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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 December 2009
One could call "Ghoulies" a cheap and nasty monster movie from the mid 80's, but if you look further you will see an epic of unimaginable proportions containing not only the most horrific creatures ever seen on film but also a roller coaster of a plot hell bent on beating the s**t out of you until you can no longer resist the opportunity to scream with fear at it's immeasurable, total unshakable knack of scaring you witless whilst simultaneously making you laugh like a banshee.

I wouldn't want to spoil the meticulously planned plot for you, but suffice to say you would never see coming the copious amounts of midgets, monsters, zombies, black magic, and sunglasses with wipers. This is truly the 80's at its best!

If you've never got round to seeing "that movie with the monster popping out of the toilet I used to see whenever I slunk down to my local video shop circa 1985" buy this very reasonably priced DVD which also includes the worthy sequel and sit back, eat some monster munch, and drink in every dated but somehow warmly loved classic from the that grainy era when you had to rewind before you returned.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 April 2012
To fully appreciate Ghoulies/Ghoulies 2, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. Such as, do I like cheesy, eighties horror, like Troll and Demons? Can I ignore the fact that the monsters are actually just puppets (albeit well-made puppets)? And am I looking for high-brow, quality entertainment, or am I just after a silly giggle?

If you like eighties horror, don't mind puppets and are looking for a laugh, Ghoulies and Ghoulies 2 might just be for you. They come as a pair. The first film shows how the `Ghoulies' (rubber demonic puppets just to clear that one up) were brought to our world then part 2 shows where they go next.

I found them both a lot of fun. I even go as far as to say that part 2 is better than the first (although, seeing where Ghoulies set the bench mark, that's not hard).

They're not Shakespeare, but they're probably still better than any of the Transformers franchise. Meow!
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on 25 March 2012
This was quite an entertaining double feature, Ghoulies and it's sequel Ghoulies 2 are a perfect example of cheesy low budget 80's horror. It's basically the poor man's Gremlins, with evil muppets running wild and wreaking havoc. And it's loaded with camp too. Although the first film does get a bit tedious and dull for a while the sequel was great fun just as long as you don't take them seriously. The material is handled well though. I think they knew the limits of what they could do, and never attempted to cross them and the score done by Richard Band was great. The two films were also released by Charles Band's defunct film company Empire Pictures. The first film is about a couple that get this new mansion since Johnathan Graves has inherited it, the caretaker Wolfgang knows all about Johnathan's history since he rescued him from his Father when he was going to sacrifice him. Soon Johnathan finds a book about magic and finds himself obsessed in finding the power and the knowledge, in the basement he finds his Father's robe and spear and at night he summons the Ghoulies, little creatures that will serve the master who woke them. They end up killing a few party guests and its up to Johnathan to try and stop them. I must admit that the humor was pretty stupid, but some of it's amusing. Some good creepy moments. Unintentionally humorous because it takes itself so seriously and it has some decent effects. This first installment is not one of the greatest cheesy 80s horror films you could find, but it's still worth a look if that's your thing. And if you do find yourself enjoying it like I did, then I recommend you check out part II because it's actually better. Ghoulies II is a great sequel to the original Ghoulies. You've got sweet special effects, cool looking ghoulies (I especially liked the giant one in the film's climax) and a decent story line. The Ghoulies escape and go to a carnival and cause chaos. It's got some gory parts too, one clown get's his arm eaten off. It's not really scary, but hilarious. It's like a dark horror comedy. Then you've got the hilarious part with a ghoulie that gets a guy when he's on the toilet. This is probably my favorite movie in the Ghoulies series and I highly recommend you check this one out. It's one of those great B movies from the 80's that can be watched over and over again, almost like a fun guilty pleasure.
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on 2 May 2015
Throw out the old Double feature dvd version of Ghoulies

