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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Knight Rider: Series 1 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£9.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 14 November 2017
Straight back to young adulthood with this. This was as much a part of the 80's as Airwolf and the A Team. I remembered some of the episodes but it was great to see them. The problem with anything technology based is that it ages within a few years, but some of that was well avoided by having a classic car and a talking computer. Great fun and Hasselhoff did a good job. It's fun entertainment and at a price that's seriously good value.
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on 27 September 2017
very good item
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on 12 June 2006
Knight rider was, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite USA T.V. series of the early to late 1980s. Well, what 5 year old boy would'nt love a talking car, with lots of amazing gadgets and a good crime fighting David Hasselhof always coming out on top and foiling criminals plans? Now, 20 years later, a friend lent me this box set. I sat down to watch it, attempting to revive those memories. The result was one of mixed emotions. I still think it remains the best series of the times but, as i thought, it has aged badly. For instance, check out the early computer game style pictures on K.I.T.T.'s dash-board, the cheesy acting and the sometimes quite ridiculous story lines. The included T.V. movie, KNIGHT RIDER 2000, was an attempt to relaunch the story to a new generation but lacked the charm of the original series and as such nothing became of it. In short, this certainly won't convert anybody new to the series but for those who remember, know and loved the original series, its worth owning for its time.
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on 8 February 2005
Just purchased this set of DVD's, outstanding value. Very impressed with the quality of the DVD's, due to other reviews i was unsure what to expect.
This car still impresses me, it appears so futuristic and i can remember it from 20 years ago when i was a young boy. I even think the black pontiac still looks cool when you see it all glossed up on screen.
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on 27 April 2006
Knight Rider had it all action adventrue and a supercar many spinoffs have sprouted from the classic TV show some bad and some good more bad than good but this boxset is good it has many extras plus the movie which is a good extra and spinoff but there is a lot of KITT left which lets it downI think a series from that movie would work.
There is a second boxset out I think ever extra was put into this boxset.
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on 13 September 2004
Since I have been an avid Knight Rider fanatic since I was six years old, I picked up the first season DVD boxed set on release day. I have to say, I am very impressed. You might expect a $40 set of DVDs from a campy '80s TV show to be equally campy in their presentation (think Columbia House's own Knight Rider DVD knockoffs), but you'd be wrong. This is a top-quality set. There's a good number of cool extras, the menus and navigation are fantastic, and the video and sound quality of the episodes themselves are astounding. Knight Rider DVDs are finally here, and to my great relief, they did them RIGHT.
The four discs in this set are double-sided, so the publishers were able to save money on the cost of printing discs, keeping the price of the set low. Points to them for that. When you first load up a disc, the unforgettable KR theme music starts and your options are provided in a cool, perspective-shifted layout that has an effect like KITT's scanner behind it. Once you choose which of the episodes you want to watch (there are four episodes per side of each disc), you are presented with a brief synopsis, original air date, and a still image before you dive in. This is GREAT. I'm also a Star Trek fan, and I have to say that Paramount's menus and navigations on the TNG and Voyager DVDs are horrendous compared to this. Knight Rider has got the kind of DVD menus that all DVDs should have. Animated, colorful, yet still very fast to navigate through and full of all the information you need.
Visually, the episodes look stunning. Both the audio and video tracks have been remastered, and all of KITT's electronics, glossy black paint and Michael's goofy grins are more sharp and clear than they've ever been, even in 1982. The sound track is unbelievable. Occasionally the sound quality is so good, I wonder if they've actually dubbed in new foley in places. But I think that's just a trick of the ears, as all of the effect seem to be original, they just sound...BETTER. The mixing is perfect, too. And the best part? They didn't screw around with anything, change any content, cut anything out, or fix any bloopers. It's just classic Knight Rider, complete and uncut, and totally "un-fooled-around with." These are the original cuts of each episode as aired on NBC in the '80s, and they contain footage which (unless you have the Columbia House tapes) hasn't been seen since, due to syndication and commercial edits.
One other thing I must add here is that ALL of the episodes from Knight Rider's first season are included. My biggest disappointment with the Columbia House release of the show is that they remastered only a handful of episodes from the series' four-year run. This set contains the entire first season of the show in its entirety, presumably with the complete seasons two, three and four to follow.
The extras are great, too. There are interviews with David Hasselhoff, Glen Larson and even Stu Phillips (who, together with Glen, composed the infamous Knight Rider theme). Speaking of the theme, there's even an entire extra devoted to how the theme music was created, which was awesome for someone who loves the KR soundtrack (like I do). My only complaint was that Don Peake, the talented man who used Stu and Glen's theme to score probably 85% of the show's episodes, was never mentioned.
The bonus fourth disc includes some more nice interviews, some nifty blueprints of KITT's dash, scans of set designs, and even the entire Knight Rider 2000 movie that aired on NBC in 1991! Additionally, "Knight of the Phoenix," the show's pilot episode, has a commentary track available, featuring the voices of Glen Larson and David Hasselhoff. (David's really hamming it up.)
This is the DVD boxed set that any Knight Rider aficionado absolutely must own. The producers of this set are to be congratulated for putting together a real quality product. Now I'm waiting for the next three seasons to arrive on DVD too!
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on 27 April 2017
Bought for a friend
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on 28 July 2017
Good dvd. Peter
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on 10 March 2017
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on 9 March 2005
This Boxset is worth it's weight in gold.
It's the type of series that takes you back to when you were a kid on a saturday evening at tea-time & you'd wish that once you were old enough to drive, your car could be as cool as K.I.T.T.
The special features are excellent, especially the commentary between the shows star David Hasselhoff & it's creator Glen A. Larson.
The two men obviously have fond memories of the show & Hasslehoff is genuinely funny as he makes no bones of having to play second fiddle to the car.
All in all a great boxset, one I'd recommend to anyone.
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