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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2005
Scarface is one of those rare, rare film experiences you'd be hard-pushed not to enjoy. Brain De Palma's 1983 remake of the 1930's flick had all the ingredients of a classic: a great script, a defining soundtrack and a leading actor in his all-time prime. Al Pacino's performance as Cuban gangster Tony Montana has now almost received iconic status among film fans. Few would deny that Pacino's take on cocaine-snorting Montana is not one of his career best. Scarface is seen nowadays as one of the top gangster films, maybe not in the same ilk as say The Godfather, but still a thoroughly entertaining piece of cinema. This 2 Disc Special Edition, although not loaded with features, still should be part of any respectable DVD collection out there.
For those unfamiliar with the story, Scarface follows the path of Tony Montana, a charismatic Cuban refugee, who arrives in Miami looking for the American dream. Tony's up-front and tough personality makes him go right to the top of the cocaine underworld. However, no one, as they say, stays at the top forever. There are consequences to his success, and as Tony learns, money and power can't give you everything. A special mention should go to Michelle Pfeiffer, who superbly plays Tony's love, in what was her first major film role.
The sound and picture quality was in my eyes the highlight of this DVD package. The new digital transfer was near flawless, and the comparisons between this and the old VHS are unbelievable to be honest. Hearing Pacino talk so clearly in that hilarious accent of his was a delight and the famous 'Say Hello To My Leetle Friend' ending blows you away with all the sound.
The extras shown on disc 2 are not in abundance, but what you get here is quality not quantity. You have some decent documentaries with recent interviews with Pacino, De Palma and scriptwriter Oliver Stone. I must stress they are not very long, but don't let that put you off. You get some really fascinating information about the making of the film (including Stone's trip to South America!), that more than satisfied me.
Scarface is a tremendously powerful, violent and moving film which is made by a really talented team on and off camera. It is loaded with famous scenes throughout which Pacino makes his own, once you see Scarface you'll never forget it. If you are wanting to own a genuinely brilliant piece of 80's cinema, you have came to the right DVD package. Do yourself and your collection justice. You won't look back.
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on 12 November 2015
what can I say that Has not been said about scar face its a title that truly deserves the status of cult classic this film the godfather and others solidified Al Pacino as the ultimate gangster, the film oozes style, has a great story based initially of true story then the rise and fall of Scarface begins in the most fantastic visual style, the acting is good, the action is over the top, it becomes crazy up in this film watched many times and enjoy every time.
Recommend to all gangster film lovers this is stylish dramatic, action packed, full of thrills and spills and has plenty of yaho sorry cocaine from Columbia also we have one of the great bad guy performances ever well everyone's a bad guy but some have more style, and the ending goes down as the most cult ending ever seen even Rambo couldn't kill as many as Scarface does not joking. forget pulp fictions gore
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on 23 September 2011
I'm not going to review this moive as everyone knows it's an oustanding film. I would like to just quickly comment on that the picture quality and 7.1 dts sound is stunning. It would of been nice in some night time scene's to see abit more attention to detail with grain's and dark black's. But that is very, very slight complaint. Extra's are good not oustanding but very solid.

However, this moive review is really to question the people that have discredited this movie. The people who rate this poorly state that it is over the top and too violent etc etc. But if they actually had a brain cell, they would realise that the whole point of the film, is for that very reason. Going from the music, to the fashion, to al pacino's voice, to the violence, that cocaine is like gold. The whole movie is a metaphor for the time in Miami in the 80's, time of excess.

Find it quite embarassing for people to slag of an oustanding movie, when they havent got a clue in the reasons why it's a so called 'bad movie'.
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on 29 April 2005
When i watched this movie i sat in total disbelief at the pure beauty of it and when it ended i stood up and clapped as the cinematic class of this movie had pushed it into my top 5 movies of all time. I have watched all the good and excellent gangster movies but this one stood out like no other.
It stood out for a reason. The reason was that it seemed more closer to modern day and didn't just involve italian mob members it involved the crinimal underground of the miami shoreline. The cocaine driven crinimal underworld is corrupted when Cuban Tony Montana trys to work his way out of poverty to be the ruler of the crinimal life in miami. He eventually makes it to the the top by being one of the most ruthless gansters ever depicted on film.
The music is unique and very fitting for the 80s setting given to the film. The music is weird when you first hear as you feel astonished like your in the 80s but you soon get used to it and then love it. It is the basis of what the award winning 5 star game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City used for its soundtrack.
This film is not for the faint at heart as directer Brian De Palma 3 times had the film rejected because it had and X-Rated certificate. He literally had to take the people who give the certificates out to court.
I am writing a scarface review so i am going to have to say it "say hello to my leeetle friend". That is but one of the classic lines in this film and after it you will be thinking that same line over and over agin.
The reason you will not hear this film praised with any awards like academy awards and golden globes is because the critics hated its very grusome betrayal of gangs in miami. Ths is a stupid reason for not praising it as brilliant as after extensive research oliver stone (screenplay) found many stories in miami about chainsaw murders and mass murders.
Al pacino is easily my favourite actor of all time. I loved him in the Godfather and Donnie Brasco but in this he really does excell himself and make a point that he should be definitely held side by side amonst the best actors of all time. Al pacino is envied by the biggest of hollywood stars about this movie as many actors like Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise always do impressions of mob leader Tony Montana
Although grotesquely brutal this movie could teach kids good lessons that crime does not pay as when he gets to the top of the underworld his life coorupts through cocaine and he ends up killing the ones he loves and watching ones he loves die in crossfire.
The Special edition version of the film is worth buying over the original one disk version as it costs the same and you get the interesting techniques used to create this stunningly interesting epic movie.
This film is a remake of the original scarface which if you happen to stumble across is worth buying as it has a different storyline and is acted brilliantly and has some memorable scenes.
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on 26 August 2016
Easily one of my top 5 films of all time. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and watch it before they release the remake (yes, there's a remake in the works). This film is also home to some of the most memorable scenes and lines of dialogue in film history. Be warned though, this film pulls no punches. Gore, violence and bad language ahoy. So don't show it to your children. If you're an adult and aren't easily offended, go for it. You won't regret it!
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on 29 March 2004
Scarface, introduces Antonio Montana (Al Pacino), a Cuban immigrant with an untraditional perspective on achieving the American dream.
Montana starts as a low level thug, who works his way up the organised crime chain.
Slowly he begins to create a reputation for himself, however his determination is never far apart from his rashness and overconfidence.
Despite being nearly three hours long this films does not seem to drag, for this credit must be given to both Pacino ability to carry the film with a memorable performance and the script itself
Despite being contoversial at the time for its violence, there are far more violent and disturbing films available on DVD (Last house on the left springs to mind)
The films greatest strength is the acting of Pacino who provides some memorable lines.
His character was reasonably complex, just when a viewer begins to feel sympathy for him, he makes everyone remember why gangsters don't make good friends.
Al Pacino gives an unforgettable performance as Tony Montana.
From the start he begins to set his sight on bigger and better things, eventuallty reaching the top of the crime world.
Scarface is really a must see film if you have any interest at in crime/gangster style films or if you are a Pacino film.
If you have seen Pacino's other gangster films such as Carlito's Way, Donnie Brasco and the Godfather trilogy - I guess you probably have seen this one as well, but if you have not then i thouroghly recommend this. I bought the orginal version on DVD - not this special edition however the quality of the film itself can easily justify a purchase.
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on 25 July 2006
Scarface is a 23 year old masterpiece directed by brian de palma and is so influential that it defined a decade in some ways,in terms of the fashion that main character tony montana(al pacino) wore and the music and the era of the drug industry that also defined the 80s.

