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on 23 January 2015
Although I quite enjoyed Joss Stone's debut album "The Soul Sessions", it didn't really live up to the hype. It proved that Stone can sing, but so what? Lots of people can sing. Hear'Say could sing, but that didn't really help them much in the long run, as you need to be able to back up a decent singing performance with a decent song.

Stone managed that part of things admirably, at least, by putting out an album of mostly soul covers, albeit soul songs with a pop edge. Whilst this proved to be a nice change from the standard bubblegum pop sound around at the moment, it caused a number of people to put her on a pedestal, comparing her to the likes of Aretha Franklin. This seemed to me to be a bit of an over-reaction, as Stone's got a good voice, without a doubt, but not that good.

The one down side to her "The Soul Sessions" album was that it felt in parts as if Stone was just singing the songs she had been told to, not the songs she wanted to. Whilst they were all well performed, there were times where it didn't quite feel as if Stone was putting all her heart into it. That was enough to make me wonder how she might sound once she got into recording her own songs. With "Mind, Body & Soul", I'm about to find the answer to that question, as more than three quarters of the songs here were co-written by Joss Stone herself.

Unfortunately, after the promise of a new soul influenced pop sound that was "The Soul Sessions", Stone has done what I most feared she would. On "Mind, Body & Soul" she has become a copy of pretty much every other artist in the pop-soul and r 'n' b genres. On most of the tracks here, it is only her admittedly very good voice and a slightly more laid-back vibe that makes you realise this is a Joss Stone album and not one by any other artist.

How you feel about this is going to be a personal choice. I'm not a great fan of the r 'n' b sound as a whole, so it was the more soulful efforts that appealed to me the most, although I will admit that Stone seems to be enjoying herself a little more with these songs that with the cover versions on "The Soul Sessions". However, fan of the likes of Alicia Keys and Destiny's Child may well find themselves enjoying this album greatly. If you are a fan of those artists, or pop influenced r 'n' b generally, the album isn't bad value for an hour of music spread over 15 songs.

