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on 2 January 2013
I wanted a set to introduce my young (7 year old) son to the joys of Monopoly, and was about to buy a regular new set when I saw this on Amazon. I wanted a set with £ sterling and a 'traditional' look (like the sets I used in the 70's) and this fits the bill perfectly.

The wooden box is well made and great for keeping the money and cards in (it has handy grooves to allow the 'bank' to stack the money ready to use). The play board itself seems to be a good size (some other review had said it was smaller than normal - but without another to compare against, it seems fine to me - and is certainly perfectly playable.

The metal pieces are as I remember them and the whole experience is of a well made product. Yes, the money might be on slightly heavier grade paper, but that's about the only complaint I can think of.

To date, 2 games played - both of which were great fun and reminded me what a classic this is - and of course the younger generation needed little time to pick it up and show he's just as adept at putting Hotels on Park Lane, as he is playing a game on the Xbox. He won both games soundly, leaving his parents in need of a loan!

Despite that - a good game and purchase - Money well spent - recommended :-)
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on 23 March 2017
good item
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on 10 June 2017
Love it!
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on 31 October 2012
My girlfriend mentioned she enjoyed a game of Monopoly, I'd not played in years but always remembered it been quite fun with the family on a wet weekend.

As a surprise I decided to order a set and challenge her to a romantic Friday night game (oh what an exiting life we have!) At first I was settled on the standard classic monopoly which comes in a cardboard box - I imagine it would have a limited durability.

Just as I was hovering my cursor over "Add to Basket" I noticed this little beauty - it looked lovely from the pictures and so I decided to go mad and splash out a few extra quid for the "posh" set.

The wooden box is indeed very nice, with a great retro feel to it (which is what you might expect from something called the "Nostalgia Edition"!) and is very solid and well made - inside there are various compartments for tokens, cards and money etc to be packed away - as well as grooves to place money and title deeds in order, for the ease of use of the banker, during a game.

The game board is very study, well detailed and folds away neatly in the box.

The houses and hotels are made of nicely textured wood as opposed to cheap plastic and the tokens are made of solid metal which has a very good quality feel to it.

The monopoly money - well that's just monopoly money! Nothing much seems to have changed.

A couple of minor drawbacks -

The main one - the houses are a little too big for the game board, when you build 4 houses on one square, they don't quite fit and about half the end house goes onto the next square, looking like you have built on "community chest" or whatever - this does look very untidy and I'm always tempted to mortgage some property in order to build hotels ASAP, so I don't have to look at the messy board.

Nitpicking - The "chance" and "community chest" cards are a little too small, fiddly and not that clearly marked - I seem to remember they were bigger in my parents older set in the 90's. However this is a minor complaint and hardly worth mentioning (and yet I have!).

All in all though great set and it's seeing some pretty heavy use at the minute as Donna has yet to beat me in a single game - most likely due to my aforementioned OCD with the hotels!
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I'd originally ordered the basic version of Monopoly, having been bamboozled by the baffling number of editions of this popular game. The order was delayed as it was out of stock. But as I saw the link again, I clocked sight of this "Nostalgia Edition", and decided to change my order.

I could not have made a more wise decision. This is THE version of Monopoly to get. Too often you will see people drag out a battered and beaten more commonly-seen variant of this game, but this edition demands more respect. The box itself is well-crafted with butterfly-jointed corners and a nice sliding lid. The board is a 2-fold split kind, making the box about half the size of the normal game box. The individual player pieces are nice to handle and look at, and the cards have got a pleasingly authentic feel to them.

The box is out on display on a side-table and always gets attracting glances from guests.

