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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2003
Godzilla vs. Hedorah (aka Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster) is defiantely one my favourites and IMO (In My Opinion) is one of the best Godzilla films of 70s and the classic Showa series (all the Goji films from 1954-1975). It has all kinds of cool stuff, like those funny/cool animated sequences. The plot is great and very original (Too bad Banno didn`t get to make his planned sequel Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster II, I would have liked to see that). And the monster is definately one of the best with a unique design. Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster is a classic, and a must see Godzilla film for any fan who has not seen it.
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on 12 May 2014
This series of 3 movies are a great upgrade over all the previous releases, but unlike the new Gamera Collections Vols.
1 & 2 which are REGION FREE, these Blu-Ray discs are LOCKED REGION 'A' so you will need a Multi Region Blu-Ray Player.
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2008
After the comical Son Of Godzilla and All Monsters Attack Godzilla was brought back to its more series roots in Godzilla vs Hedora aka Godzilla vs The Smog Monster. Yes, some of the effects are pritty laughable but I think the Hedorah is one of the more convincing monters in the series.

As I said this is a much darker film. You see alot of people killed (quite graphically in some cases) by the Hedorah which makes it all the more frightening. There is an anti pollution message in the film (Hedorah is made from pollution) and the shots of various polluted areas are pritty disturbing. Made over two decades before the current debate over global warming this is a thought provoking film rather than just a "men in rubber suits" slug fest. For those fans who enjoy a good fight (let's face it the fights are one of the best things in a Godzilla film) there are still plenty of fight scenes between Godzilla and the Hedorah.

So in my opinion this is one of the best Godzilla films - I wish the Hedorah had made a return appearance. This dvd is region 1 coded so you will need a player that is compatable to watch this dvd. Thank you for reading my review.
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VINE VOICEon 14 June 2009
Please, whatever you do, don't take the 5-star rating as indicating the quality of this film. This isn't one of the best Godzilla movies but it is one of the most memorable.

We're in the goggle-eyed, round featured, saviour of Japan Godzilla period which means it features a cute kid (though personally I prefer cute kids roasted by Godzilla's breath) with a psychic link to Big G. We have lots of cool young adult kids, dancing to excruciating pop music containing a soupcon of psychedelia, all of whom wear the most hideous movie-cool-kids clothing -thankfully most of them get it from Hedorah while holding a protest on Mount Fuji. We've got cartoon inserts illustrating various parts of the movie -pollution, Hedorah's evolution, etc. And, of course, the message that pollution is bad is not just lain on with a trowel, it is dumped on us viewers with a giant JCB. Pollution is not cool, man.

We also get the wonderful sight and one, as far as I'm aware, never repeated in any other Godilla movie, of Godzilla trying to bend double and then blasting into the air, flying backwards clutching his legs, propelled by his radiation breath. If that doesn't have you collapsing with laughter, I don't know what will.

Hedorah or, as it was known in the UK on its cinema release where I originally saw it, The Smog Monster (though Sludge Monster would be more accurate) is a wonderful creation. See the giant tadpole version smash ships! See the land stage inhaling smoke from a dozen factory chimneys at once -way to get high, man! See the flying version dissolve people and metal with its sulphuric acid wind! See Hedorah drown Godzilla in a mass of poison sludge!

I love this movie. For all the wrong reasons.
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on 16 January 2015

I have loved this film for as many years as I have been terrified of it.

Godzilla is back and ready to fight one of his strongest enemies of all time. Hedorah, the disgusting smog monster that feasts on toxic industrial smoke and the filth that inhabits the seas. Hedorah grows and nearly destroys Japan as well as Godzilla. Can Godzilla destroy him before it's too late?

This is one Godzilla film that packs a large message to all the fans, especially in the iconic song "Save the Earth" which roughly translates to asking where the islands and flowers have gone then moves to say how the sea and are are filled with poisonous chemicals and we want the sun to return (all due to the pollution) in some ways it is very graphic yet queer at the same time.

I don't recommend this for small children as I watched when I was a child and have been frightened ever since. For any fan this is an amazing thing to add to your collection and watch whenever you fancy turning back time to the crazy 70s.

My mum ordered this for me for Christmas from Supermart USA, it arrived in more than enough time for me (11-14 days is normal) and was packaged very safely. The price is excellent. I myself have used this seller before and am currently using now with no problems at all so I highly recommend if you see they have it in stock, order it from there.
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Godzilla vs Hedorah is insane even by later Showa era Godzilla standards, a surreal mix of monster mash, message movie, kiddie flick, 1960s educational shorts, groovy protest songs, go-go dancers wearing fish masks, terrible special effects and basic Sesame Street style animated inserts as Friend of the Earth Godzilla takes on a giant toxic flying tadpole that craps acid on him, drowns mah-jong players in excrement and farts deadly toxic fumes over the population of Japan. Avante garde doesn't cover it: this is Godzilla on acid and it's a real happening, baby. The big feller even gets to fly in one scene.

