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Customer reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 28 May 2017
When I first saw this film, I was surprised that Littlefoot's father had been alive all this time! I always thought he was an orphan when his mother died, but I was glad to know that he was no orphan.

This film really touched me, and it was really enjoyable.
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on 26 April 2015
it was a wonderful film and i recamend it for children 5-8 years! I am a 22 year old who has learning difficulties so that is why i purchased the film as it is easy to follow!
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on 20 July 2017
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on 15 May 2015
Good film. Dvd arrived very quick. Good price.
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on 3 November 2014
fast service, great price.
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on 7 July 2015
happy boy xx
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on 25 February 2008
We were greatly surprised that an animated movie could be so heartfelt, touching, educational, moral, emotional and magical. Yes that's right - an animated movie! IT WAS NOT BORING, NOT AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT! The story follows a gang of young dinosaurs - the charming Littlefoot and Ducky (who will inevitably become a couple in a later film, their chemistry was outstandingly moving), the incompetent Spike whose suggestive groans we could not decipher or understand his lack of speech, and Petri, the sprightly young birdlike Dinosaur (`flyer') who we wished would just fly into a tree or out of the film all together, however his cute word tendencies made Ducky and Littlefoot stand out even more for not having speech impediments which could be a bad influence on young children who may attempt to copy his constant droning of "me do this" and "me do that". Cera completes the gang, the horned orange beast who resembled an over-tanned, bleached-teeth chat show host with the charisma to match rather than a dignified triceratops. The story consists of Littlefoot who decided himself and the other longnecks of the herd (including his charming grandparents, although one rarely utters a murmur as the grandfather is clearing the more domineering one in the relationship) must embark on a long migration to the saving place of the `great circle' because he and the other longnecks have experienced `sleep stories' (dreams to you and me). Littlefoot's friends, under the careful guidance of Ducky, decide to follow the group from a distance to find out where they are headed. Joining the quest, Ducky and pals meet an elderly, evidently Texan, dinosaur, who may just have been voiced by Andy Roddick, who gives them a helpful insight into anything but dentistry (this dinosaur had a rogue tooth sticking out the side of his jaw for the entire film which agitated us greatly - we just wanted to take some pliers and yank the darn thing out). Littlefoot and his grandparents are joined by `Soo the hussy', a curb-crawling (well, swamp-crawling) female longneck as they try to catch up with the rest of the herd, as she tries to have her way with Littlefoot who is courageously rescued by his grandparents from her wicked clutches. On arrival to the place of pilgrimage, they encounter another herd (by this time Ducky, Cera and co have found Littlefoot after a tear-jerking encounter with a pool of lava and the old cowboy dino). In this herd resides Littlefoot's FATHER! Yes that's right, hardcore LBT fans, Littlefoot's absentee dad has materialised. Now the big question arises, will Littlefoot return to the great Valley with his devoted grandparents and future wife Ducky (plus the grunting, groaning and squeaking pals) or stay to build a new life with his pops?
The film is then wrapped up with a couple of customary sharp-tooth encounters and some catchy tunes which will surely have your emotions running high.
A great buy, we completely recommend it!

Review by R. De Souza, R. White, B. Fotherington-Smythe and J. Richardson.
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on 8 November 2009
Our daughters aged 6 and 4 love The Land Before Time (especially our youngest and we got The Great Migration for her 4th birthday). The girls had seen the trailer on other Land Before Time DVDs we have and they really wanted it. The Great Migration lived up to their expectations, they love it. I personally find the narrative a little conservative in terms of gender constructions, however...
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on 13 May 2013
Such a lovely, innocent storyline, the children love it and even I can easily watch it time and time again. Well worth watching and DVD turned up in perfect condition.
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on 21 November 2013
My three grandchildren aged 2 4 and 6 love this series of films and this latest one of their collection is the current favourite . It is watched daily.
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