The story revolves around the actual event of cuba throwing its prisoners onto boats headed for america and the film picks up on thgis idea and invents the character of montana who along with friend manny enter america as illegal immigrants and through a chain of events rise up to head an organisation that smuggles drugs.But just as life seems cosy for montana a war erupts among a rival drug lord and the violence really kicks in and if you ever wondered what a death by chainsaw looks like,it is here in all its glory.This is a film that certainly glorifies violence and creates a cool guy who is also a real nasty piece of work,the film is iconic with great quotable lines and a new generation has embraced this fully,so its legacy is safe and in terms of being a masterpiece,yes this is clearly one of the great movies of all time.
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on 22 November 2015
I have to say, after seeing this film all I wanted to do was watch it again! This is one of those films that you get something new from every time you watch it! This is my fav film by afar and I just want to say, if you haven't seen this film, watch it!
Pacino is outstanding (really..... Outstanding) and this is his tour de force performance! If u have watched this many years ago, I urge you to watch it again as you will see it differently! If only all films were like this!
This film screams out the corruption of gangster life by using strong language and the use of drugs.

Now for the dvd: great 2 disc dvd (I have 460+ dvds and this is one of my fav) nice artwork and great extras for an outstanding film!!!

To conclude, you can pick this film up relatively cheap on amazon and I say its a must for any dvd collection as this is a truley remarkable film! A*****
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on 8 July 2004
Well on of Al Pacino's greatest films ever.Plenty of action in this.Great storyline.A classic.One of the best accents ever as well.This film rocks from start to finish.
This film is a great conversion from the even older version about an American involved in the Mafia.It keeps true to the old version and is even better!
The extras on this DVD are great and at moments funny.You get to see when Scarface was put on TV and all swearing had to be cancelled out (there is ALOT of swearing in Scarface)!There's also interviews and even a hip-hop section!
Briefly:This film is great and if you don't mind swearing and violence then this film is for you!If you get quezy at the sight of blood or can't stand swearing then avoid this at all costs.Still a fab film!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 26 September 2005
Having seen the previous Scarface (starring Paul Muni) many years ago, I was curious to see what director Brian De Palma would do with what I incorrectly assumed to be essentially similar material. In fact, De Palma co-authored a script (with Oliver Stone) and created a film which shares almost nothing in common with its predecessor. Al Pacino is brilliant as Tony Montana, a vicious and impoverished Cuban immigrant who eventually becomes a wealthy drug lord in Miami. Along the way, he eliminates or alienates family members and friends as well as his underworld enemies. Montana's destiny is perhaps summarized by the ancient aphorism "live by the sword....die by the sword." For me, the most memorable scene involves a power saw in the bathroom of an apartment in which a drug deal fails. Others include Tony's sudden acts of violence in response to real or imagined threats to his supremacy ("manhood") and the final sequence when his heavily-guarded mansion is invaded by assassins as he snorts his way through a mound of cocaine on his desk. Steven Bauer is especially effective as Montana's best friend Manny. Other strong performances are provided by Michelle Pfeiffer (Elvira), Robert Loggia (Frank Lopez), and F. Murray Abraham (Omar). This is among the nastiest and bloodiest of gangster films. There is a rationale for most of the violence in the Godfather films whereas in this Scarface, Montana's behavior seems instinctive and is therefore more upsetting. (The same is true of the characters played by Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and Casino.) In 1932, director Howard Hawks wanted to portray a fictional character (Tony Clamonte) based on Al Capone without in any sense romanticizing the criminality which the real "Scarface" personified. Decades later, De Palma examines with surgical skill how the American Dream for so many immigrants becomes an American Nightmare for Montana and for almost everyone with whom he is associated.
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