Despite getting a great entrance in front of a rising sun while introduced with a slide trombone theme straight out of a Laurel and Hardy get drunk comedy, Godzilla has never looked camper (well, at least until Godzilla vs. Megalon), mincing his way through his underpowered punchups with the allegorical scheissencritter - Hedorah is basically just a vertical turd with a tail and glowing red eyes. It's tempting to believe from the number of times Mr G wipes his nose that this was during the big feller's cocaine period, but he seems all too aware of the humiliation: at one point he even turns to the camera and shakes his head to the audience in disbelief.

Co-writer-director Yoshimitsu Banno had been an assistant director on Kurosawa films before being hired to revitalize the Godzilla series while its producer Tomoyuki Tanaka was in hospital only to be suspended from the studio after they looked on with horror what he had wrought, but is currently writing next year's IMAX Godzilla 3D. The mind boggles...

For those who want to watch the film dubbed, the English soundtrack is one prepared by Toho rather than the one used for AIP's re-edited US version of the film, Godzilla Vs The Smog Monster. However, it's worth seeking out the Region 4 PAL Australian DVD, which also includes the original Japanese trailer and keeps the original Japanese credits.
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on 31 October 2000
A reasonable attempt, but this Godzilla film is very different from other Godzilla movies. Again its the same routine, Godzilla is the hero and yes he is the winner (after so much headache of sludge and pollution). Then again, if you are a diehard fan of Godzilla its reasonable (that is if you have a strong stomach!!!). Also look out for a rather unusual japanese song at the beginning and at the end of the film. Enjoyable but could have been slightly better.
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on 5 June 2012
Starring: Godzilla, Hedorah, Japanese people, a cat with sludge on its fur

This is the eleventh Toho outing for the Big G and this time he`s turned green. Okay, so he was always kind of green [apart from in the b/w pics], but here he`s envoironmentally green. Ah! But instead of helpfully sorting out his trash, using re-cycled toilet-paper and taking his empties back, he`s chosen instead to come to Japan and beat up Hedora, a shape-changing sludge-filled, flying-about, muck-slinging, smoke-guzzling monster who has emerged from Japan`s industrial pollution. He appears in the forms of a giant sea-going tadpole, a river of sludge, a flying stingray thing, and a vaguely humanoid reptillian dude. The Japs attempt to beat him off first with oxygen bombs, then with a truly terrifying anti-pollution pop song, and then some invented device that will hopefully fry him into an omellette. But they don`t work, so Godzilla has to beat him up, set him on fire, throw him around, pull his eyes and internal sludge out, stomp him into the ground and generally save the day.

Ok, ok, as a self confessed Godzilla fan, this in both painful and fun in parts. The first half hour is interesting and fun, but the middle bit is very ponderous, leading to a slightly better punch-up between the title monsters. Scatterred through the film is some bad animation and the title song is repeated several times. As usual, the token little kid is annoying, the dialogue funny and the acting is just plain odd. There are no spacemen this time, although there is a bizarre segment that alludes Hedora came to Earth on a comet [even though he apparently came from sewage and pollution - er!]. The special effects seem slightly weaker than usual, and the film as a whole is either for big Godzilla fans or insomniacs. The previous film, GODZILLA`S REVENGE [hopefully on the film-makers] was crap, too, being filled with stock footage battles, but the next one, GODZILLA VS GIGAN proved to be minutely better.
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on 2 June 2009
This was one of the first Godzilla films I saw as a child - this and Son of Godzilla were my intros to the world of Toho monsters.

As a Godzilla movie it's awful. Gone is the Ifukube music and Honda direction, instead we have awful comedy tunes and weird animated cutaways. Not sure who this one was aimed at - maybe teens and 20 somethings?

The opening song is great, and you hear it twice more in the film... nice, but that's the only decent music.

Hedorah is a clever monster concept and would work well in a new film (well it appeared in Final Wars, but was easily destroyed by our hero).

However, for me the worst, the *very* worst moment is seeing Godzilla fly - I had forgotten all about that moment. I actually hid my eyes.

The Japanese track is my preferred audio option, so I haven't tried the English dub, but if it's the same as the Internation version released on VHS years ago it will be average.

This movie and Godzilla's Revenge are the very worst entries in the 50+ years history of Gojira (not counting the US abomination). At least things picked up when Gigan made his debut.
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on 19 July 2014
First: Indeed all the content (save for the menus) is available by selecting the right titles on your remote control.

The picture quality on these new releases is – considering the age of the movies – almost excellent. Colours are rich and all the grain is retained. I see no DNR whatsoever and no compression artifacts show up.

Extras are thin with only the original Japanese trailer, however, the original Japanese audio and subtitles are included. Audio is solid as well.

"Godzilla Vs. Hedorah" features a especially beautiful transfer, which is sure to please any fan.
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