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on 11 February 2017
The only times I've ever written a review is when a product is either outstanding or appalling. Unfortunately for Dremel (and myself) in this case, it's the latter. This really is a diabolical piece of shoddy kit - Dremel hang your head in shame! I read some bad reviews before I purchased it and then stupidly read a few positive ones which swayed my decision. These positive reviewers must be on a different planet because the product is not fit for purpose. Just trying to create a simple routed straight edge is impossible - it simply can't be done. As noted by other hapless customers, the Dremel and router bit sway in the wind like a drunk at kicking out time! The mechanism just isn't capable of holding the tool steady. Also, I found out that the router bed (where you slide your item) had a couple of small raised burrs/imperfections. This left some lovely scratches across the surface and ruined the piece.

Please Dremel, withdraw this useless product, re-engineer it using machined castings and charge 4 times as much - I'd probably buy one!

I will be returning this and getting a full refund - you have been warned!
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on 18 January 2016
I love my Dremel and use it for all sort of things and would love to write a rave review. But this table is the Poorest design yet. Whoever designed this needs a course in material properties and basic ergonomics. The cradle that takes the dremel is fastened to the underside of the table by a couple of screws on one side. Meaning the lightest of jobs and, as this is designed as a lightweight router, I mean seriously lightest of jobs e.g. polystyrene foam possibly. Soft wood? not a chance unless you have all night. Hard wood? back your favourite tool shop you go. Head hung in shame.
The whole cradle needs redesigning. At least put some webs between the cradle and the table so the weight of the dremel itself wont move the bit around under its own weight.
I would love to see an alternative and something better than the "big nut" mounting. The thread fastening to the dremel itself is fine but the cradle the nut sits in has too much play/flex. I have the similar scenario with the pedestal mount. If you are looking for clean fine detail as a hobbyist, not a precision engineer I might add, you are going to struggle. This is where Dremel is supposed to excel isn't it?
And finally, the most obvious design flaw the 2 winged screws that hold the adjustable grey wall on the top of the table in place project over the wall which means if you work is taller than the grey shoulder you can't push your work along the wall past the cutting bit unless the holding screws are over tightened, risking damage, or under tightened, your work is going to wander.

Dremel UK - give me a call we'll sort some thing out. Give the people something they can use.
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on 3 April 2017
This Dremel Router Table was Return back to you I just didn't need.
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on 29 January 2017
In Short....The idea and design is good, but the materials holding the Dremel tool in place is to weak and it moves as a result. I have tried it 4 times now and regardless on how careful I am and moving the wood in the right direction I cant get it right. , The surface of my work is uneven and I get nips, groves and cuts taken out of the wood. I cant produce any quality work with this product. . I suppose I have to come up with another solution. the table itself is good for my small products but the fitting attachment is to weak.
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on 15 August 2016
This table allows the Dremel user the ability to rout professionally . Nothing like a professional edge to finish off a toy .I like the big arrow on the slider or fence . I had a lot of fun finding out what I can use the router bits for . It's lightweight I have mine attached to an old piece of school desk top courtesy of the Portree high school which was recently demolished Fortunately I managed to get some good cuts of wood for my hobby A lot of it is panelling and nice and thin .I make kiddies toys amongst some and give em away to he kids at chrissy time .Id recommend the router table for all hobbyists remembering it is only a hobby table and has to be treated as such .
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on 8 October 2017
Fiddly and lacking power, but using several graduated passes can produce a delicate result in even hard wood, that would be beyond the capability of a full sized table.
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on 5 May 2016
After ordering it I read reviews and wished I had not ordered it.
How ever after getting it and put it to test I found the complaints I had read where not true.
It works well and will take fair punishment, but it is still plastic so some respect should be given.
Would I recommend it, yes I would, got set of blades and I am now saving money and having fun making my own sections for dolls house furniture.
Only down complaint it is a pain to change router cutters, if doing good amount it is ok but if having to keep changing bits it is a right pain.
May be one day Dremel will read the reports on their equipment and sort it all out, great drills pity the other stuff that goes with them lets them down.
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on 12 August 2016
Lowest of rubbish! Now on the third one, and all arrived 'brand new' with cracks. Tried contacting the manufacturers via their website, but without much success. Then wrote a letter to the CEO of Dremel UK, but s/he was too incompetent/uncaring to even bother responding. Dremel goods generally have become low quality, but price expensive, rubbish, especially the 'Made in China' stuff, of which they have loads.
Will now be returning this third one to Amazon as well, who fortunately have a very good returns policy, but how about NOT sending out cheap rubbish in the first place?
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on 21 August 2017
Great product as usual from Dremel.
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on 3 August 2017
- works a treat
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