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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 29 November 2004
Hey all, just bought this dvd.
All i have to say is -wow-.
If you liked the Scenes From New York DVD you will absolutely LOVE this, and then some.
The video quality is second to non, much better than that of the Scenes..DVD, the audio quality is also fantastic and features the standard stereo plus a 5.1 mix.
I've usually been dissapointed with Dream Theaters DVD layout/title screens (I also have the Live from Tokyo/5 Years in a Livetime DVDs). Let me tell you this DVD comes across as very high quality from the word go, the animation on the title screens is awesome.
Onto the show..There's a decent mix of old and new with the setlist. There's the new favorites such as 'As I Am' and 'In the Name of God' (<My personal favorite from the new album). DT also mix it up with hints of some classics in the monsterous track 'Instrumedley' This track starts off with the first few sections of The Dance of Eternity and passes through Erotomania, A Change of Seasons the Ytse Jam and much more from DT days old and new, whilst alternating back to The Dance of Eternity now and again, this has to be one of the best tracks on the dvd.
James LaBrie's singing is particularly good at this concert,sometimes he seems to struggle with his voice, this is understandable as his vocal parts are hardly easy, however for this show he definately nails it, he sounds especially good on Hollow Years (which also features a brilliant outro solo by Petrucci) i'd say his vocals are as good if not better than his performance on the Scenes DVD and definately better than the earlier DT footage on their other 2 Disc DVD.
John Petrucci never fails as usual :D He seems to be really into the music of the show this time and nails just about everything (actually, everything full stop.) His rig sounds awesome, definately his best live tone yet in my opinion. He also uses a gorgeous double neck on Solitary Shell.
Jordan Rudess also puts on a great show with his keyboard on a fully rotational 360 degree stand! He's forever spinning around so you can get good views of what he's doing on the keyboard, there's also the keyboard camera for those close up solos. If you're a techno-freak you may notice that his keyboard patches and samples sound fantastic on this performance, you can really hear how his setup has moved on in the 4 years since he began working with the band on the Scenes from a Memory album.
John Myung is his usual laid back self whilst still managing to pump those forearms into those driving bass lines >=D He also brings out the Chapman Stick (12string?) bass for their performance of New Millenium which definately adds some interest to the show.
As usual Mike Pornoy is powering away constantly on his monster of a kit (This time with THREE bass drums and an extra long beard lol) and definately puts everything he's got into the show loving every minute of it.
On disc 2 there's some bonus footage, this includes a lengthy (i think 45minute)amount of backstage,tourbus/limo and general touring of Tokyo and also individual rehersals+interviews with the band members which is definately a nice touch if you want to see more of the band members, there's some funny bits in there too! There is also an individual run down of Petrucci's guitar equipment (Goes into depth on his new switching system and the spit shields for his Mesa cabs lol..) and a rundown of Jordan's keyboard setup and masses of gear. Oh and watch out for a little audience participation in the Drum Solo section ;)
Overall if you're a dream theater fa...No, if you're a fan of MUSIC. You have to see this DVD. It's one of the greatest performances you're likely to see of a REAL band, and if you're a die hard DT fan or are wanting to learn more about them then it's even more of an essential purchase. I just hope it isn't a long time until they release another :D
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on 30 October 2005
John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, John Myung, James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess are 5 very unique individuals. All are jaw-dropping virtuosos at their chosen instruments (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Throat and Keyboard respectively) and together they create some of the most complex and captivating music ever created. Music 'connoisseurs' who claim that classical music is the most technical of all genres will be made to swallow their words after watching this DVD of the Progressive-Metal maestros in action in Budokan, as such a concert has never been recorded.
Opening with the spine-tingling bass harmonics (yes, harmonics on a bass) of 'As I Am', before switching to the 7-string heaviness of 'This Dying Soul' and the epic, 20 minute 'Beyond This Life' (which features an instrumental segment that will leave you absolutely exhausted just from watching it), the Dream Theater boys know how to play a crowd, whether that crowd is in front of them or back home in an arm chair. After watching for about 45 minutes, you remind yourself that you've only witnessed 3 songs from a concert which has 18.
The rest of the DVD is very varied; there are slow songs, fast songs, heavy songs, ridiculously complex songs, solo spots, instrumentals (including a monumental version of 'Stream of Conciousness', with its sweep-tastic guitar solo and outtro so good it will bring tears to your eyes), all displayed in crystal clear hi-definiton widescreen video with perfect sound and heroic camera work, so you can see every finger waggle. Every track is a winner, and the awe-inspiring final song 'In The Name of God' (which contrary to its title is in fact an anti-religion track) is as perfect a climax as could ever be wanted.
The second disc is more for those interested in the technical side of making music like this, with interviews with band members and great rehearsal footage. Portnoy's drum solo is also exceptional, and shows that despite his hairy scary exterior the sticksman has a great sense of humour and some great ideas too.
Lets say it outright: Dream Theater are the most talented band on Earth. Those who have seen this DVD will back up this fact, and those who haven't seen it aren't worthy of an alternate opinion until they have. I watch segments from this DVD every day, and every time it puts a massive smile on my face. I cannot hype up this DVD enough, do yourself a favour and buy it to see the magic for yourself
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on 8 January 2006
I bought this knowing it would be good but this is just amazing. No faults in it whatsoever. Sound quality is brilliant, camera angles are always perfect, bonus disc is really cool too (Portnoy's drum solo especially), and the best part of this DVD is that every musician gets credit for what theyre actually doing i.e. when Petrucci is playing the best guitar solo on the planet, the camera properly focuses on him. The contrast between this DVD and others such as the Scenes from New York is a big one. No goofy and pants editting for a start; this is just a straight out amazing live DVD!
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on 10 September 2013
Saw some short review in a magazine that this was ok. I got no idea because I havent even heard about the group, but review also told about the genre. Im open minded to new things in music so I ordered. I had received 5 BDs that dayand I just checked them all slightly because I wanted to play the best one that evening. I have almost not played Heavy metal for 20 years now, hard rock fit me better. Thought this one was to hard for me so I left it for some weeks. Amazon asked me to review my orders, of course then I must check it first. Wow, not bad, not to hard, and progressive and varying enough to keep my attension. After 3-4 songs I gave 4 stars.