Scream factory have released both films now on blu-ray as a Double feature
both Ghoulies films have been given the same High Definition treatment in 1:85:1 widescreen
and i tell you the picture quality does look amazing for both films, very sharp & clear picture quality
better than the old dvd version that's for certain
plus new 5.1 Master audio mixes have been given for both films aswell
a massive improvement in sound quality than the old Dolby digital stereo mix
plus it doesn't stop there
new special features aswell
a new 30mins retrospective featurette FROM TOILETS TO TERROR
with executive producer Charles band, music composer Richard band, special make up effects man John vulich
who was part of John Beauchler's special effects team during the 80's
the only Actor interviewed is Michael Des barres who played the Satanic priest Malcolm Graves
for some reason Actress Lisa Pelikan, Actor's Peter Liapis & scott thompson were not interviewed
maybe they weren't available or Declined to be interviewed
still a very interesting 30mins
Director Luca bervovici who Directed Ghoulies was not interviewed for this featurette
however Luca does do an Audio commentary for the film
very interesting commentary aswell worth listening to
there's also Photo stills Gallery & Theatrical trailer

also has a new retrospective 15min featurette with Charles band and special make effects man Gino Crognale
plus a new interview with Actress Kerry remsen & some other actor from the film i forgotten his name,
still worth watching featurette
no new Audio commentary considering Charles band's father Albert band directed this sequel
so of course no new Directors commentary
but there's the usual stills Gallery & Theatrical trailer

scream factory's blu-ray's are region A locked so you'll need all regions player of course
so time to Upgrade for sure get this new blu-ray version of both Ghoulies films
you can get buy it from and get it shipped to the U.K.
5 stars for this new blu-ray upgrade
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on 15 July 2014
i bot this as i saw it years ago i wanted to see it agen enjoyed it agen to as i saw this when first come out on ghoulies s my favret band wasp sings the music to the end of that film i love that band been to see then live to so i like the film i no there 3-4-5- films to see i will get later i like my dvd so much thank you
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on 9 April 2013
Ghoulies 1 & 2 are those terrible types of Movies where you have to ask yourself, who made these and why, who thought this up, why would anyone think this was a good idea, and why am i watching it!!! But that is the point, they are so bad they are likeable simply for the silliness that they are, they are what i refer to as a Drunken mans Movie! Pointless Crap yet Entertaining, you either Love or Loathe them, me personally i like a good old Joke of a Movie from time to time. Enough said, give them a watch and have a laugh! enjoy........
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on 2 November 2013

Ghoulies is a thoroughly entertaining film. The only downside it has is he Ghoulies don't really attack anyone until near the end of a film.

The best kill in it is where the woman gets killed at the start by getting her heart ripped out.

I would rate this film 7/10.
Ghoulies 2

Ghoulies 2 is better than the first. I think it's very entertaining.

The best kill in it is where the priest at the start gets knocked in a barrel of toxic waste by a prehistoric thing.

I would rate this film 8.5/10.

Both these movies are on one disc.
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on 23 January 2008
Fair enough, this is a double pack, and also fair to say that Ghoulies 1 is slow, a little tedious in places, and appears to be quite dated now.
But if you're a fan of B movies, along the lines of Demonic Toys, Critters, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Puppet Master, then Ghoulies 2 will be a real treat!
Directed by the king of '80's schlock horror, Charles Band, it's a funny and entertaining romp with a few twists, and featuring B movie stalwart Royal Dano as the owner of a failing fairground attraction.
Without wishing to give the plot away, I'd say that it is one of the best of its ilk. closely can you seriously analize a monster movie?
The third outing..'Ghoulies 3- Ghoulies Go To College' is inferior to the second flick, despite a wonderfully eccentric performance from Kevin McCarthy.
To sum it up, if you like monster movies, you could do a lot worse!
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on 3 May 2013
Ghoulies one I could take it or leave it. It was slightly entertaining with an Ok story although I was slightly bored as the film dragged on.

Ghoulies 2 however I would give 5 stars if it was based on just that. You've got to see it, it had me in stitches!

I would buy this just for the 2nd film. :)
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on 2 March 2013
I remebered ghoulies 2 from a young age and even though there are some bloody bits, compared to todays TV it is nothing harsh. So much so I shared it with my 9yr old son who howled with laughter during most of the film. We both especially enjoyed the bad mans tiolet scene and he thought it was justice....
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