Whilst I'm personally disappointed by this album, I do feel that there is a little hope for the future. The variety of influences on the album suggests that Stone hasn't quite managed to find her own voice as yet. This suggests that she could return to a more soul based sound on future albums or continue to blend in with a number of other artists. The first single from her next album, whenever that may be, will answer that question. For now, this is what we have, although I'll just keep listening to "The Soul Sessions" and hoping that and not the sound of "Mind, Body & Soul" is to be the sound of Joss Stone's future.
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on 15 September 2004
This selection is a little disappointing as a follow up to the Soul Sessions. The young Ms Stone has one of the most outstanding voices in the business currently. Unfortunately her songwriting is not so well developed as her delivery - musically this is fine, making many references to standards such as she performed on the previous album but the lyrics are somewhat weak in places(although she may rank as the first person to include reference to the i-pod in a lyric). That said the strength of her vocal performance is sufficient to carry even the weakest of lyrics, making this rank as one of the best albums of 2004, worthy of more than four stars but not quite the perfect five.
The potential that Joss has is undeniably vast - it is hard to see how her voice can mature as it is already developed beyond what could be expected of her years and when her songwriting catches up she will have the world at her feet.
Rush out and buy this.
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on 17 January 2005
I love this album. I liked her first album a lot, but this blows me away. She has a wonderful style in her singing which transforms every song into her own. I love her voice - gritty, earthy, full of passion and soul. How can she be so good when so young? We'll have a treat watching her career progress. If you've liked any of her singles so far, buy this album!!!
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on 30 September 2004
Joss Stone is without doubt, and undesputably, the best new talent of the year. Many would also argue that Joss is also up there with many of our British and worldwide greatest singers...all at the age of 17. With listening to this album, I would definately say that I agree with this. The writing, much of which is also by Miss Stone, is of high quality and the songs are highlighted by her outstanding voice.
I like every single song on this album but there are a few that just blow my mind!
Track 1 - Right to be wrong - This opening track is a cracking song. Not the best having said that but definately one of my favourites. 8/10
Track 2 - Jet Lag - Much like the first song, this track is a good one. It's a love song that is sang with such emotion. 8/10
Track 3 - You had me - Well you don't need this one explained. I love this track and was so dissappointed with it's chart position. I think this is Joss' best release yet. 10/10
Track 4 - Spoiled - Another great track but probably one of the the weakest on the album. However, i must stress that this song is still good as none of the tracks on the album are ones that I would skip. 7/10
Track 5 - Don't cha wanna ride - From what i understand, this will be Joss' second release from this album. Although there is one other that I would have preferred as a follow-up, I think this is a gr8 choice. 9/10
Track 6 - Less is more - I love this track too (just sooo many!!!). It is such a different style track and suits Joss' voice so much. 9/10
Track 7 - Security - This is much like "spoiled" in that it is a good song but still one of the eakest on the album. It's about Joss being someone's security - being there for him through everything. 7/10
Track 8 - Young at heart - this is another outsanding track on the album. This is similar to "Less is more". 9/10
Track 9 - Snakes and Ladders - One of my favourites again. In fact definately single worthy! 10/10
Track 10 - Understand - This is a beautiful song. It's asks Joss' man to realise what he means to her. 8/10
Track 11 - Don't know how - My absolute favourite. I always go to this song. Much like "You had me" - 10/10
Track 12 - Torn ad tattered - I love this track too. So much emotion - I just can't believe her age! - 9/10
Track 13 - Killing Time - I downloaded this song before I got the album and this is the song that made me get it. Fabulous - 10/10
Track 14 - Sleep like a child - This has lot's of emotion to it. Probably the slowest of the album and a gr8 ending. 8/10
Track 15 (bonus track) - Daniel - This is aimed at Joss' brother who has obviously done some bad things surng his life. She asks for him to be watched over. 9/10
I think you can tell how much I love this album - it is just great!
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on 13 November 2004
This is not so much soul, more like the kind of slick, mass-produced American sound that passes for r'n'b now (e.g. Destiny's Child and a dozen others). That said, there are some great tracks here. Album opener 'Right to be Wrong', first single 'You Had Me' and 'Don't Cha Wanna Ride' are all great songs, as is 'Less is More'(my own favourite track).
Some of the other tracks though, e.g. 'Snakes and Ladders' and 'Torn and Tattered' are just identikit r'n'b, distinguished only by Joss's superb voice.
If you're a big fan of Joss you'll want to buy this, but I wouldn't recommend it to the uncommitted.
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on 26 December 2004
I think is really good! it has a number of powerful songs that really shows off Joss's voice. I think that Joss is an amazing singer and this album shows us how amazing she really is! every body should have a copy of this album!
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on 21 October 2004
She's back, the most embarrassing white singer since Sting sang 'Roxanne you don't have to turn on de red light' or perhaps since the Black and White Minstrels. I'm surprised the guys who market this product didn't get her to 'black-up' and put on an afro wig.
Funny I thought those days were over but it just goes to show what a lot of hype and expensive marketing can do. Come on admit it, if you really like soul music you can't help but giggle at this laughable rubbish.
We've had Swing (Robbie) Jazz (Jamie) and now, er, Soul (Joss) - I wonder what retro music the marketing men will sell to the gullible next? My money's on skiffle.
