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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2014
Robert Del Naja is not just one half of Massive Attack, he is in his own right a musical genius. He really understands the emotion that is required when composing various forms of sounds and how to manipulate those sounds to create previously un-heard forms. His style and work for me compares to great composers with the use of musical depth that many producers of modern music will never understand.

Great work 3d. From a fellow Bristolian Italian ;))
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on 6 September 2015
Massive Attack take on soundtrack duties - though here it's mainly 3D and Neil Davidge doing the work. Mostly plying the late nineties Massive Attack trade of grimy guitars, beats and moods, this has a down and dirty feel about it that probably works well for the karate dog movie it accompanies, but surprisingly works well on it's own terms too.

There are no stand-out tracks, as such, but the whole album has a coherent feel about it, doesn't outstay it's welcome, and creates a suitably tripped out, dubbed mood that sometimes explodes into angry beats, or soothes into some strong ambient atmospheres. Has the feel of a good night in after a great night out.

Which is what Massive Attack definitely do best.
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on 30 November 2004
This CD is a great piece of work and I reccomend it for those who not only enjoy the vocals of Massive Attack, but the atmospheric, full music itself. Every Massive Attack CD is different, and this one cannot be rated poorly because you expected another Mezzanine or Blue Lins. The purpose of Danny the Dog is backround music for a movie, and they did an excellent job in providing a full backround sound that does not hog the spotlight from the plot of the movie, but increases its meaning. I give Danny the Dog 5 out of 5.
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on 2 October 2005
This is the soundtrack Massive Attack have produced for 'Danny The Dog' (pre-release title) / 'Unleashed' (final release title in more 'suitable' American marketing speak).
It is not a traditional album release. As a soundtrack, it has a different format in its aural presentation: it is meant to support the film's visual and spoken narrative, whilst not taking precedence. However, it is far more than just 'background music', and is typically engaging, challenging and intensely creative in its own right.
I did find, however, that somewhat of a prequisite was to watch the film beforehand. This allowed for more of a personal connection to be established, and lent much more perspective.
As to the music: although consisting of, at times, a different sound, fans of Massive Attack will appreciate this I'm sure. It contains the same level of consistency that MA seem to put into all they do, while always pushing new ideas, keeping things fresh. If you're looking for a 'Blue Lines' duplication, you won't find it here. But then, we've all had 'Blue Lines' already. This is something uniquely different!
Another interesting point is that, at this time, this release on Wild Bunch Records (MA's own indie label) is half the price of that offered by Virgin Records (based on the 'Unleashed' title). Higher costs due to less efficiency? More greed? More grease for this somewhat inefficient machine? I'll leave it to you to decide!
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on 14 July 2005
On the weekend my fascination for Mezzanine was rekindled after watching Snatch, and hearing the Angel song. For a few days I had the amazon music sampler open at mezzanine, getting a small fix when I needed. But the draw was too much, I went down to the local music shop (sorry amazon :) and looked for Mezzanine. They didn't have it, but they did have this. So kerching went the cash register, and off I went and listened to it at work.
On first listen only two songs immediately grabbed me (7&20), but on subsequent listens, more and more songs revealed themselves to the point where I now love this soundtrack very much. They might not sounds like much on the music sampler, but in the context of the album, they sound great!
Definitely worth its place in your CD collection. If only Danny the Dog was a more popular movie. Then this would be like what 'Run lola run' was to 1999, or what 'requiem for a dream' for 2001 - the sound track to have.
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on 6 October 2004
This has appeared rather quickly given Massive Attack's generally fairly slow rate of work, but the speed of the albums appearance hasn't affected the work at all - so the question begs, more albums quicker in future?
Anyway, as is well reported this is a soundtrack to a new Luc Besson film, of which I know nothing about. But as an independent piece of music it is interesting. The album opens with a pretty heavy sequence, something that wouldn't sound too far out of place with Nine Inch Nails (say Head Like A Hole). Within a couple of shortish tracks this has neatly transistioned to a very mellow piece that you might hear from someone like Craig Armstrong (who has connections with Massive Attack I believe) - so we have gentle keyboard motifs with strings coming and going. It isn't until about half way through the album that we hear music that is more what you would expect from Massive Attack.
On the whole an interesting and pleasent album, but if you want Teardrop or Unfinished Sympathy then this may not be for you.
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on 14 October 2004
No need to introduce Massive Attack, so let's get straight to the point. Deep inside I was hoping for some brand new trademark Massive Attack tracks... but ended up quite disappointed. I haven't seen the movie and know very little about it but, all in all, most of the [very short & disparate] 21 tracks are nothing more than supporting acts to, I suppose, key moments of the film.
Great soundtracks speak to you, whether or not you've seen the movie. They make you dream, hope, fear, cry, feel! Sadly enough I didn't feel much listening to this CD. So then, why 3 stars?! Well... my last hope is that when I see the movie, I'll appreciate & understand this album a bit more...
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on 25 January 2005
Haunting, Techno, Tremendous! No it's not Teardrop or Unfinnished sympathy - Sargent Pepper was not Please Please me or Help! It was better!
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