling synth.

This edition also comes with an extra DVD, which contains three music videos. "New Light of Tomorrow" is a spare, eerie video, with a young man having a vision of a spacesuited angel, while "Summertime Cowboy" is a kooky, neon playground. And "City Lights" is a shifting video of a young woman carried away by a love song on the car radio (come on, we've all done it), who has a dream of herself dancing in green fire.

Husky Rescue is the brainchild of Marko Nyberg, who apparently wanted to make expansive, warm music to counter the cold up in Helsinki. So he collected around twenty musicians to make the right sound for "Country Falls" -- and the result is so cohesive in sound, it almost sounds like a concept album.

Almost every song is based on a little guitar melody. Sometimes Husky Rescue dip into catchy electric riffs and solid drums (like in the poppy "Summertime Cowboy"), but usually they stick to gentler, folkier material with the odd droning riff here and there, and the occasional burst of murky drumming..

And they're all wrapped in delicate layers of shimmering synth, which sound like a soundtrack for the Northern Lights. Sometimes they're glitchy, gurgly or tinkly, and sometimes they're epic sweeps of sound. And they're interspersed with devilish little laughs, robot voices and ambient sweeps of exquisite sound.

Really, that would be enough to recommend this album in itself. But it's topped with vocals from two artists: Korhola's pretty, slightly breathless voice, and Nyberg's slightly stilted, distant voice. Both of them sing songs of warmth, hope, "cotton clouds," lullabies to a "tiger," and the sweet plea, "Would you treat me right if I am kind/Would you like me more if I can smile/Would you set on tears if I start to cry/Would you take me there last one more time?"

"Country Falls" is an exquisite mixture of folk-pop and electronica, and it sounds like the end of winter when the spring sun starts to shine. Absolutely astounding.
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on 17 October 2004
I'd never heard of this band before but I saw the excellent Observer review and now I'm hooked. This album is probably the most complete album I've heard all year. Filled with beautiful music and SONGS. Not a single filler on here and perfect for any mood. Stand out tracks are "New Light of Tomorrow" and the pink floyd sounding "gasoline girl". My mate caught them live at the big chill festival and said they were just as stunning live, so can't wait to see them performing their songs soon. Nice website too [...] . I'm now a Husky Rescue fan big time!
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on 23 December 2008
A great piece of work, as is the later Ghost Is not Real, from a very unique & innovative Finnish band.

However.....if ordering the "import" version (ASIN: B0007X9TZM) on the Minty Fresh label, which is advertised as a 12-track cd with 3-track dvd (perhaps on the same disc?), be sure that is what you get and that you're not paying £18.19 (23/12/08 price) for the 10-track cd version....which was £6.98 when I bought it in March this year. Having enjoyed all 3 of their cd's incl the 10-track version of Country Falls, I ordered the import version 2 days ago and guess what arrived (very quickly).....the 10-track cheap version.

I await with interest the "replacement" via the returns policy (as there are now none in stock), as I can apparently not get a refund for this item, even though I'm returning it within 2 hours of it arriving.

This is by no means the first mis-represented music item I've received, a growing trend here, sadly. Getting things exchanged is a right pain these days too. Used to be very reliable.
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2005
This album I suppose does need an introduction as many a person may still not be fully aware of the absolute beauty that is Husky Rescue. Formed by Marko Nyberg probably as an antidote to long nightless nights in Finland, Nyberg has developed an album around his love of Lynch and it shows.
His coup de gras was to recruit the stunningly sounding Reeta-Leena Korhola(as well as it must be said the most stunning looking singer you are going to find full stop)..This girl although young has the most implicitly beautiful sounding vocal that she sings with a shroud of mystery around her and it only adds to the sheer delight and haunting soundscape that is country falls.
What Nyberg has succeeded in doing where some of his peers has failed is that he has managed to borrow influences and turn them into his own display without it sounding a cop out. At times this album really kicks in, but kicks in in Floyd-esque fashion. Tracks such as Gasoline Girl which start of flowing and mesmeric kicks into a piece not too distant from say "Animals", as it always maintains its haunting air...
What really did it for me on this album was track 11 "A good man" The final 3 minutes of this track culminate in possibly some of the most hair raisingly sublime pieces of loose yourself mood music you will ever find recorded on CD. It really is that amazing. Added to this Husky rescue find time to bang in some excellent dirty funk in "mean streets" whilst promoting the fact that in the right place POP (a term us music snobs steer away from) can sound brilliant. The beautiful and wonderful "Rainbow Flows" highlights the vocal of Reeta-Leena moreso than any of the other tracks.
I can only say that if you buy one album this year,then this surely has to be a worthwhile candidate. It is different, and yet familiar (espically to those fans of David Lynch). This is a Finnish album inspiried by home influences and it shows. Outstanding.
I have also had the pleasure of seeing Husky Rescue twice on their recent UK tour, and it is with no surprise that they pull this album off live better than the CD gives it justice..and that is a tough act to follow.
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on 29 July 2009
...Zero 7, Lemon Jelly, Sigur Ros, Custom Blue etc.

I came across this album by accident, having heard the second album (just as good by the way).

This is one of those albums where the first time you listen to it, you really aren't sure. However I strongly suggest giving it a good few plays and the beauty and musical lyricism will stand out. Husky Rescue uses a subtle mix of electronica, orchestral instruments and clever motifs using instruments like the flute, slide guitar etc. Over this is weaved "breathy" vocals which unlike a lot of groups - are not there as the backbone of the music, and are used far more like another instrument.

Tracks that stand out for me are Summertime Cowboy, New Light of Tomorrow, Rainbow Flows and my all time favourite Sunset Drive.

Buy this. Listen to this. Listen to this again and then be spellbound by its brilliance.
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on 22 December 2004
Firstly, Goldfrapp is my favorite band and every new band I hear it's often in the back of my mind that Goldfrapp's better. It's obviously an opinion. So anyways, Husky Rescue was recommended on the Goldfrapp message board and after previewing most their songs on their website, [...] I ordered "Country Falls," and was overly satisfied with the LP, which reminds me of very cinematic electro-country music. The lyrics are all highly relatable and universal, and the music proves very moving and dreamy throughout. "City Lights" was the key reason for buying it because of the creative video and how it's about a submissive person in love, the lyrics pristinely illustrating this without being too specific about things. "New Light of Tomorrow" has proven my favorite track, featuring sci-fi sounds and saddened instruments. The entire album is tied together very nicely and works with many layers. They have undeniably mastered their sound, and I am simply eager to hear their future work. Anyone else trying to mimic Husky Rescue will be a lame rip-off.
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on 20 October 2004
Husky Rescue deserves to be huge!!! I havent heard an album this good in a good long while, what is it about these bands from Helsinki? Been following their brilliant 10" releases on the fine Catskills label and this album is more proof that Husky Rescue are a rare talent. Caught them live in London a few weeks ago and they are amazing (the lead singer is hot!). The album goes from lovely downtepo moments with a great degree of musicality like New Light Of Tomorrow to the more pop tracks like Summertime Cowboy. Every track is a killer! Perfect for the cold winter nights we have to look forward to:)
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on 17 February 2015
One special song, the rest normal
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on 6 January 2009
what a wonderful piece of music....so damn good....the 2nd album and remix album are well worth buying too.,,,get them.
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