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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2013
As a big fan of Motorhead, its incredibly annoying to hear the phrases 'every Motorhead album sounds the same' or 'none of their albums are worth listening to after Eddie left/post 'Ace Of Spades'.' Ignore them, and try this album, as its fantastic and quite possibly one of the best driving albums out there and in my opinion is up there with holy trinity of Motorhead albums (Overkill, Bomber and Ace Of Spades).
This is the first Motorhead album proper ('No Remorse' is more or less a compilation album) to feature Phil Campbell and Wurzel as guitarists and the only album to feature Pete Gill on drums, with of course, the one and only Lemmy on bass and vocals.
The production, although improved on this version, isn't the best, but its far from being as bad as a lot have said it is and is nowhere near as noticeable as say '...And Justice For All' by Metallica. Lemmy has even gone as far as saying he doesn't really like the album due to the production being so bad, but I honestly believe it to be a minor thing and in no way diminishes the sheer quality of the songs on this album.
Now the important stuff - the songs - and this is where Orgasmatron strikes gold! From the memorable power chord bounce of 'Deaf Forever' to the heavy and doomy title track, this album oozes class, tempo-changes, quality and finds Motorhead in top rock form! Their heaviest offering by some distance at that point and quite possibly only collectively topped by 1995's 'Sacrifice' or 'Inferno' in terms of heaviness - we'll never really be able to compare as they were all recorded a decade or two apart. 'Ain't My Crime,' 'Doctor Rock' and 'Ridin With The Driver' are also highlights, and the innuendo-laden 'Claw' shows Lemmy reaching the highest vocal notes of his career! But, you can take your pick here as every single song really adds to the album and brings something different to the table.
So get your keys, put this in your CD player, hit the open road and turn the volume up for the ride of your life on the Orgasmatron!!!
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on 13 April 2017
Another seminar LP from Motörhead. This 3xLP set is the dogs!
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on 4 May 2017
One of my fav Motorhead albums
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on 14 April 2008
`Orgasmatron' was the first Motörhead album in three years after the excellent but largely misunderstood `Another Perfect Day'. A completely new line up (with the exception of Lemmy of course) and years of record company troubles meant the band really had something to prove and `Orgasmatron' not only proved this point but it forced your brains through your nose in the process.

`Orgasmatron' shows a healthy balance of the bands signature rock 'n' roll swagger with more experimental touches, as such this may be more preferable to fans who found
`Another Perfect Day' too far removed from the `Fast' Eddie era. I do however have one point of contention with `Orgasmatron', its mix is pretty bizarre. At times the guitars seem to disappear from the mix completely which is especially odd considering that what was then a newly twin guitar band should surely have more guitar, right? The actual production sound itself is fine with a particularly excellent drum sound...but the mix is as iffy as four week old seafood.

Performance wise the band play with a youthful exuberance of a band who know they can rock like b*stards, but just haven't been able to put it down to record yet. As such the `Orgasmatron' displays a vitality and hunger that is essential to a great Motörhead record. Guitarist's Würzel and Phil Campbell have distinctive yet complementary styles fitting within the established Motörhead mould but instantly recognisable. Würzel (along with being a scarecrow) is the more off the wall of the two relying on over the top bends, trills and even his fairly distinctive take on tapping, in all it makes for a great fun listen. Phil on the other hand is more reserved in his style, being more of a traditional blues rock base with a definite touch of class. In addition to this the pair fit in with the general tradition of Motörhead hell raising for instance Phil drank two bottles of vodka a day in the mid 80's and Würzel listed his ambitions as getting up in the morning and drinking as much as he could...Gentlemen, I salute you! Other new boy here is Pete Gill ,of Saxon fame (or not), who is a great drummer with a pounding double bass sound. However, Pete proved to be a bit of an odd character (even by Motörhead standards!) who kept a note book with all kinds of bizarre things like `Phil Campbell owes me 50p' and apparently enjoyed flashing himself in public. Lem, as always sounds like a plane taking off. But lyrically he puts down some truly excellent work, even by his own lofty standards. The title track happens to be everyone's favourite set of Motörhead lyrics, focusing on the macabre side of organised religion which a finesse and elegance that few could match. But lyrical themes are varied and interesting from more darkness and horror in say `Deaf Forever' to classy double entendres (no really, stay with me!) such as `Your magic circle ain't where's its at' the circle would be the physiological effect of girls on men...women are sorcerers because they can give men an erection from a distance, magical prick teasers don't y'know! Splendid, learn along with Lem.

