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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2017
An excellent album by C.o.F. The newer albums by the band have had some ok moments mut overall are way too average in quality to rise among the best recordings by the band. Nymphetamine here is an exception. Nearly every track is catchy, heavy and the songs have a point. I personally recommend this album if you're going to buy a newer album by the band. That said, of cource everyone should start their CoF-collection with Dusk, Cruelty and Midian. But Nymphetamine is a very good album.
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on 2 January 2005
Now, if we are to look up the noun "Hybrid" in the dictionary, we would probably find "...of mixed origins or composition," or something similar. Now, this album is definitely deserving of the classification "Hybrid". Rather than pursuing the Black Metal ideals of Darkthrone, Cradle seem to have veered more in the direction of the more progressive Black Metal bands, such as Emperor and Sigh, and become less Black Metal and more accessible to the none-Black Metal hardcore fan. This album has some beautiful piano melodies (English Fire, Absinthe With Faust) some orchestral instrumentals far more interesting than, for instance, Sin Deep My Wicked Angel, (Satyriasis, Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette) and some tracks that are simply EPIC (Nymphetamine, Gabrielle, Swansong For A Raven, Mother Of Abominations).

Make no mistake, this album is NOT black metal. Indeed, it has more in common with the symphonic metal of Therion, and sometimes it even veers into Iron Maiden-esque heavy metal territory. This album, is, indeed, a hybrid of genres, and Black Metal simply happens to be one of the most prevailing of those genres.

Don't be expecting the poor production of true Black Metal, either; the vocals are crystal clear, as is everything else. While this music is dark and undoubtedly a little vicious, it doesn't sound as evil as such classic albums as A Blaze In The Northern Sky, but it makes up for this lack of frostiness, with its grandiose, sweeping gothic melodies.

The beautiful, epic storytelling of Her Ghost In The Fog and Beneath The Howling Stars is nowhere to be found on this album, which is definitely a shame, but such gripes are soon forgotten when hit by tracks like Nymphetamine. The first time I heard Gilded C*nt I was blown away, and was upset when it ended, and the rest of the album is definitely NOT a let down.

Overall, an excellent METAL album.
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on 13 October 2004
The latest release from Cradle of Filth is upon us, not unlike the preverbal beast stalking its helpless prey. The new album is just that, new and much harder than previous releases but with all the usual bravado and skill that is lifting COF up and out of the underground within sight of the mainstream.
The new album kicks off with a short but poignant mini-track that sets mood and scene for this epic of big sounds, hard riffs and contrasting vocals from Danni Filth and the Italian devour Liv Kristine. The tracks are all distinctively COF however with the huge almost operatically sound you could almost be fooled into thinking that you were listening to something else.
Unlike some of their earlier works this latest release flows from start to finish and although each track is distinctly different, the artistic flow is deeply apparent and works extremely well all the way through the album.
Most of the tracks are of significant length (up to nearly 10 minutes for some), but COF have never shied away from allowing the expression of their creativity to over rule the industrial standards of 3 ½ minute tracks. With track names listings such as Gilded Cunt and Coffin Fodder, COF show that they certainly still have a flair for stirring up a storm of controversy.
The final track which is, insodently also featured on the film "Resident Evil - Apocalypse, features the incandescent Ms Kristine, former member of Theatre of Tragedy and her cool, crisp vocals contrast beautifully with Filth's rips and screams.
All in all probably one of COF best peaces of work so far, although some of the old school COF fans may not approve, but will I am sure, find it hard to resists this latest offering from Mr Filth and his boys.
