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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2004
Bill Bailey has always been a comedy genius but many people would disagree. His career in Black Books and his guest appearances in the much loved comedy sitcom 'SPACED' has increased his popularity in the number of years. I own Bill's last stand-up tour on DVD and I thought that was hilarious but 'Part Troll' is something else. I can't put into words how good it is but you have to trust me when I say that it is much better than his last tour. I saw 'Part Troll' live at the Apollo in London and I found myself crying with laughter. Anyone who did not get to see 'Part Troll' then please get this DVD because your comedy collection is missing something amazing.
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on 20 March 2006
Bill Bailey is surely one of the most under-rated of UK comedians. This live performance always has me breathless with laughter, no matter how many times I watch. Worth the cash just for the wonderfully insane and very clever 'love ballad' and Kraftwork 'tribute' alone. But there's so much more beyond them. Bill's observations on life are hilarious, at times wandering into the bizarre and surreal and yet when you think about it all entirely logical and true! Which only makes them funnier, of course.
Treat yourself. Buy this now!
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on 20 October 2005
Having watched and hugely enjoyed Bill Bailey's first DVD 'Bewilderness' i was delighted to see a second appear on the market, 'Part Troll' performed at the Apollo. The show exceeded all my expectations and was an improvement on his first hit show, not that i thought there was much room for improvement. He has a great comedic talent and is able to produce both regular stand-up and hugely hilarious songs that have a habbit of staying in your head and making you laugh at a later date. His topics are sometimes obscure and you often wonder how he ended up on a certain subject but when he makes them as comical as he does they don't need justifying.
In this show Bill gives a guide to Britain, expresses his opinions on the typical love song (producing one of his own that is not to be missed!), declares the need for a new national anthem and offers what he describes as a Kraftwerk tribute which to avoid spoiling i'll just describe as unexpected but brilliantly funny. In fact his topics are vast but all hugely amusing. It's clearly apparent from this DVD that Bill Bailey is both fantastically comic smart and hateful of anything Chris de Burgh related - again something not to be missed.
A huge bonus to the show, which is a good hour to an hour and a half long anyway, is the extras on the DVD or more specifically Bill Bailey's 'Tea, Coffe and Trouser Press Census' (his tour diary). It's a never ending piece capturing the best, and worst, of the tea and coffee making facillities found in Britain's hotels. My description might not do it justice but it is quite simply brilliant, perhaps because it's original and very much unexpected.
Overall if you have a keen eye for comedy then you can't fail to be amused by the wit of Bill Bailey. It's definitely a DVD worthy of a place in your collection and is probably the most perfect comedy package that's been produced so far. May he produce many more...
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VINE VOICEon 31 December 2005
I have recently been to see Bill Live in person and I must say the DVDs don't do him justice, in his comedy shows Bill not only gives you a stand up comedy gig; he gives you a performance like you have never seen.

Bill has the uncanny gift to literally play any instrument to perfection, but he doesn't play his instruments in a show off way. He uses it to show that music can be used in a fun way to give more depth to his particular humour. Bill has to be the most random comedian you are ever likely to see live as he will begin to tell you one story and end with another completely different story. There are no morals and there are no meanings, they are simply the ramblings of a man who is to some described as an insane comic genius.

If you have ever seen Bill on Never Mind The Buzzcocks then before you venture into his world and buy his DVDs you should check him on Buzzcocks and see what you think as he certainly isn't for everyone. Some people get him and laugh the entire show, some people don't and simply find him too strange to be considered funny.

My opinion though is that if you're a fan of Bill's work as a whole then you should get this DVD along with the others.
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on 29 January 2006
Bill Bailey is rarely mentioned in a list of the greatest stand-up comedians. But he really should be. He is best known from Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Black Books. Although he is excellent on both these shows, as a stand up, he is pure comic gold. From start to almost finish, watching Part Troll, I never stopped laughing for long enough to breathe. I felt the show tailed off a little towards the end, which is why I only gave this DVD four stars, but it was otherwise perfect. If you have never seen Bill Bailey doing stand-up, buy this DVD. If you have seen him doing stand-up but do not own this DVD, buy this DVD. Missing this would be a huge mistake.
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on 28 December 2004
Bill Bailey returns with the 'sequel' to his Bewilderness live show - Part Troll. After seeing his song Insect Nation ("Human slaves, in an insect nation. Ahhh-AAHHH-ahaha!!") on Comedy Store, I got this, and it was hilarious.
Although his stand-up is great, where he really excels (and gets the biggest reaction from the crowd) is his musical performances.
These include the 'Scale Of Evil' (featuring such evil icons as Hitler and Chris De'll see what I mean when you watch it) and 'Drum & Bush' (Drum & Bass combined with vocal samples of George W. Bush).
If you're a fan of Bill Bailey (whether from his Bewilderness show, his appearance on Black Books or on the music/comedy quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks), then this should take pride of place in your DVD collection.
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on 27 October 2004
Bill Bailey has a unique act, combining astonishingly funny songs and musical gags, with rib crackingly funny stories. I only managed to see his last tour (Bewilderness- SUPERB!!!!!!) on video, but caught Part Troll at the Wyndhams in london, and despite almost dieing of Flu, i battled on determined to see the genius that is Bill Bailey. A must have for all comedy lovers, and more importantly, get yourself Bewilderness, and Black Books series 1 & 2!!
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on 30 October 2004
My first experience of Bill Bailey live was brilliant, I always thought Chris De Burgh was evil, now we have proof, and as for Linda Barker well (only joking).
After the first five minutes, which mainly seemed to be jibberish the rest was fantastic. I know that he has re-used some earlier material but as I had never seen it that didn't matter.
Well worth adding to your collection.
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on 10 December 2006
I recieved this dvd for christmas last year. I hadn't asked for it but my brother recommended it to me. I forgot about it, putting it away with all my other dvd's and never watching it. In early January I was feeling blue, so I dug out a left over bottle of mulled wine, and decided to watch it to cheer me up. Never in my life have I laughed so much! You can watch it a million times and still find it funny. So many in-jokes have been created from this dvd between me and friends, Bill Bailey is a genius. This is the best of his DVD's, but Cosmic Jam and Bewilderness are still highly recommended.
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on 31 December 2004
I went to see this guy live in London in October merely to pass a night away that I was staying there and I did not regret it. I have seen many stand up comedians but this guy just blows them all away. His banter with the audience was exceptionally good, his off the wall view on life was hilarious (Argos, with the laminated book of dreams...) and his musical talent with various instruments was amazing. From a hillbilly version of Lady In Red to his versions of Zippedy Do Da and the Hokey Cokey just have to be seen to be believed. Buy this DVD - you will not be disappointed.
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