`Orgasmatron' does featuring some new ideas for Motörhead. First of all they open with a mid paced number, eschewing the often used ploy (not only by Motörhead) of opening with a bit of speed metal. `Deaf Forever' however is rather excellent number driven along by some deliciously simple riffs and rudimentary drum work (bare a few killer fills). The chorus is ridiculously catchy and I like the little shouty thing at the end of each line. The title track itself is built around a bass drone and although cut from the same cloth as `Deaf Forever' it's heavier, morbid and menacing. A truly haunting song condensing all the horror of thousands of years of plebiscite misery into...oh, about five and a half minutes. It's written from an interesting perspective too, from kind of religion as a omnipresent and prevalent being looking at all the suffering its caused in glee. This is anti-organised religion lyrics done exceptionally well; eloquent and poetic without "God is gay, hail Satan!" Kerry Kingism's.

But as always we do get are beloved straight-forward rockers and gee whiz aunt Mary aren't their some corkers! `Dr Rock' is a lively and bouncy number and a stalwart of their live set to this day. It's got some nice lead bass work and doesn't have a proper guitar solo but rather a noise that sounds like a helicopter...Jawsome! `Built For Speed' is shining example of one of Lemmy's many odes to the power, splendour and majesty of rock (which in fact is so majestic that one can use heroic diction). Musically, its got a drum intro to die for, some simply divine riffs (as in their simple and divine) and a nice trade off section, which Phil comes out trumps in by making a noise that goes like this *naw naw naw naw* , not that Würzel is slacking either. On the rest of the album we get lots of lovely straight forward loud, fast and furious rock 'n' roll, all which are catchy. So it's pretty clear `Orgasmatron' is all out rocking rock album.

1986 may have been the year of thrash, but once again Motörhead proved there just isn't a substitute for the new religion, the electric church...rock 'n' roll. Let it live, let it live. Somewhat of an overlooked classic by the music press and some more casual Motörhead fans, `Orgasmatron' is worthy of a place in any rock fans collection.
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on 4 January 2016
as i write this lemmy is a week dead and its all so tragic but what a legend of a man he was, he lived 70 years better than most would live 700, he lived for the music and he lives on even after forever through motorhead, there was more to him than a band of course but this is a brilliant album, heavy enough and classy enough to remain one of my favourites.
I first heard motorhead in 1989 as a 11 year old boy, they were one of the first 6 or 7 bands my cousin lent me tapes off as my introduction to hard rock and then metal, i cant recall the first album i heard of theirs if honest but i became a fan and even have a good few of their albums on cassette. 1916 was the last album i bought on cassette before the cds started coming in.
This is an album, the 6th of their career that is brimming with catchiness and heaviness and some great boogie like metal , its a confident album with very very little filler, i admit that i havent always been the biggest fan of the albums title track, oh i know that will annoy some but its my review and honesty is needed.
Claw for me deserves special mention, its a brilliant track, one of their very best, towards the end lemmy barks like he seldom does and i love it, i could have done with more of that throughout the bands career if i am being greedy.
Lemmy lived and he died for rock n roll, we the fans live on but motorhead will outlive us all, of that there is no doubt, this is a brilliant album, pay your respects not in tears but in playing this loud to your ears
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on 24 October 2011
For those of you who follow Motorhead this album will represent the second period, the Pheonix arising from the poorly produced Another Perfect Day, it is the album that points the way to a more philosophical and musical diverse future for the band. Every song on this one has a four to five star rating, I always suspect something good when an album has the title track as the ending not the beginning. And, at last the level of production is professional; bass and drums separated from vocals, guitar taken to new levels. Everything about this album is first rate and it is a credit to the band. Shame it never arose higher in the UK charts, bronski beat and bros had taken over, Lemmy and the boys took flight to America and we are only left with memories. This album is as iconic as any metal album you will find.
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on 12 February 2017
I started my Motorhead with "Killed by Death" and those more three songs from "No Remorse" compilation album. So "Orgasmatron" was the next to blow me away. For me this is the best MOTORHEAD, fast, heavy, crushing, metallic.For boasting in any collection.
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on 17 May 2008
I must thank the other reviewers because they inspired me to get this album. I have all Motorhead albums up to Perfect Day, which I like even with Brian RObertson's input. But I kind of dropped out after that, I thought the new band would lose the spirit. This album, Orgasmatron, is absolutely flabbergasting however, and I can't believe I missed out on this all these years. I still listen to Ace of Spades and the others, but this one knocked me out on the first listen. "Aint my crime" is an instant hit, sheer violence but with style.
Well, I cannot add much to the dissection the other guys provided. My raw advice to other old Motorhead fans who might not know this album: GET IT NOW.
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on 11 August 2013
Motorhead, Orgasmatron (1992 CD, Castle Classics, CLACD 283)

