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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2004
I'm not going to write about Futurama itself, since it has been written much about it in previous reviews (if you still want to know more, visit [...] I'd like to comment on this release: complete box of 4 seasons (72 episodes).
The package is fine. It includes 15 DVDs divided into four separate boxes (= four seasons). Each DVD has its own plastic box. On each DVD there are several special features (extras) like audio commentary by the creators, deleted scenes or so called animatics (working versions of some episodes). I guess the DVDs are pretty much the same as in releases of single seasons. So if you already own all the seasons, it would be probably useless to buy this box, because you won't get anything new (except for the fine box itself, of course ;)). But if you don't have single seasons, then this box is really worth buying. I must add, that the price on Amazon is more than friendly ;).
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on 1 September 2004
Futurama is the child of simpsons creator Matt Groening and I beleive it to be his refined, more adult and better offspring.
The simpsons is one of the best cartoons and entertainment programs there is but Futurama just makes me laugh more. the characters are always great, the stories inspired and if you like sci fi this takes everything you know and love and makes it funny. Even if you just like simple comedy you have to love something where the robots of the future run on alcohol.
This box set has all the episodes of the entire series that has sadly come to an end.
In the far far future alien archeologists will dig up this set from our long dead civilisation and wet themselves luaghing.
P.S Amazon is also selling this cheaper than anywhere else I know.
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on 24 November 2004
ok first of all i love the simpsons, but for me futurama is so much better. Anyone who is into sci fi or has a sarcastic or creul sense of humour MUST own this dvd there is no negotiation! The needless use of bad language and violence is right up there with fawlty towers for timing, there are hundreds of references to star trek, star wars, space odessy and all the big films and series, the fact that they only made 4 series is the only downfall, but its so easy to watch over and over again.
the extras are handy, some great deleted scenes but its the commentaries that are the best, quite often members of the cast saying silly things in character and some gems of behind the scenes stories!
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on 4 February 2005
A truly superb comedy series with a myriad of fantastic characters and stories. However don't expect to watch them in the near future as Amazon won't deliver for months. I ordered the 1-4 box set on Jan 13th and my (third) estimated delivery date is now March 7th - 21st. I look forwards to watching it after I've been cryogenically frozen for some considerable time........
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on 11 February 2009
In a crate-like box, the Futurama DVD boxset is a nice little product. Each Season gets its own box; Season 1 in orange, Season 2 in green, Season 3 in blue and Season 4 in purple.
Season 1 is the one with 3 discs, and an "Owner's Manual". It is less than impressive, as it only gives a brief summary of a few major characters (Fry, Leela, Bender, Prof. Farnsworth, Hermes and Zoidberg) - I'm guessing they needed to fill space, because it's not very good, and looks to have been made and crammed in at the last minute. I was expecting a lot more than what was in it, I guess I was being too optimistic.
The boxset comes with all the special features the other boxsets come with, and it's basically the discs from the normal boxsets put into this one (not very impressive or original). The DVDs themselves are placed into a cardboard slip case, which has the list of episodes on one side, the usual DVD art on the other. The DVD box art is that of the DVD cases, and you can line each Season's discs up to make the "scene" they depict.
One thing I will say is that beware of the sticker that keeps all the seasons together - I thought it could come off (it can in retrospect), but it is very annoying, and peeling it off leaves all the sticky residue on the boxes, which you will then have to peel off.
Overall, it's a good product, but it needs a new refreshing look to really make people want this boxset.
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on 23 January 2005
A box set? Are you mad? Well, if there is any box set that you should but make it this one. Not least because there are no plans to make an extension to the collection. Futurama was deemed unpopular in the USA - the reasons for which must be partly the same as those that make it so funny and poignant to those people who watch it from the UK.
Okay, so the Simpsons holds its cult followers, being able to cross cultures and even language. But Futurama appeals to both those people who just want 'stupid' humour and those who want some intellect slipped in with it.
Each character could have a book written about them and you find out much more about these individuals in a short space of time than you could hope for in the Simpsons, in fact I believe them to be far deeper and that probably serves to deepen their appeal.
Its got comedy moments for all the family, I have sat down with a three year old and watched an entire series back to back. But ive also sat at work with a dude, who would hate me referring to him as 'old' right now, quoting phrases and laughing in bursts at favourite sketches and memories of each series.
Its also one of those rare specimens that actually has the ability to thrown in a few new bits each time you watch it.
My favourite? When they are superheroes and running about to their theme song. You will see!
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on 2 April 2007
If you like "The Simpsons", then you'll love "Futurama". I own all four series of this at home. I don't own the seasons 1-4 boxset, but it's as good as.