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on 28 September 2004
This new offering from cradle of filth is suprisingly very good, considering the speed in which it has been released from their previous album. Make no mistake about it, this album is true and true gothic metal. There are tracks that cross towards death metal such as Gilded C**t. Tracks such as Gabrielle, Nymphetamine, Medusa and Hemlock and Swansong for a raven really stand out. Cradle of filth are on an upward spiral at the moment, its true that their image and music has fluctuated over the years, but this band is very capable of producing solid albums and this is another example. This is an album to be judged as gothic metal, in my opinion this band hasnt been down that black metal road since cruelthy and the beast, so this album hence should be analysed as gothic metal. Lyrically Dani Filth is probably the best song writer in the world at the moment, theres very few artists that write in old victorian style english like he can. But none the less, cradle fans, gothic fans this album is well worth your money, very good offering from one of the most criticised metal bands around, but from listening to this , you ll realise how hollow that criticism really is, as it surely aint their music that can be criticised
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on 4 October 2004
I must admit that I almost didn't buy this album and had it cost more than £11 I probably wouldn't have. Damnation and a Day was so disappointing that I thought it was the end of the band.
I was wrong.
This album is stunning. Well stunning for the band anyway. There is still the huge let down of Mr Filth's voice but the quality and diversity of the music manages to make up somewhat for that. Indeed Danni's singing nearly cost this album a star. I was going to give it three but in generous mood I upped it to four. It doesn't get five because of track two, Gilded C###. The first single and without a shadow of doubt the worst track on the album. That and the fact that it is the most childishly titled track I have ever heard. Danni Filth is an intelligent man so why he feels the need to use such profanities I don't know. Most bands grow up as they get older, it appears CoF are going through a midlife crisis.
Anyway enough of the rants. Highlights of the album must include Nemesis, Mother of Abominations and the excellent title track.
If you felt let down by the last album buy this one. As a previous reviewer stated it is there most diverse to date.
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on 3 October 2004
I have been a Cradle of Filth Fan for only a short time (Midian onwards) and was pretty disappointed with their last offering (Damnation and a day).
I must say that "Nymphetamine" is a far better album, and although I am not too sure about Cradle's new direction, this is a brave attempt to tie elements as diverse as early Black Metal and melodic "Nu-Metal" riffs together.
There were moments when I thought I was listening to Sabbat, and others, Iron Maiden (lots of harmonic dual guitar riffs).
No doubt the very commercial title track "Nymphetamine" will please fans of bands like "Nightwing", but I wonder where all this can lead, and sadly, there is little input by Sarah Diva this time around.
Martin Powells keyboards have also been relegated to a lesser position to make way for an improved drum sound and "in your face" guitars.
HHmmmmmm... still not convinced this is the right direction, but it's a damn site better than damnation.
Old enough to know better.
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on 15 September 2004
Oh yes, now this is more like it, I am very pleased to inform you that Cradle Of Filth are back on top form with this their first CD for Roadrunner. Damnation & A Day was good but not as good as Midian or Cruelty but this one is, if not better, it could even be the definitive Cradle CD.
There is no concept this time, just good honest Black Metal, the album is more coherent than their last output, more focused and defined and all the songs work as a whole or individually, there is nothing fussy or cluttered but that doesn't mean that their isn't complexity because there is. Each track has been taken to its own conclusion and if that means simple, that's what you get and conversely if it requires everything but the kitchen sink in there it gets it.
After the atmospheric intro "Gilded Cu*t" kicks in, brutal, intense, and menacing the more complex and lengthier "Gabriele" is next and swiftly followed by "Absinthe With Faust" which is slower, darker and more dangerous. The gothic epic "Nymphetamine Overdose" is a 9 minutes plus Gothic monster of a song and has more twists to it than a bag of fusilli pasta, just as tasty and to my mind a true Black Metal masterpice.
The speed monster that is "Coffin Fodder" is as good simple Cradle song and then there is "Filthy Little Secret", probably one of their best songs in a decade and it's not over yet. There is the almost balladesque "English Fireside" and the CD finishes with an edited version of "Nyphetamine Overdose" which is so good that I am sure it could easily be a hit single and by far the most commercial this they have done so far but still Cradle as we love them.
Whether this is by accident, design, good fortune or just a damn good producer I don't know but Cradle are firing on all cylinders and it's good to hear them back on top WHERE THEY BELONG. Best tracks; "Gilded Cu*t", "Filthy Little Secret", "Coffin Fodder", "Nymphetamine Fix" and "Medusa and Hemlock".
WEBSITE [...] & [...]