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on 26 July 2005
As a young teenager, Joscelyn Stoker was rejected by many record companies, most of which said that there was no way that they would sign up a young white girl with the voice of a mature black woman. She then fell at the door of S-Curve Records boss Steve Greenberg who took a gamble with her. With a new name and her own unique style, Joss Stone exploded onto the popular and soul music scene with her own take on The White Stripes' Fell In Love With A Girl and more importantly, her debut album The Soul Sessions. Although the album received some praise, it was recorded in four days and contained mostly cover versions. For her second album, Joss Stone has had the chance to take her time and ensure that the album really displays her stunning musical talents.
Mind, Body & Soul starts off well but slightly deteriorates as the album progresses. The reason for this being that like so many other albums, all the singles have been placed at the start of the album leaving us with a very unbalanced set of music. The album in general displays varying styles and adaptations of popular and soul music and has a consistently strong set of songs throughout despite one. Right To Be Wrong and Spoiled are beautiful, mellow songs which show signs of being inspired by Aretha Franklin. Don't Cha Wanna Ride wavers towards the James Brown style of soul and despite its interpretation by the more perverted listener, has no metaphorical message whatsoever. Jet Lag, Security, Young At Heart and Killing Time are all entertaining songs that just don't quite top the ones mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, there also has to be a negative side to the album.
You Had Me is similar to Oasis' Roll With It and David Bowie's Rebel Rebel in that they weren't written to fit the style of the rest of the album, they were written to guarantee record sales and chart success. Based on that song alone, Joss Stone is just another in a long, long line of teenage pop stars chosen to make manufactured music more because of their sex appeal than their ability to sing. You Had Me is probably the biggest let-down of the album. The other strong negative factor is bizarrely the overuse of her voice. Joss Stone has a superb vocal ability which sounds fantastic in her songs but she doesn't need to make noises which sound more orgasmic than anything else at every available moment.
Fortunately, the album is not being judged on that one song alone and Mind, Body & Soul is an entertaining, groundbreaking recording that is a strong improvement on its predecessor. With any luck, Joss Stone will improve with age and come back with something even better next time round.
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on 8 January 2005
One of the quickest success stories in music during 2004 was that of Joss Stone. She burst onto the scene with her album of cover versions "Soul Sessions", which broke the platinum mark and declared to the world [litterally, since she's one of the few UK acts to make it big in America] "Joss Stone Has Arrived!". This release, her first of new material does not dissapoint, and proves any of those short sighted enough to label her a "studio girl" or "one album wonder" totally wrong. This is a mature, smooth and sincere collection of songs, that, given Stone's relatively young age, are a wonder.
The LP begins with the second single lifted from it, "Right To Be Wrong". Nice lyrics and decent arrangement make it very radio friendly, but it wouldn't have been my choice for single. "Jet Lag" is mellow and chilled, but doesn't really go anywhere. Nice track, though. "You Had Me", the biggest impacter on the album, which was rightly the first single, could have been performed by any American R&B/Hip-Hop artist and is a female-empowerment fuelled track about the end of a relationship that litterally jumps out of the speakers and slaps you round the face. Fast Paced and Fabulous! "Spoiled", like "Jet Lag" has a nice vibe but fails to lift itself above the easy listening mark. "Don't Cha Wanna Ride" is another big hit in the making that contains a killer hook and some vocals by Stone that are simply sublime. Wonderful stuff. "Less Is More" is understated and bare in it's arrangement, and although it hits the spot, it's not one of my favourites. "Security" is a very beautiful track. It requires a few listens to be truly appreciated, but the small ammount of time invested in it are worth it. With some highly emotive lyrics, classic arrangements and soulful backing vocal that lifts the track to euphoric levels, it's one that proves what long lasting appeal Stone could achieve. "Young At Heart" continues the trend with lyrics about the pitfalls and obstructions in the way of love, while "Snakes and Ladders" is an intriguing track that just won't allow itself to be skipped - highly skillfull in it's production. "Understand" exposes some less than outstanding vocals from the artist, because Stone seems to take the soulful whispering element of her voice that one step too far. "Don't Know How" is good, but frankly, rather forgettable, something that can't be said of the track following it. "Torn and Tattered" has a classic chorus and some beautifully crafted lyrics. It's an uptempo number that steers clear of any cliche's and which sounds original and exciting to the end. "Killing Time" is another nice track that Stone delivers with perfection, the last listed track "Sleep Like A Child" is one of the album's strongest and most definining moments. Again, bare landscaping is the key - as some gorgeous piano riff's build themselves around Stone's focused and engaging vocals. Lyrically it's also high on the album's list. And, finally, the hidden track included here had much potential but is let down by Stone's tendancy to go to far with the whispering element of her voice. Still a success though.
Overall, despite some undesirable aspects, this is an excellent collection of new material from Joss. If this release is anything to go by, Stone's next release should be just as unmissable. With her American-Styled Soulful voice, Stone is a breath of fresh air in a music industry exausted by manafactured pop artists, reality televison "stars", and Hip-Hop newcomes with nothing but the success of thier producers to thier names. And for that, she and this album must be applauded.
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on 24 November 2017
Easy listening music, some very strange lyrics that make you ponder!
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