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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2012
Matt Dillon is smooth-talking bad boy Andrew Doyle, a drifter, who teams up with Wade Corey (Andrew McCarthy) on his travels. Corey is on his way to a wedding in NYC and decides to hide in a box car to get a free ride, not realizing Doyle is already aboard the train. The two become friends of sorts and stop off in a small Kansas town where Doyle supposedly knows some folks.

Doyle then involves Wade in an impromptu bank robbery. The entire town are at the annual carnival and Wade has little option when threatened with a gun. The unlikely sound of the bank alarm has the town on running. Both Wade and Doyle high tail it. They are split up and Wade hides the bag of money under a bridge; he remains in the area finding work on a local farm. Doyle is recognized and the police begin a search for one armed robber.

Some events happen at this point that change things: Wade saves a young girl from drowning and is pictured as a hero on the front page of the local newspaper; Doyle is on the run; the townspeople want Doyle for the robbery and Wade as a hero; Doyle wants the money and goes looking for Wade; Doyle can incriminate Wade in the robbery if he doesn't get his share; and Wade falls in love with Lori Bayles (Leslie Hope), whose father owns the farm where Wade is working, losing all interest in the money or of being hailed a hero.

The film inevitably ends in a showdown between Doyle and Wade.

Kansas is a decent thriller with a glorious rural backdrop. All the actors put in good performances: like a young James Dean Dillon fits easily into the bad boy role; McCarthy is always aptly cast as the nice guy. The plot is fairly conventional but offers enough twists and turns to maintain interest. Like Young Guns (1988), Kansas is one of the last films before the brat pack actors went their own individual ways. Cast: Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy, Leslie Hope, Kyra Sedgwick. Andy Romano, Arlen Dean Snyder, and Alan Toy.
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on 20 December 2014
Two 3 star reviewers nailed this film so I won't do a long review.
The music score (Italian) is horrendous.
Matt Dillon is method gone mad, so obviously influenced by James Dean but James Dean does James Dean best and a copy is a fake copy. But Dillon is convincing in the psychopath role.
Andrew McCarthy can't act in any film. He just plays some character who is virtually comotose. He shows emotion about 3 times in this film but sleepwalks through it. Yes, the ladies might love him but he is in the top 5 most boring actors of all time.
The ending is a real letdown. Did Hollywood put a gun to the director's head and force this stupid conclusion?

Having said all that, the seventies were the golden age of cinema in America and this film has a real 70's feel. The photography and editing are in places superb, some of the close ups are really beautifully framed.
If Kanas had a more negative ending or a more realistic ending and had a better score and some obvious clichés removed then it could have been a real cult classic.

As it is, it's an ok to goodish film but one really for fans of the two male leads. For 34 pence it's an ok buy, there is far worse out there.

Kind of recommended.
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on 30 December 2008
Andrew McCarthy plays a young man travelling to New York City for a wedding. When his car breaks down, he hops onto a passing freight train and falls in with a drifter played by Matt Dillon.

The drifter is on his way to his hometown and promises his new companion a warm welcome, fun times and good food. But while the townspeople are watching a parade and enjoying a festival, the drifter robs the local bank. In the first of several twists, Andrew McCarthy's character is not suspected of involvement in the robbery and in fact becomes a hero.

Although the script is good and the performances believable, the pace is slow and the plot depends on too many coincidences. The characters are depicted in broad strokes (there is the hooker with the heart of gold, a good girl who wants to be bad, the cynical politician, etc). The score is so schmaltzy I mistook this for a TV movie of the week production.

It is rare though to see Kansas on the big screen and especially filmed in such a loving way. The director took pains to find lush scenery, quaint small towns and gorgeous vistas. Many scenes were filmed in the golden evening light when the landscapes glows.

Special mention must also be made of Matt Dillon's star turn as the shifty ex-con who sheds his shirt at every opportunity.
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on 3 October 2015
A call out to the brat pack generation, if you have a soft spot for a bit of mannequinesque 'just a lovely guy - andrew mccarthy action'
this film will not disappoint. It'll make you smile..enough said.
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on 10 November 2013
In a nutshell: a drifter meets another drifter on a freight train, follows him, gets involved in a bank robbery and runs with the money. He hides the loot and inadvertently becomes the town hero when he saves a little girl from drowning; he goes to work on a farm and falls for the farmer's daughter, who's rich and spoilt and uses him as a bit of rough to get her thrills (or maybe she really falls for him?)... until his partner in crime tracks him down and demands his money and we sleepwalk to the inevitable conclusion.

There are good things and bad things about this film.

Good things:
1. The acting - convincing enough, you do feel for the main characters.
2. The photography - beautiful, especially the way it captures light; it gives a film a magical atmosphere.
3. Andrew McCarthy - as always utterly adorable. He carries the story well and is a convincing leading man.

Bad things:
1. Matt Dillon - it's not that he's not convincing. He plays his role fairly well, but his character is one-dimensional, without any real depth (not his fault).
2. The characters - sketched, there's no background or surprises to any of them. In particular Wade (Andrew McCarthy) leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions. Who is he? Where does he come from? Where is he going? What's in his past? Is he hiding something? Is he really the good guy? I actually would like to think that there is a dark side to him, one that the film is not willing to explore, leaving his motivations vague. Similarly Doyle (Matt Dillon), is a baddy with no other angle. Again, there is no back story to him, his actions are not explained, and in the end we're left thinking he's just nuts. Kudos to Dillon for managing to make him in the slightest believable.
3. The story - There's a very good idea behind the script, but one that never quite hits the spot, manages to convince or gets to the point. The film is disjoint and there are a few too holes in the plot. Shame, because at the core there's a good story to tell, if only the writers had had the courage to dig deeper and make it a bit darker.
4. The ending - I'd have liked Wade to disappear back into thin air in the same way he had appeared. It would have made better sense.
5. The score - horrible! I don't know who composed the music, but it ruins the whole movie! Sounds like a bad 60s James Bond soundtrack! Possibly the worst thing of the whole production!

With better writers and music score, it could have been a more satisfying movie, as everything else (the actors, the settings, the core story) was there. Shame.
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on 30 December 2013
I watched it just to satisfy my curiosity but ive seen better,definately a must see for people interested in usa life but not riveting
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on 14 September 2014
Item Arrive Promptly And As Described+++++++++
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on 27 March 2015
Awesome! I'll return to this seller again.
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on 10 November 2015
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