DOWNLOAD "Gilded Cu*t" from the RR site
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on 21 November 2004
Here it is Cradle of filth's new soul shaking album is their best album yet! They have opened a different area of black metal all toghter. Adrain has put in the best drumming that i have heared for a while on this ablum his lightning double bass and fills hitting the every sole of ur being! The heavy riffs that paul and germs have written are somethin else riffs that will grip u n pull you to the mystical door which is Cradle of Filth. Herr's bass lines are intense that will shudder you from your head down to your feet! Then there is Dani who is pushing the limit on how many variations of terrifing sound a human can produce, from heart stopping growls to ear bleeding screams! Finally we have seen what martin can really do on the key's in this album he has added more than a harmonic drone in such song as Gabrielle Absinthe with Faust & Swand Song For A Raven there he has written piano melodies that when heard will make the hairs on the back of your next stand up like their enormous track Her Ghost In The Fog! This album has it all from soul shattering songs like Swansong for a raven, filthy little secret to a more new mellow approach to writing a song like Absinthe with Faust n Nythetamine with works amazing with the female vocals. This album has it all and once you have herd it once you will be hocked. I am a massive Cradle fan and have seen them live earlier this year in June and the new sense of energy that they showed on stage can also be found in this album! I would say buy this a you wouldn't never stop being amazed by it's intensity, power and meaning that it gives you!
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on 7 June 2005
I am a COF fan since 1994 when The Principle of Evil Made Flesh was released.
I was surprised when I heard "Gilded" for the first time. It was almost a come back to their roots. Of course you cannot expect the same voice you had years ago. Dani is not able to scream like he used to.
A positive thing here is the drums. Nick should return to COF simply because he is the best drummer ever, but Adrian did a pretty good job in this album. I believe COF fans will enjoy this.
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on 30 May 2005
Nymphetamine stands out in many ways, not least in that its Cradle of Filth's 6th album. So many bands begin to loose steam after just 2 or 3 albums, but Nymphetamine shows that Cradle are going from strength to strength.
The first major comment many COF fans will make is that this album is not as dark as some of their earlier offerings, but this is no weakness. The album tends toward the melodic side, which puts a slightly different perspective on the Cradle sound, but it remains distinctly Filthy.
From the first chilling notes of the intro, "Satyriasis" it becomes clear that this will be a masterpiece. The first frantic notes of "Guilded" flood your system with adrenaline preparing you for the onslaught to come. "Nemesis" then is a more emotional and powerful piece of truly dark metal - in the wake of which come "Gabrielle" and "Absinthe With Faust" almost unnoticed, but carrying on the magnificent trend. (Take a moment to listen to these and you'll see what I mean, "we will touch the divine, through kissed catharsis")
Thus we come to the titular masterpiece "Nymphetamine (Overdose)". The end of "Absinthe" it is worth noting really grabs your attention for the start of this one. A ten minute marathon, this song harks back to the classic "twisted love-song" that cradle are so great at (I.E. "Funeral in Carpathia" "Her Ghost in The Fog" et al). My personal favourite on the album. The ethereal vocal of Liv Kristine along side the mighty (if mini ;) ) Dani Filth proves to be an awesome combination. "Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette" offers the opportunity to catch ones breath before the awesome blast of "Medusa and Hemlock". Next up comes a superb piece in the form of the chilling "Coffin Fodder"
This then is followed by Cradle's tribute to their homeland "English Fire" and the energetic and addictive "Filthy little Secret" a song that gives the band the chance to show off . See especially that guitar solo..."anything you can do..." After all this glory "Swansong For A Raven" and "Mother Of Abominations" seem like a let down - but in all honesty they are good songs. But next to some of the earlier tracks...
The bonus Fix provides a nice little conclusion to the affair and the second disk extras an opportunity to prolong the debauchery. The pure chugging bass of "Devil Woman" and the haunting "Mr Crowley" awesome - as is the legendary "Soft White Throat"
As a final point, if you intend to introduce someone to "Cradle of Filth" then this is the album to start them out on - a definite masterpiece and an easy one to get into, especially if they are coming from a lighter musical history.
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