Futurama is a great programme set in the year 3000. The main character is a 25 year old man named Phillip J Fry. On December 31st in the year 1999, he was accidentally cryogenically frozen. He had worked for a Punnichi's pizza and had worked as a delivery boy. He had been given a prank call for someone by the name of I. C. Weiner. He had been sitting down eating the pizza and drinking a can of beer, when he leant back on his chair too far and fell into an open tube litterally as the year 2000 started.

During his 1000 years of being frozen New York had been destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again and rebuilt. Funny how the building he remained in remained safe. Fry is released in the year 2999 on December 31st. He wasn't frozen for 1000 years technically speaking, as it's mid-afternoon when he is freed. Just a few hour below 1000 years. But it's still just about a thousand year period.

Phillip (he is always refered to as Fry in Futurama) gets a job working for his great, great, great, great, etc nephew, Hubert J Farnsworth's Planet Express company; a company that delivers packages to anywhere in the galaxy.

Farnworth for some reason is aged 160, but it's 1000 years into the future so either mankind's lifespan has increased, or mankind with technology developed so far they found a way to increase lifespan.

One thing I like about this is that Earth is not just populated with humans, but robots AND aliens, who lead normal human lives, treated like humans and even have careers. There's an alien celebrity chef called Elzar and a famous robot actor called Calculon, who stars in a popular TV programme called "All My Circuits".

This programme features some great background characters, as well as the main characters. There's the space captain Zapp Brannigan, who fancies the characer Leela, who cannot stand Zapp. But he can't take the hint as he's far too uphimself. He's a funny character though. The only other character who hates him is his alien assistant Kif.

There's also the robot devil, the robot Santa (who has made Christmas into the worst time of the year) and the old woman Mom, who owns a robot company. Certainly not the most friendly woman. Actually she's very nasty and spiteful.

The main characters are the following:

Phillip J Fry - a big slob and extremely stupid. He like Zapp fancies Leela, but in a romantic way; not in the way Zapp likes her. Leela however isn't interested in Fry, though there are moments when she sees the good side to him, unlike the side she always sees.

Bender - probably the most popular character (one of my favourites). He's got attitude and believe me, he's the last perosn to speak to if you're in a crisis situation; he makes a joke out of it. Although he can be very nasty, he does have feelings and can get emotional at times. He drinks beer to prevent himself from rusting and smokes ciggars to look cool.

Turanga Leela - she's always refered to as Leela in Futurama. She's the pilot of the Planet Express ship. She is skilled with karate and is tough on the inside also. She is the only cyclops on Earth and has no idea who her parents were or where they came from. She finds them eventually, and they're much closer then she assumed.

Professor Hubert J Farnsworth - famous inventor and a good scientist, though his age has mede him senile, so he can seem stupid at times.

Amy Wong- she may look Chinese, but she's not actually from Earth at all; she's from Mars, which has become as safe to live on as Earth. She has rich parents on Mars and she like Fry is incredibly stupid.

Dr Zoidberg - the loser character, though he's one of my favourites. He too can be very stupid, and not many people in the world of Futurama like Zoidberg. He's a lobster like creature and has a funny voice on him.

Hermes Conrad - the most professional team member of Planet Express. He takes care of the bills and stuff. In his younger days he was a limbo champion.

Futurama is great and has funny moments all the way through. Well worth watching. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
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on 4 February 2006
Lets keep this short.
It's amazingly funny. Better than the simpsons.
i've had hours and hours of joy watching these (i must have seen each dvd no less than 5 times).
If you like anything like family guy, the simpsons or american dad, Buy this Now!
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on 17 June 2010
This box set is a real gem for Futurama fans. The quality is excellent, and there is an appropriate stack of bonus material.

The only shame is that it is very evident that Matt&co tired of making commentaries after doing only a handful of episodes. The first couple of tracks are funny and informative, but that quickly fades (I wonder if they did them all in one go?). They end up talking about totally unrelated matters and even make fun of the whole concept of commentaries -- at that point, it would have been better to just not include any. I haven't bothered to check the commentary tracks on the last couple of discs...
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on 3 March 2007
There is much debate over whether futurama is better than the Simpsons and in my opinion it generally is, especially the later seasons of the simpsons where the plot line seems to be wearing thin. Futurama is not only a comedy, it is also very emotional, and at times sad. The story arcs are well thoughout and the Mat groenings year 3000 is absolutely packed with creativity. Billy West makes a charming Fry, who's heart is in the right place, even if his brain isn't quite with Leela, the one eyed object of his desires. Marcus Felix plays Bender, who is absolute class.

The show does seem to better it self as it progresses, Bender the robot isn't as funny in the first season as he is in the final few. It's a sort of Dan Castanaletta situation. His voice is much more developed and funnier late in the seasons than it was to begin with. The last two seasons were by far the best, funniest and emotionally deep cartoon I have ever seen. Shame they axed it.
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