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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2015
Larry David is trying to pitch a new idea for a new TV show with his former Seinfeld star Julia Louis Dreyfuss and ends up in a series of embarrassing events and situations. Larry David is one of those guys who seems to have it all, rich, successful, good looking wife, a lot of friends but is constantly moaning about life and always getting into embarrassing situations sometimes not his fault and due to bad luck and other times due to his own shocking behaviour. He gets accused amongst others in this second season of being a wife beater, child molester, a stealer of forks at a restaurant and trips basketball star Shaq O'Neill at a major basketball game and ruins a baptism. As in the first season it's a show about nothing, following the same formula as Seinfeld except a lot meaner with more swearing and adult content with Larry David as himself on excellent and hilarious form with his long suffering wife Cheryl and agent and best friend Jeff along for the ride with various celebrities as themselves. No real plot, and only 10 episodes but each one sheer comic genius though probably best to avoid if you are easily offended. One of the best American sitcoms ever made.
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on 5 September 2017
After watching the first series on a very cheap second hand dvd, I had to buy the next series. Usually avoid American humour or film, but this is very funny.
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on 8 February 2012
Well to be honest, the first one I saw was Season 7(or 8?) when Larry 'accidently' killed a black swan which was a classic, the music and pace reaching the cilmax with his shocked 'I didn't know' expression while he was still holding up his golf club and the black feathers fluttering about had me and my sister on the floor as we could barely breathe. I really like his character and can totally sypmhatise with it majority of times as I go through similar calmaties like him! I definitely love the theme tune to it and the emphasise of the horn (or tuba) they use for the next scene as it gives you an impression 'oh no something is going to happen or Larry you really messed up big time!' Suzie is just the best! I love the way she insults her estrange husband and both him and Larry always look so dumbfonded like they don't know what She will say or sometimes DO next! How Cheryl manages to keep calm when Larry messes up, she must have a lot of patience, almost like me in a way!! But I won't be surprise when she finally snaps!
Thank you Mr David for giving me hope on not giving up on TV and making me smile with your wicked sarky comments on life. The current comedies they try to dish up is the same old formula and outcomes and I resort to watching vintage (friends excluded) ones instead. I shall now begin watching this and hopefully catch up with the current season soon! :)
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on 10 February 2014
this is one of the funniest shows around, it is not all the time I laugh at a television show but this you can help it, Larry David gets himself in so many awkward situations that makes you cringe. what can I say he has a way with people, f you watched the first series then this is a great to add to your collection.
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on 19 November 2013
Just an ordinary guy in a world gone mad with contrived manners and crazy political correctness.

Brilliant, beyond comedy other so called comic genius's should watch this and give up because they will only ever be pale imitations of the master.

Larry David has assembled a great cast of comic actors around him and is not afraid to let them run off on a tangent, which gives the comedy great depth.

Be warned this is infectious, you will want to get all series of "Curb" as Mr David is not afraid to plant a seed and let it grow and mature like a beautiful rose throughout the seasons
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on 15 October 2007
I am a massive fan of Curb your Enthusisasm and this series is possibly the best one. There are so many memorable episodes - my favourites are 'The Shrimp Incident' where Larry accuses an HBO executive of stealing some Shrimp and then says the C word at a poker game, before being accused of domestic violence, 'Shaq' where he trips up Shaquille O'Neal accidentally (I love the Richard Lewis quote 'It wasn't an assassination attempt for christ's sake'). 'The Doll' where he cuts a little girl's doll's hair... and 'The Baptism' where him and his wife Cheryl go to the baptism of his sister-in-laws soon-to-be husband and he starts a religious argument. I have gone into this much detail because I love the program so much and it makes me laugh through every minute of it. A must-buy if you don't already own it.
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on 13 July 2016
Different, certainly not to everyone's taste, but I find it hilarious.
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on 13 September 2013
Bought as a present off an Amazon Wishlist, which is always useful when you cannot think what to buy.
Not had any compliants so far so I assume it was a good watch!
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on 26 February 2016
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on 8 April 2017
Larry at his best
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