AUDIO was exellent. PICTURE was only very good, but considering it was recorded well over 2 years before first Blue-ray (movie) appeared to customers I can call it exellent DVD. There were some songs or parts of songs not so fantastic, but when you get ap. 4 hours of music you can just skip some parts, still its a very good bargain.

I ended easily up with 5 stars and have already preordered next BD from them, with release date 4.nov. 13
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on 9 December 2004
This DVD is the best one i own. John Petrucci is on awesome form, i recommend this to all guitarists.The solos are textbook and really kick ass!. His solos on Hollow years,Goodnight kiss are amazing. Minor niggles were the cameraman didn't always focus on John's hands during the solos, but this is made up for on the bonus material. On Instrumedley John is on angle 4, and features his whole performance on Instrumedley. Again blistering solo work. The production is top class, the images are cyrstal clear. As an aspiring musician this is a must own for any musician. I got this two days ago and i can't stop playing it. Well done dreamtheater!!.
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on 18 January 2005
At last DT release a live DVD that lives up to expectations. Production quality is first rate and unlike most 2 disc DVDs the extras are worth watching (especially the Mike Portnoy solo).
Having seen them at Hammersmith at the beginning of this tour I was hoping for a reminder of what they had played, with the exception of a couple of songs its pretty much the same. Previous live releases of Dream Theater have tended to catch James LaBrie not exactly at his best but this does.
If your in to DT. BUY IT!!!
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on 10 January 2012
I bought this dvd of Dream Theater because I have never seen them play live. In fact I only started listening to them in 2009 when my husband bought Dark Clouds and Silver Linings. I think I must have been living in a cave or somewhere to have missed ever hearing much about this band. However, I just can't get enough of listening to their music now and am looking forward to seeing them play in London this year. I wonder if they have not got such public adoration as some bands, because of the content of a lot of their tracks. I find some of their music very inspiring and humbling to listen to and think maybe they are quite religious? I found that they are a super Men's Stainless Steel Cut-Out Superman Pendant & Free Chain - Length 60cmsband for listening to but apart from playing (absolutely superbly), I thought maybe they don't quite have the stage presence of, eg Metallica or Iron Maiden. I love this band and am gutted that Mike Portnoy has left and I won't get the chance to see him play when I see them in February, although I am looking forward immensely to seeing them, I can only compare the new drummer, as a poor replacement, rather like Brian Johnston replacing Bonn Scot in AC/DC. But this is detracting from reviewing This dvd. I love their music, they are as interesting to watch as Pink Floyd or Gary Moore was, but getting to see them is the whole point of having a DVD. Being a short person, I never get to see anything on stage when I see a live band, so yes it is good to see them playing but not so good to see James Labrie when he is singing. I thought some of the camera work could have been better co ordinated, and more of John M and John P. Altogether a good selection of tracks, though not my favs, probably if I had followed them from their start I would know and love the earlier albums better.
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on 30 March 2013
For those who follow Dream Theater, we know that DT are the masters of Progressive Rock and have led a 25-year career with a limited but cult-like following. DT never adapted to the commercial elements of rock with complex musical creations and very lengthy numbers but they were recognized finally with the Grammy nomination after their most recent album. This particular show, although it is not very recent, is the only Blu Ray disc available for DT and I bought it because I wanted to have the superior sound quality of the Blu Ray. I was not disappointed - it sounds terrific and I now have the DVD and the Blu Ray concert of my favourite Prog Rock band in a very interesting venue in Japan. I am only looking forward to more Blu Rays coming up from recent DT concerts.
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on 9 January 2005
I can honestly say that I am a big Dream Theater fan. I have all their albums and all their DVD's. First I bought the album (because it came before the dvd) and I was very excited about it. I bought the DVD the second it came out and I must say I became even more excited. The konsert is one of the best I have ever seen and I can't wait until the next live DVD comes. the DVD is packed with all the best songs of Dream Theater (as: Hollow Years, Beyond This Life, Pull Me Under, As I Am and many more) and it is all mixed together with astonishing keyboard, drum and guitar solos. If you are a fan of really good and powerful rock you have to buy this!
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on 20 August 2007
I've just got into Dream Theater and this is the first live DVD of theirs I've seen. It's very good - really well shot and editted, and the overall package with the 2nd disc is very comprehensive and informative.

One minor gripe though... as a guitar player it was slightly disappointing that John Petrucci's "guitar world" segment is about 60% shots of him playing solos you can't hear while he talks over them about his rig. Would have been more useful to see some of the stuff he's actually talking about!!
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