Don't buy the common version! Spend an extra £tenner.
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on 15 August 2015
I love monopoly. I probably just had very high expectations. The box and houses are made of wood... The the notes or cards are not special enough for a premium edition
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It is very hard to find an original style, good quality monopoly set. I didn't want to pay £66 for this and you can't get it anywhere else now, so bought a mint one on ebay which was as new - I was lucky - it didn't smell awful or fusty like some second hand games do. Meanwhile I had found the nostalgia version in a tin which seems to be exclusive to John Lewis at present. So I ended up with both sets. Oh decisions decisions. So here is a comparison

Wood nostalgia set:
1) Proper board. Yes it is very slightly smaller but not noticeably so. But the board is exactly the same as our 1983 deluxe monopoly (which had got a bit moth eaten). With the green trains and the pound sterling signs and the correct colours for the properties.
2) Everything else nice quality.
3) Smaller money (not so keen on that)
4) Very plain chance and community cards.
5) Dice - Ivory coloured - very small

Nostalgic version in tin
1) Proper board - except it has the black icon train instead of the pictorial green trains, but does have £ sterling and correct colours for properties. Same size board as wood version.
2) Everything else nice quality - same tokens (except pewter coloured instead of brass coloured).
3) Smaller money again (the same).
4) Much nicer chance and community cards with little pictures from the 1930s printed on the side with the instruction. Same size cards.
5) Property cards same size but a different type face which looks a bit nicer and more traditional - but the mortgage side printing is in black and not red like it is in the wood box edition.
6) Dice - ivory coloured - slightly bigger - better size.

Houses and hotels are the same in both - wood and same size.

So I was going to keep the wood box set I bought "mint" second hand and send the John Lewis tinned version back. Because I prefer the more traditional board with the green trains. And the wood box is very nice. But! I really like the chance and community cards in the tinned set - very nice and lovely artwork and very nostalgic. The ones in the wood box set are very plain. Which would mean keeping both sets. But we can't use both sets at the same time. If I had to choose one set I would choose the wood boxed set - for the board - which is as I remember it and the train artwork on the stations looks so much better. The Chance and Community cards are ok and everything else is much the same. But - I would like to buy some bigger money. And may buy yet another set (the 80th anniversary one) just for the money - as that works out cheaper than buying a set of traditional monopoly money separately. The smaller money is ok - it is just a game, but there is something nice about money notes actually being about the same size as real English money notes, which makes it feel more like money when you pay for things and earn money.

The reason I dismissed the classic set and 80th anniversary set were for the extremely annoying M for money with two slash dollar type lines through the M. Sorry - this is a board with London streets and stations and it needs a £ sign. Especially when you are teaching children what a £ sign is and about money.

What a shame they don't do a full sized nostalgic set. The anniversary edition would have been so much better with the correct colours for the property, traditional artwork, green houses and red hotels and the correct green trains. I might have accepted it being different, for a full sized, reasonable quality set - if it hadn't been for those dratted M's instead of £'s!!!!!!

Update: I decided to keep both sets - the tinned one is so nice and will make a travel edition - and I've swapped the chance and community cards over to the wood box set :-) We are also getting the Star Wars Monopoly for our 8 year old for Christmas and that has full sized money in (albeit with "Star Wars" written all over it) so no doubt he will want to use that money in this set - at least it'll be the right size!
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Presented in a durable wooden storage box, this is much closer in feel and styling to the vintage set of Monopoly that my brothers and I grew up playing at my grandparents' house. Gone are the flimsy, hollow, plastic hotels and houses that populate the standard version of the game, replaced with solid little wooden buildings. The playing pieces are nicely made and feel good to use.

However, despite the vintage theme to the design, the game has succumbed to modern trends in terms of property sizing. The cards and money are rather small - maybe two thirds the size of the regular edition ones - and can be quite fiddly. The playing board has also been cut down compared to a genuine vintage version in that it folds into quarters rather than in half, presumably to save on costs for the storage box.
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on 31 December 2012
Bought for a 25 yr old son for Christmas and he loved it.Almost true to the old models with great metal playing pieces and wooden houses and hotels.True to original colouring, property cards,community chest cards and chance cards.Beautifully packaged and prompt delivery. Highly recommend.
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on 2 December 2004
If you don't own a monopoly set this is the one to buy.
If you do own a modern monopoly set, send it down the charity shop and buy this one.
The houses and hotels are wooden, not squidgy plastic. The playing pieces are comfortingly heavy. The box is made of wood and the cards are made of card that is robust enough to actually withstand more than two games.
It's really lovely to play. I'm not old enough to remember the 1930's but the lack of cheap flimsy plastic and bits that fall apart after 10 minutes took me back to my childhood. It just feels good.
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