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Customer Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2004
Let me just start off by saying that I am a huge 6by7 fan, right from the beginning of 'These things we make' and 'get a real tattoo' (career highlight by far) They have always been that band, when people say, 'so what's your favourite band?' 'Six by Seven', 'Right! Heard of them, never got round to buying anything.' And after years of saying 'do it', I find myself still directing them to the first album, which, in my opinion they have never come close to matching.
04 is a good album; 'bochum' is perhaps the closest they have come to being joyous, hopeful even, while maintaining that precious 6by7 crunching tide. I just feel they have lacked the sinister edge that drew me into their debut. At points they have even imitated the first album - see drum beat on 'sometimes I feel like...' and 'European me'.
Saying that though, this is a different sound, more spiritualised than arab strap. Both of whom I love to bits. But for me 6by7 are, and have been for the last three albums, in a middle ground. they are not quite this, and not quite that, which in some respects is good ; no one likes to be pinned down. But for me it makes the sound confused and a little directionless.
Then again maybe this is the 'its never as good as the original' complex, so maybe I should just shut the hell up. If you don't own any 6by7 then remedy that situation, now. They are still a crucial band, despite my ramblings.
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on 13 October 2004
Fantastic new album by Six By Seven.
Yep, they're still here, and yep, they still havent made the big time. How is it possible, Especially with an album as good as this one??!!!!
To me it is just as good, if not better than their debut, 'The Things We Make'.
Six By Seven do have a different sound on this album (after all, there are only 3 of them now), although at the same time you can still tell its them. There is an apparent Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized similarty in sound on this album, which indeed is no bad thing.
Tracks such as 'Ocean', 'Catch The Rain' and 'Bochum' are instantly catchy. 'Bochum' is without a doubt their most upbeat track to date.
'Sometimes I Feel Like' does sound familiar, and does sound very Six By Seven, but a NEW Six By Seven.
I hope that great things finally happen to this band, and that they finally get the notice they so deserve.
Everyone buy this album now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 24 October 2004
I echo the previous reviewers by saying, "Why the hell aren't this band massive??"! This album shows them down to three members on a small indy label and putting out a less rocky feel as their previous two albums, but still awesome in scale. Possibly, the most accomplished sounding since their debut, with more spaced out electronica than their previous outings, possibly drawing the comparisons with Spaceman 3 and My Bloody Valentine, but still retaining that definitive 6x7 feel.
I'm going to see them live tonight, saw them a couple of years ago and was looking forward to it, but after hearing this album I can't bloody wait!
Come on people, buy this album and if you haven't got them, their other albums as well and help give this band the huge success they deserve!
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on 27 December 2004
The Nottingham trio continue to hammer out phantasms of exquisite, electronic brilliance while the indie world continues to not care/notice. A clear example, if one were needed, of just how unconnected 'cool' and 'brilliant' music are. Without ever having a record troubling the top forty Six. By Seven could release a best of which would electricute the opposition (except no-one would buy it). Working in waves rather than walls of sound, illustrating the difference between up-its-arse post-rock pretension and genuinly great ear-pulping electronica, '04' mesmirises rather than bores and comes equiped with an acute kick of feedback howl, if any nodding off does occur, suspending the listener bewtween blissful nirvana and convulsing ecstasy.
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on 20 December 2004
Awesome band, totally underrated: good, clean, in your face, under your skin, entertainment in fact.
Last saw 'em at the Bull & Gate making everyone's ears bleed over a dodgy PA and the thing is, even though the slimmed-down, diet-size Six By Seven favour pounding rhythms over glorious melodies, they still can't help but create these dirty, monstrous, epic sounds that BRMC would kill for.
And while 04 on the whole doesn't quite scale The Closer You Get-type heights, Catch the Rain & Ocean almost nearly do. And as for Bochum... well, THAT'S how you dismantle an atomic bomb, Nottingham-style.
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2006
The first three Six By Seven albums are all brilliant, but 04 was their poorest to date at the time. It's not that there isn't good stuff here - in particular, 'Bochum' is a vivid, dizzying rush that rides along on an almost Balearic beat and soaring major chord synths. The album divides into two rough types of track - those that are pretty primitive, crushing rockers, and those that branch out in a more electronica-influenced direction. In both categories, there are successes and failures. In the former, 'Ocean' is a tidal wave of gigantic proportions, bouncing along on a disorientating, Oriental synth line, while 'Sometimes I Feel Like...' revisits the sound of the first two albums but with more crushing intesnity that ever before. However, at times the tracks get everday and Six By Seven by numbers - in particular, 'Catch The Rain' and 'Say That You Want Me' offer nothing new.
On the more electronic side, opener 'Untitled' is the kind of building opener we've come to expect, but with new enhancements, and 'There's A Ghost' is a gorgeous sea of feedback and wistful meldoies. But pointless electronic interludes feel like filler, and aren't done with particular skill. Worst of all perhaps is 'Ready For You Now', presumably the attempt at the big single, but instead a thuddingly boring song with a lazy melody that sounds worryingly similar to DJ Otzi's 'Hey Baby', except encased in an absurd arrangement that sounds like a Six By Seven parody. Not even the production of Dave Fridmann can revive it.
Thus it's a mixed bag, and though they've never made an album which had a 100% strike rate, this one is particularly hit and miss, and with the possible exception of 'Bochum', every track on this album is worse than at least 20 songs you could count that they've done previously. It's a testament to their previous work rather than the mediocrity of this album, but by this point they had burned out, increasingly irrelevent even to the underground movement that championed them as the greatest underdogs ever once upon a time. If you go back to 'The Things We Make' after listening to this, you can immediately tell that, though the production is less explosive, the fire was far stronger. '04' is an OK album by a once-exceptional band.
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on 7 October 2004
~crikey !!! is anyone gonna give this band 'the break' that they deserve. i'm getting bored and frustrated of -
1. telling people how much i love this (and their other lps) album and them having no clue who they are...
and 2. people who DO know who they are calling them "the best kept secret" or "really under-rated" or "should be massive" etc, etc...
i was fortunate enough to get a copy of this lp yonks ago and for the last three months, listen after listen, it just gets~~ better.
Little Brian Eno/Boards of Canada bits blend in and out of big, loud, layered roaring anthems that U2 or Oasis would kill for...
it's a nice coherent variety that gives you a new favourite track each time you listen.
they've been comparred to Flamming Lips, Doves,Orbital, Primal Scream,My Bloody Valentine,Spaceman 3, Spiritualized, but Six by Seven have forged their own sound and style, and you'd be a fool to miss out...i'm not a jounalist, can you tell ?
p.s if you call~~ yourself a fan of the band get a review of this LP up here too.~
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on 20 January 2005
though they are just 3 members ,they manage to create wonderful tunes and the most important thing is they don't repet themselves they always go on in new directions.this album is less punk/pixies then "the way i feel" and more can/boards of canada influenced..but always rock dream'n roll!!!!
buy these album...they created their own label to publish this album..is the best thing you can do!!!! cheers
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