Orgasmatron was probably the last truly great Motorhead album. With a more sympathetic style of production it could easily have sat next to any of the three or four early albums viewed by general consensus as being the band's "classic" period.

Musically it maintains an originality common to that opening chapter of the band's career, and Lemmy's tongue-in-cheek lyrics are on equally fine form. The band themselves perform with fire and vigour, powering along on all cylinders throughout, revealing a tight and lively new sound, fresh but instantly indentifiable, classic Rock and Roll.

Orgasmatron was the final cohesive blast of Motorhead as a musical unit sounding unlike anyone else.....and equally importantly, sounding like they were having fun whilst doing so.

Within a year of this album being released the band would relocate to the USA and that lively originality and the 'Born To Lose, Live To Win' sentiment would be lost. The lyrics would become a lot darker and ultimately nihilistic (at times to the point of Heavy Metal cliche), with the cheeky witticisms and jokey autobiographical nods all but gone, the listener eventually being repeatedly told they were born to lose with no mention of living to win. The music itself would gradually develop more of a generic 'Metal' sound, with the stylings becoming increasingly predictable with each release.

Viewed with that context Orgasmatron deserves far more respect than it commonly gets, because it's Motorhead's last stand as a unique band.

One relatively common complaint about this album is that it was let down by an unsuitable producer, Bill Laswell, who had a background largely residing in Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop with little experience of working with a band like Motorhead. I would argue that's not a fundamental problem. I believe Laswell was the wrong choice of Producer for no other reason than he was the wrong choice of Producer at this specific time in the band's career.

Orgasmatron was the first studio album by the "new" line-up of Motorhead. The band should have been allowed to shine on their own merits, with those merits equally accentuated. But quite simply, Laswell's experimental (for Motorhead) style of production did not allow that to happen. It's so dominating and disruptive of the band's core sound that it almost becomes a band member itself. I'll admit Laswell's mixing choices are interesting, and given the chance his touch may very well have upped the ante for Motorhead on a later album such as Rock and Roll, but Orgasmatron was really not the right time or place for tampering in any way with the fundametal sound of the band.

So if you have a complaint about Laswell's production of this album, bear in mind it's not so much the fault of Laswell that you may feel the album to be compromised, it's the fault of whoever decided to hire him before the band had clearly established their new sound on record.

To conclude on a positive note, Laswell's mix does make Orgasmatron an interesting album to listen to through headphones, revealing a number of subtleties which otherwise go unheard or are easily overlooked.

So, putting aside the production issue, I'd rate Orgasmatron with four stars out of five.
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on 5 December 2013
The CD is excellent containing many excellent songs.

This product is NOT a deluxe however as the deluxe version contains a bonus disc of live material and alternate versions!
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